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Weather for Madison and Verona, WisconsinFor a FULL LISTING of all of the events going on during Nationals, at the race course and otherwise, be sure to check out CXM’s comprehensive 2012 USA Cyclocross National Championships Event Schedule and Local Guide for Madison, Wisconsin. We’ll be adding plenty more to it, including lots of background info about the Nats host city!


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Race Reports:

Wednesday, January 4th 2012
B-Race Results: Races for Weekend Warriors: Sandbaggers, and Title Race Warm-ups
Singlespeed Women:
Studley Dominates Women’s Singlespeed Nationals
Singlespeed Men: Aaron Bradford Hops to Victory in Men’s Singlespeed Championship

Thursday, January 5th 2012
Masters Men 60-64, 65-69 and 70+: Wittwer, Rollins, and Llamas take Victories in Madison
Masters Women 55-59 and 60-plus: Savary and Shere Dominate 55-59 and 60-64; O’Neill and Lockhart take Solo Wins in 65 and 70+
Masters Women 45-49 and 50-54: Gina Hall Adds Another Jersey to Her Collection, while Walker Narrowly Defeats a Charging Walberg
Masters Women 40-44: Sone Takes the 40-44 Win at 2012 National Cyclocross Championship
Masters Men 55-59: Curley Wins Another: 2012 Masters Men 55-59 National Cyclocross Championship Report and Results

Friday, January 6th 2012
Masters Men 50-54: Steve Tilford “Tunes Up” to Win 2012 National Cyclocross Championship Report and Results
Junior Women 10-12 and 13-14: Anderberg and Lach Speed to Wins in the 10-12 and 13-14 Junior Women Races
Junior Women 15-16 and 17-18: Osborne and White Dominate 17-18 and 15-16 Junior Women Fields
Junior Men 10-12: Schmidt Climbs to Muddy Win in 10-12 Juniors
Junior Men 13-14: Gage Hecht Claims Third National Championship in a Row
Junior Men 15-16: Vincent and Goguen Pull a Team CF 1-2 in Junior 15-16 Race
Masters Women 30-34: Andrea Smith Claims First National Champion’s Jersey
Masters Women 35-39: Sally Annis Decimates 35-39 Field

Saturday, January 7th 2012
Masters Men 45-49: Olympian Don Myrah Takes the Win
Masters Men 40-44: Brandon Dwight and Pete Webber Do the 1-2 for Boulder Cycle Sport
Junior Men 17-18: Logan Owen Proves He’s the Future of the Sport
Collegiate Women, D1 and D2: Antonneau and Strauss Dominate D1 and D2
U23 Men: Zach McDonald Flies to Solo Victory
Masters Men 35-39: Brian Wilichoski Takes the Win for
Masters Men 30-34: Dylan McNicholas Shows How the Baby Masters Do It

Sunday, January 8th 2012
Collegiate Men D1 and D2: Werner Wins Division 1 Collegiate National Championship, Lees-McRae Seals Team Competition, Bahnson Pretty in Pink
Elite and U23 Women: Compton Takes Her Eighth Championship
Elite Men: Powers Prevails at Last, Trebon Again Takes Silver in Elite Men

News, Updates, Photos and Videos:

See all of Cyclocross Magazine‘s 2012 USA Cycling National Championships video interviews here!

Key Players:

Pre-Event Info:

  • The best resource to stay abreast of the course conditions is our frequently updated “Preview of the Nationals Course, from Snow-Covered Kickers to Icy Sand Pits.” There are photos that show the course evolving day to day as well as videos and written course descriptions. Stay up to date!
  • Speaking of the course, want a sneak peek? We snagged some helmet cam footage of Badger Cross, a race in early December that tested out the Nationals course. There wasn’t snow, and temperatures were only in the low teens, but it offers a pretty good idea of what we’re all in for. As Promoter Tom Schuler said, “We will be having a “test” event, Badger CX, on December 10th and 11th at the venue. This is the final race weekend in the race series and should be a great preview of the course. We expect by that weekend that the ground might be frozen and people can expect to have similar conditions come Nationals time.”
  • Can’t watch a helmet cam video without getting dizzy? If you’re one of the people who’d rather read about the course in a step-by-step guide complete with “what if the weather does …” scenarios (like some of us at Cyclocross Magazine prefer to do!), check out Ted Burns’ treatise on the course, complete with some staggering photos.
  • Tom Schuler also talked to us about the race in general, and had some pretty interesting information and tips for racers. For example, “My hunch … is that there are two things that will be determining factors. One is the weather: the ground and snow conditions, and the other is the hill. If it’s icy or snowy, the hill will be difficult. It won’t be muddy, it will be solid ground. I think we do three passes of the hill per lap, not all the way to the top but a good way up. The hill is much more significant than anything that was seen in Bend.”
  • Bringing the family? Check out Bicycles and Icicles, which features some great non-race events over the course of the week.
  • Cyclocross Night in Madison! Start making party plans for Friday, January 6th, now.
  • Registration opened on November 4th, and it closes in just a few days on December 28th. So if you haven’t reg’ed yet, get on it! As was previously announced, call-ups at the 2012 Cyclocross National Championships will be determined by a rider’s USA Cycling ranking. In order to maintain call-up positions using their USA Cycling ranking, riders MUST pre-register online. Participants who register in Madison will be called up in random order behind all of the seeded rows. However, the non-UCI classes will still observe the 2010 winner of that particular age group, the 2010 national champion from a younger age group moving up to the next age group, and the top-seven finishers from 2010, even if they register on-site.
  • How did Madison end up hosting Nationals, anyway? Find out in by reading the news when it was first released.
  • For some of our 2010 coverage, check out our Nationals 2010 Homepage for a full listing of articles, or read about Todd Wells’ victory and Katie Compton’s win.