Day 1 of the 2012 Cyclocross National Championships in Madison, Wisconsin offered mid-week racing for the locals and non title-contenders, while also providing the more serious racers to have a chance to get another race in and preview the course.

Often labeled as the Sandbagger National Championships, some famous athletes including former USA Cycling President Mark Abramson and former Richard Sachs pro Matt Kraus have claimed such B race titles for themselves.

Three men’s races and one women’s race were held, with some former and current national champions towing the line, and some prominent industry folk taking home the 30+ and 40+ titles.

Full results below:

2012 B Men 10-29, Non-title Race: Cyclocross National Championships

Place NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1Ansel DICKEY   Truro, MA45:45 827 Woodstock Bicycle Club/Killington Mountain School Cycling Team
2Cooper WILLSEY   Hinesburg, VT46:36 857 Green Mountain Bicycle Club
3Jeremiah GANTZER   Bettendorf, IA47:09 833 Double I Cycling Experience (DICE)
4Zachary BENDER   Glen Rock, NJ47:29 850 Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club/Specialized - Rising STARS p/b Bicycling
5Eric CHRIST   Bartlett, IL47:35 830 Team Bicycle Heaven/Bicycle Heaven
6David DEVINE   Bethel, CT48:03 853 Stage 1 Cycling
7Matthew OWENS   Richmond, VT48:08 840 Green Mountain Bicycle Club
8Nicholas LEMKE   Albuquerque, NM48:28 868 
9Ryan GIULIANO   Schaumburg, IL48:49 845 Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team
10Tom GOGUEN   Hopedale, MA49:04 835 Team CF
11Garrett ROTH   Shorewood, WI49:07 826 ISCorp Cycling Team
12Josh WEIS   Milwaukee, WI49:17 851 Colavita Racing Inc./Colavita Racing
13Cory CALDWELL   Lafayette, CA49:55 849 
14Mark SHARAFINSKI   Wauwatosa, WI49:58 862 LifeCyclists/
15Nathan LABECKI   Milwaukee, WI50:04 854 ISCorp Cycling Team
16Alden SUOKKO   Woodstock, VT50:19 844 Woodstock Bicycle Club/Killington Mountain School Cycling Team
17Josey WEIK   Wrenshall, MN50:36 842 ISCorp Cycling Team
18Tyler STEIN   Whitewater, WI50:44 839 Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
19Jon WIENANDT   Fond Du Lac, WI51:22 866 Team Fond Du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery
20Michael OWENS   Richmond, VT51:27 859 Green Mountain Bicycle Club
21Brannan FIX   Fort Collins, CO51:50 864 
22Noah GRANIGAN   Cape May Court House, NJ52:04 863 Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club
23Nolan TANKERSLEY   Erwin, TN52:14 834 Tri Cities Road Club
24Spencer PETROV   Mason, OH52:42 856 Queen City Wheels/Lionhearts
25Peter VOLLERS   Woodstock, VT53:40 860 Woodstock Bicycle Club/Killington Mountain School Cycling Team
26Jacob ROHTER   Rolla, MO54:55 841 
27Bryan GARFOOT   Mount Horeb, WI54:58 855 
28Scott FUNSTON   Black Diamond, WA56:34 837 Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
29Aaron CASEY   Kingsport, TN57:39 852 Tri Cities Road Club/MSG Cyclocross
30Connor TANKERSLEY   Erwin, TN'@1 Lap 847 Tri Cities Road Club
31Sam BESTE   Brookfield, WI'@1 Lap 861 ISCorp Cycling Team
32Simon JONES   Milwaukee, WI'@1 Lap 828 ISCorp Cycling Team
33Jordan LEWIS   Gray, TN'@1 Lap 831 Tri Cities Road Club
34Matt SCHAUPP   Watsonville, CA'@1 Lap 836 
35Jonah THOMPSON   Albuquerque, NM'@1 Lap 848 High Desert Bicycles Team
36Enzo ALLWEIN   Cincinnati, OH'@1 Lap 865 Queen City Wheels
DNSBen BERTIGER   Altadena, CA838 The TEAM
DNSPeter GOGUEN   Hopedale, MA867 Team CF
DNFBen MARCHEWKA   Germantown, WI858 Team Pedal Moraine
DNFAustin VINCENT   Simsbury, CT846 Team CF
DNFMatthew SCHWEIKER   Chicago, IL829 Quantum Mesa Cycles
DNFLogan VONBOKEL   Fort Collins, CO843 KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires
DNFIan MCSHANE   Louisville, KY832 Red Zone Cycling

2012 B Men 30-39, Non-title Race: Cyclocross National Championships

Place NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1Louis KUHN   Evanston, IL45:25 886 
2JP BROCKET   Raytown, MO46:00 883 Ethos Racing
3Christopher NEWLIN   Viroqua, WI47:08 889 
4Colby LASH   Marquette, MI47:52 892 
5Marshall GREENE   Madison, WI48:04 878 Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
6Scott SMITH   Knoxville, TN48:26 901 TVB Race/ Tomato Head
7Brian PARKER   Berwyn, IL48:33 896 xXx Racing
8Gary BAISA   Madison, WI48:48 888 Brazen Dropouts
9Daniel WHEELER   St. Paul, MN49:11 881 Gopher Wheelmen/Gopher Wheelman
10Daniel MELLISH   Louisville, CO49:39 891 Team Kappius
11Zach LAIL   Winston Salem, NC50:29 882 Mock Orange Bikes/SmartStop / Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley
12Eric BRANDT   Mukwonago, WI50:34 894 Team Wisconsin/KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
13Edwin BAGLEY   Chicago, IL50:44 899 Rhythm Racing
14Christopher SCHMIDT   Lake Geneva, WI50:44 904 
15Zachary REDDING   Madison, WI50:47 902 
16Andrew YEE   Mountain View, CA52:21 907 Hup United
17Michael ROECKLEIN   Lake Forest, CA54:20 898 Friends Cycling
18Chad DEAN   Madison, WI54:25 887 HTFU Racing/5Nines Cycling
19Nathan PHELPS   De Pere, WI55:02 877 Big Ring Flyers
20Hayes SANBORN   Chicago, IL55:32 905 Spidermonkey Cycling
21Daniel DOLNEY   Milwaukee, WI55:38 885 V.C. Bikesport
22Chad BROWN   Fitchburg, WI56:06 897 
23Robert WILLIAMS   Hermosa, SD56:52 876 
24Christopher CISCHKE   Houghton, MI'@1 Lap 890 Twin Six
25David MILLET   Soquel, CA'@1 Lap 908 
DNSSeth SMEKAL   Mount Horeb, WI900 
DNSMichael FITCH   Madison, WI906 
DNSMarc WOLMAN   Philadelphia, PA903 Campanohvac/
DNSJudson HEUGEL   Rockville, MD895 Charm City Cycling LLC
DNSCarlos CABALU   Philadelphia, PA893 Campanohvac/
DNSPaolo URIZAR   Chicago, IL884 
DNSOliver VRAMBOUT   Marine, MN879 The Bikery Du Nord
DNFRoss CERNIGLIA   Wauwatosa, WI880 My Wife Inc

2012 B Men 40+, Non-title Race: Cyclocross National Championships

Place NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1Christopher SMITH   Minneapolis, MN47:17 961 Hup United
2Gregory FERGUSON   Middleton, WI47:56 943 Trek Midwest Team
3Brian KOENEMAN   Minneapolis, MN48:20 972 Team Wheel & Sprocket
4Jeffrey APPELTANS   Philadelphia, PA48:53 945 Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org/Mambo Kings Racing
5Walid ABU GHAZALEH   Chicago, IL49:12 957 The Pony Shop
6Patrick RUSSELL   Berkley, MI49:13 929 Wolverine Sports Club
7Peter HILLS   Loveland, OH49:53 938 Team Dayton Bicycling/MERRILL LYNCH CYCLING
8Carl BONI   Erie, CO50:34 989 Rapid Racing
9John BLISS   Boulder, CO50:40 949 Team Kappius
10Travis OLIGER   Durango, CO50:53 946 Durango Wheel Club
11Marc VETTORI   Elkton, MD51:17 966 Charm City Cycling LLC
12Paul ROLTGEN   Cottage Grove, WI51:19 986 Brazen Dropouts
13Jim GENTES   Soquel, CA51:27 953 
14Corey GREEN   Mason, OH51:36 947 Zephyr Wheel Sports
15James WILLSEY   Hinesburg, VT51:37 980 Green Mountain Bicycle Club/GMBC/Synergy Fitness
16Michael METEYER   Madison, WI52:15 978 Trek Midwest Team
17Daryl RAINS   Winston Salem, NC52:20 939 Mock Orange Bikes
18David GRANT   Marquette, MI52:57 931 
19Chris HAMMER   Woodridge, IL53:06 959 Wheel Fast Racing
20Scott OLSON   Williams Bay, WI53:10 936 Tread Head Cycling
21Tom WINKEL   Wauwatosa, WI53:22 940 Team Wisconsin/KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
22Tony TRATTENERO   Simi Valley, CA53:41 952 The TEAM /The TEAM - SoCalCross
23Chris BUONOMO   Philadelphia, PA53:45 937 Campanohvac/
24Brian MILNICK   Bennett, CO54:20 985 Routine Leg Works
25Kirk RHINEHART   Santa Fe, NM54:32 928
26Justin SERNA   Portland Or54:34 927 
27Andrew ALLWEIN   Cincinnati, OH54:38 971 7 Hills Racing Inc
28Fred SCHULER   Chicago, IL55:10 964 xXx Racing
29Chris BLACK   San Luis Obispo, CA56:06 969 Morgan Stanley Cycling Team/Morgan Stanley /Specialized
30Joseph FORTIN   Albuquerque, NM56:06 965 
31Scott PETERSON   Bend, OR56:19 983 
32James WHITE   Pocatello, ID56:54 944 Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE)
33Bruce OLIVER   Vienna, VA57:27 990 National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
34Randall SILVA   Albuquerque, NM58:51 973 Nob Hill Velo
35Brian BLACKWELL   Jeffersonville, IN59:22 987 Rogue Racing Project
36Erik JENSEN   Madison, WI59:23 977 MadCity Velo Club
37Quentin GNIOT   Green Bay, WI.@1LAP 970 Big Ring Flyers
38Mark BADGER   Stoughton, WI.@1LAP 933 Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
39Marcus STEELE   De Pere, WI.@1LAP 962 Titletown Flyers Cycling Team
40Colin YATES   Fort Collins, CO.@1LAP 974 
41Jerry PEARCE   Shorewood, WI.@1LAP 951 Hampshire Cycle Club
42Shawn HAUSER   Green Bay, WI.@1LAP 955 Titletown Flyers Cycling Team
DNSKevin FLOWERS   Glen Ellyn, IL984 Wheel Fast Racing
DNSRobert HIGGINS   Chicago, IL982 Johnny Sprockets
DNSOtto SCHUG   Columbus, IN981 WebCyclery Racing/
DNSSteven KINNEY   Geneva Switzerland, AE979 Cycle-Smart Inc.
DNSJoseph BURKE   Glendale, MO975 Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing/Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team
DNSWayne SIMON   Lake Barrington, IL968 PSIMET Racing/Enzo's-PSIMET
DNSSteve LAMONT   Durango, CO963 Durango Wheel Club
DNSMatthew OPPERMAN   Longmont, CO967 
DNSJay THORNTON   Fashion Island, CA960 
DNSAllan THOM   Clarendon Hills, IL958 Half Acre Cycling
DNSCharles VON ISENBURG   Winston Salem, NC950 Mock Orange Bikes
DNSAdam DUNCAN   Westfield, NJ948 Finkraft
DNSRobert SCHRANK   Gurnee, IL942 Team Type 1
DNSIan KENNEDY   Portland, OR941 
DNSRonald WILLIAMS   Duluth, MN934 Velo Duluth
DNSJames KLAGES   Saint Louis, MO930 Veda Cycling
DNSJonathan LOMBARDO   River Edge, NJ926 Finkraft
DNFReed CORNIA   Madison, WI988 
DNFAlan SPARKS   Johnson City, TN976 East Tennessee State University
DNFMathew BAROLI   Troy, MI956 Wolverine Sports Club
DNFJeffrey CRAFT   Madison, OH954 Lake Effect Cycling Team
DNFJohn THOMPSON   Shoreview, MN935 St Paul Bicycle Racing Club/Bianchi/Grand Performance
DNFTim SKINNER   Fitchburg, WI932 

2012 B Women, Non-title Race: Cyclocross National Championships

Place NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1Lori COOKE   Pembroke, MA42:18:00 869 Cycle Lodge
2Erin DONOHUE   Norwich, VT42:48:00 795 Woodstock Bicycle Club/Killington Mountain School Cycling Team
3Elizabeth HELLER   St. Louis, MO43:41:00 798 78 Racing p/b Dressel's Pub
4Julie PHELPS   De Pere, WI43:56:00 784 Big Ring Flyers
5Karen BROCKET   Raytown, MO45:14:00 782 Ethos Racing
6Ann KENNEDY   Portland, OR46:14:00 779 
7Cynthia MILNICK   Bennett, CO46:23:00 776 Echelon Energy Cycling Team
8Lara MAREK   Philadelphia, PA46:40:00 788 Pallas Athene Women's Cycling
9Marni HARKER   Washington, DC47:26:00 791 Van Dessel Factory Team
10Catherine HOLLIBAUGH   Carmel, IN47:26:00 800 Team Nebo Ridge
11Lisa THOMPSON   Minneapolis, MN47:40:00 793 
12Gina KENNY   Orland Park, IL48:32:00 778 PSIMET Racing
13Anya MALARSKI   St. Paul, MN49:04:00 781 Gopher Wheelmen/Gopher Wheelman
14Amanda MCNABB   Lynnwood, WA49:51:00 785 Sound Velo Cycling Club/Team Group Health
15leslie PREVISH   Waukesha, WI51:23:00 783 
16Shannon RUSSELL   Cambridge, WI52:35:00 790 2 Rivers Racing
17Tamara CABALU   Philadelphia, PA53:40:00 777 Campanohvac/
18Mackenzie GREEN   Mason, OH@ 1 lap 789 Queen City Wheels
19Julie LOCKHART   Dunstable, MA@ 2 lap 792 Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC)
DNSBeverly ENSLOW   Metamora, IL780 Hammer Nutrition-CMG Racing Team
DNSJennifer HERRELL-RHOADES   Kansas City, MO786 Bicycles of Tulsa
DNSGina JOHNSON   Park Ridge, IL797 Village-Verdigris Cycling
DNFDeirdre GARVEY   Boulder, CO794 BRAC
DNFDana SHINN   Durango, CO796 
DNFVictoria GATES   Fitchburg, MA787 Tenet Racing/J.A.M. Fund / NCC
DNFMelanie GLENN   Philadelphia, PA799 Campanohvac/