This Thursday we go way back to 2005 and Bart Wellen’s infamous, iconic “karate kick” into the crowd.

It was the 2005 edition of the Vlaamse Druivenveldrit Overijse, and Wellens threw a kick towards a spectator who was allegedly throwing beer as he raced by. It was not to cool him off. Relive that moment below.

Wellens overcame his penalty kick miss after Dutch superstar Lars Boom slid out in the final lap. Officials didn’t penalize the maneuver usually reserved for off-cambers, and Wellens was awarded the win.

The UCI then had second thoughts, and gave Boom the win and served Wellens with a ban for the first month of the following 2006/07 season.

Of course, it’s not the only time a famous Belgian engaged with the crowd over disrespectful fan behavior. It happened again with Sven Nys in Belgium, and then sadly stateside at CrossVegas.

Let’s hope this season we see a full season of racing with live fans, with nothing but positive in-person fan interaction!