CrossVegas 2014 has come and gone, and by almost every account, it was entertaining, thrilling and successful. But not by every account.

Our Caption: Disrespectful. What's your caption? © Cyclocross Magazine

Our Caption: Disrespectful. What’s your caption? © Cyclocross Magazine

The moment captured above is an exception. And it could have led to this:

Or even this, if cooler heads didn’t prevail:

(That event resulted in limits in the sale of alcohol to fans.)

Lars van der Haar expressed displeasure with the beer dousing and cast doubt whether he’ll return. We’re lucky to have top domestic and international talent race cyclocross right in front of us. Don’t ruin it with your beer.

Drink it, or better yet, if having a few makes you do this, drink water instead or find a completely different environment.

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