We recently passed the two-year anniversary of Sven Nys breaking the internet after he jumped in a Cat 4/5 Chicago Cross Cup race at Caldwell Woods and hopped the barrier and rode the stairs.

Here’s a refresher, for old time’s sake.

Since then, Nys’ son Thibau has shown the apple does not fall far from the tree. Last year, the younger Nys rode the stairs at the Sven Nys Training Academy in Baal just for fun, and then for an encore, he did it in the annual January 1 race.

With the two Nyses now in the U.S. for the Jingle Cross and Waterloo World Cups, it appears Nys family vacations mean doing cool stuff on a bike.

Team Nys was out at Trek Headquarters on Wednesday, and they found a little time to play around while riding the course.

The Segafredo Run-Up on the World Cup Waterloo is notorious for its steepness. The course has been designed with various lead-ins to the steep feature, but this year, riders will get the chance to build up some steam on the Trek loading dock parking lot before hitting the steep hill.

Perhaps not surprisingly, at least for Team Nys, the feature was the Segafredo Ride-Up on Wednesday.

Thibau posted a video of himself riding the hill to his Instagram Story on Wednesday afternoon.

Thibau Nys rides the Segafredo hill. photo: via Instagram

Thibau Nys rides the Segafredo hill. photo: via Instagram

Not to outdone by his progeny, Papa Nys showed he still has the magic by riding the hill himself.

With rain currently falling in Waterloo, repeating the Nys double might be tough for Sunday’s World Cup racers, but it would definitely be cool if someone could match their impressive bike trickeration.

h/t to Travis Braun and Josh McKinney for the tips