Dombroski leads Smith early in the race. Todd Prekaski -

Early in the season while still in the US, Dombroski leads Smith. © Todd Prekaski -

Amy Dombroski, arguably one of the strongest women racers in the US, has decided to remain in Europe rather than returning to the US for Nationals this week. She’s been in Europe most of the season, racing the Word Cups, Superprestiges and other major Euro races. After sitting out last week, she opted to stay in Europe rather than make the trip home while ill.

She said:

“When I became sick in November I never fully recovered and in December that turned into a sinus infection which the doctor remedied with a round of antibiotics. The antibiotics ended the day before Zolder World Cup.  Overall my energy seemed good, but living and racing are two different beasts. After one lap I felt like a steaming lump of rubbish and that race turned into a feat of merely surviving for the finish. I returned to the Doc for a blood test which has revealed a virus of some sort. I was unable to start the manic week of Christmas races; they will need to wait for another year.  With health in question and while I wait for the results of a second, more specific blood test I will not be returning to the US for Nationals.  For now, as my body attempts to fight a war without ammunition, I am trying to salvage something out the remainder of this season.”