Ryan Trebon wins Day 2 of the 2011 Cincy3.

Ryan Trebon won Day 2 of the 2011 Cincy3.

by Molly Hurford

We caught up with Ryan Trebon for a quick interview while he recovers from his leg injury sustained at the USGP in Louisville a few weeks ago. We recently checked out a power file from an earlier USGP, and if you haven’t seen it already, it’s pretty impressive. With his one-man team in its first season, he has a lot going on.

Cyclocross Magazine: The general question of how’s the season going so far? Meeting goals/expectations?

Ryan Trebon: I feel like the season has been good so far, when you look at it strictly from a results standpoint we have only finished outside of the top three on two occasions. That’s pretty consistent. But I am more happy with the way Dusty and myself have been handling the team. I think we look, act and present our sponsors in an extremely professional manner and show up to all the races prepared and give 100% each weekend.

CXM: You’re planning on sitting out the races this weekend so you can have another season. Obviously, you don’t feel great about it, but I have to ask, how do you feel about it? Was it a hard decision?

RT: It wasn’t a hard decision. It was a crappy decision to make, but at the end of the day, I am just not physically capable of racing my bike at that level right now. I can ride OK but when it comes to getting off the bike for barriers or stairs, I just can’t yet.

CXM: Have you started training again or are you still recovering?

RT: Yes, I feel like I finally turned the corner and am starting to get better and better each day. I have been training on the road and feel like my fitness is improving rapidly. I just have to wait until the muscles in my leg are healed 100% before I can race again.

CXM: Have you developed a new set of goals for the season because of this, or are you waiting to see how the next few weeks go?

RT: No, not necessarily a new set of goals. I have always been focused on doing well at Nationals and then doing some good races in Europe, but now since we had to rule out the USGPs, I am really putting 100% effort into showing up at Madison in top form and going for the win.

CXM: For you, it seems like it’s fortuitous that Nats are pushed into January: more recovery time!

RT: Yes, it’s nice they are almost a month later to allow me more build time to get back in shape. I hope to be able to contest for the win there. It’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of racing on snow and ice, but I will do my best.

CXM: Any words of wisdom for the regular racer who gets injured during the season?

RT: Listen to your doctors and physical therapist, and give it time to heal. It takes a lot of self control from me not to rush back into things, because you are used to suffering and being uncomfortable on the bike when training. But sometimes you just cannot rush things to heal.

CXM: What does Ryan Trebon do while recovering, anyway?

RT: Honestly? Not much. A lot of sitting around lately. Walking was difficult for awhile there, so beside riding and going to PT, I just sit on my couch and hang out with my dog Frank.

CXM: Will you go to the USGP to spectate? Who will you cheer for if you do?

RT: Of course! I’ll be out there watching the races, I love bike racing, even though I can’t race doesn’t mean I cannot support the USGP and our sponsors this weekend. I’ll definitely be pulling for Katerina Nash, Sue Butler and Mo Bruno Roy. That would be a good top three for the women. For the guys, I think Ben Berden is gonna be good this weekend. The course is super dry and frozen lately, which will make for some very fast group racing. It’s not technical out there, the only thing to watch out for is the rocks so you don’t flat.

CXM: Are Worlds or Europe on your radar for the rest of this season?

RT: For sure, I was really bummed to have to miss going over in December. I am planning on the final two World Cups, Worlds, and I’m working on a few race starts in February to close out the season.

CXM: You’ve been having a really stellar season (pre-crash): Did you do anything different in training this summer to prep?

RT: Yes and no, we were more prepared as a whole team this year than in the past, all the bikes and equipment were done in August, so it freed up alot of mental energy for me to focus on training. Dusty did a great job organizing everything. Sometimes those small 2-3% can make a big difference. I think it’s not just fitness that has been good, but my confidence on the bike and in the equipment and how everything has been working together that has really helped a lot. Our sponsors have put us out there on a great bike this year, so all I have to worry about is pedaling.