“Finally, man, finally.” 2012 Cyclocross National Championships, Elite Men. © Cyclocross Magazine

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VERONA, WISCONSIN—If there were any Nationals’ demons haunting Jeremy Powers, he successfully shed them today in the Elite Men’s National Championships. The race was among the most exciting of any this season as an aggressive lead group formed, but Powers held his attack in reserve, unleashing it midway through the race with devastating effect.

As the sunny temperature continued to rise, further thawing the sometimes tacky, sometimes slippery ground, the Elite men lined up to lay claim to the undefended 2012 National Championship jersey. Missing from the grid was Todd Wells, last year’s champion. On the line were pre-race favorites Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus), Ryan Trebon (LTS-Felt), Tim Johnson ( and Jonathan Page (Planet Bike). Of the four, only Powers had yet to pull on the stars and stripes.

The crowd beat against the fences, the riders crouched into their bars, and the shot went off. Fresh of yesterday’s U23 National Championship win, Zach McDonald (Rapha-Focus) stormed off the line, taking the holeshot and leading the best in the country onto the course. In only seconds, however, Trebon was on the front, looking to establish an early gap as he led into the climb – out of the saddle, Trebon clearly was seeking to maximize his incredible power.

As the riders descended down the backside, Trebon was seeking to repeat Compton’s earlier performance with a strong six-second lead. But a surprising early ride by Dylan McNicholas showed the amateur rider following in second and closing the gap, closely monitored by Johnson, Powers and Page.

As Zach McDonald’s effort at the holeshot shot him backward in the lead pack, Page overtook McNicholas and then Trebon, taking the lead of the race. At the end of a blistering first lap, the order was Page, Trebon, Powers, Johnson and McNicholas – all within seconds of each other.

Powers leads Page, Johnson and Trebon down the main descent. ©Cyclocross Magazine

Powers leads Page, Johnson and Trebon down the main descent. ©Cyclocross Magazine

On the second lap, Page continued to drill the pace, with the rest of the leaders trading positions, each clearly ready to put everything on the line for the title.  Halfway through, the selection had been made – Powers, followed by Page, Johnson and Trebon all together. McNicholas proved unable to hang, but Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus) and Jamey Driscoll ( dug hard to make contact.

For the next few laps, this was to be the norm – the leaders continued trading the lead, with a small pack of the nation’s favorites testing each other and taking advantage of drafts. Trebon, Page, Johnson, Powers and Jones were all together, with Driscoll yo-yoing off the back. Road tactics were increasingly looking to play a large role in the final shake-down.

Behind the leaders, McDonald found his second wind and began a solo effort to carve into the gap. With five to go, a huge effort by Tim Johnson – the only rider sporting disc brakes – stretched the leaders out to the point of snapping, forcing Page, Trebon and Powers to respond, and popping Jones and Driscoll off the back. The split – which with four to go came back together – was exactly what McDonald needed to claw onto Driscoll’s wheel just as Trebon unleashed on the climb, Page tucked behind him.

Coming down the backside, Trebon’s effort seemed to have shed all but Powers. Would we get the showdown we’ve seen played out all season? As the riders came back together, it was down to five: Trebon, Powers, Page, Johnson and an incredible ride by Zach McDonald, who had replaced Jones as Power’s ace in the hole.

The lead group mid-way through the race is headed by Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) - 2012 Cyclocross National Championships, Elite Men - t©Tim Westmore

The lead group mid-way through the race is headed by Ryan Trebon (LTS/Felt) – 2012 Cyclocross National Championships, Elite Men ©Tim Westmore

With three to go, Tim Johnson attacked hard on the finishing straight, just as other riders were sitting up to catch a breath. It was a bold move, and Johnson established a gap of a few bike lengths going onto the dirt. A small slip, however, lost him the gap, and the group of five again hit the hill together.

Coming around the hill, it was Trebon leading a one-two punch of McDonald and Powers, with a small gap over Jonathan Page. In danger of losing the leaders was Johnson, who dangled multiple bike lengths behind, clearly suffering from his earlier attack. Further back, Chris Jones had snapped his chain and had to run to the pits, but managed to stay ahead of Driscoll.

Trebon’s effort seemed to cost him a bit too much, as well, as Page whipped around the LTS-Felt rider, pulling the Rapha-Focus duo behind him and briefly gapping Trebon.  But, as had happened for much of the race, the pace eased up on the finishing stretch and with two to go, the final five came back together  during the brief reprieve, with Johnson starting to show a dangerous fatigue. Powers looked to know it was then or never, and near the pits decided to make his move. A devastating attack, which caught Page out as he traded bikes, shed all but Trebon, and the Rapha-Focus rider pushed his lead, flying up the hill and eking away from the two-time champion. By the bottom of the hill, he’d established seven seconds over Trebon. Power’s move proved decisive: the small pack was obliterated – each rider was on his own.

From then on, it was Powers vs. Trebon, fitting given how the two traded wins over the season, with Powers putting everything into maintaining his lead and Trebon using his incredible power to attempt to claw the leader back. Behind them, Page continued to look strong in third, and McDonald close in fourth.

Crossing the line with one to go, it was Powers with a six second lead over Trebon, followed another five seconds back by Page, then McDonald close behind. For Johnson, though, the band had snapped – he crossed a full 29 seconds behind Powers.

Though each of the top five laid it out for the least lap, it ended up largely ceremonial: as Powers posted up for his first National title, the rest trailed behind him in the exact same order as the previous lap.

Jeremy Powers (Team Rapha-Focus) showing relief and disbelief as he finally wins the Elite Men National Cyclocross Championship. ©Tim Westmore

Jeremy Powers (Team Rapha-Focus) showing relief and disbelief as he finally wins the Elite Men National Cyclocross Championship. ©Tim Westmore

For the second year in a row, Ryan Trebon took silver; Page followed for bronze; and McDonald has to be happy with his weekend, pulling his trademarked wheelie as he rolled in for fourth. Johnson, clearly depleted, rounded out the top five, high-fiving the frenzied spectators lining the finish straight.

What a relief! Powers finally gets his stars and stripes jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

What a relief! Powers finally gets his stars and stripes jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

“Finally, man, finally. It feels really good,” said Powers. “I’m really happy. Greatest feeling in the world. Zach was the one I didn’t expect, but I was the one who said they should put him on the team. I just didn’t expect to see him there right away. It was great. It’s nice security to have a teammate. He covered one little thing that Jonathan did, one attack, and I just kinda went with that; he kinda flagged me through like, ‘hey dude, this is going,’ so I hopped on. Chris was great. Zach almost killed me at the start, which makes it even more impressive that he came back.”

“I was just waiting to see what would happen with Ryan,” he continued. “To see what he was able to do. If I was able to continue to put time into Ryan, then I’d be alright. Nothing’s for sure, and I didn’t play it that way, I just kept going as hard as I could go, and I never looked back one time until the finish when I looked back and saw I had a gap and that was it. It’s awesome.”

“I’m actually pretty happy with second today,” said Trebon. “I was never comfortable out there. Jeremy went, I tried to go with him, but I didn’t have it. Those guys were just stronger today, I don’t know how I ended up second – I’m happy. There was a couple of tough weeks there when I was injured, but luckily I’ve got a good support structure around me to help me through it. It was good to race today. I was going for it…but I was suffering. All day.”

“And not that good kind of suffering,” he added. “Where you’re making other people hurt; I was the one today responding to other people’s efforts. I’m happy as sh*t to get second. That was a hard race. John was so strong, and when he crashed at the start and then came back. I don’t know what was happening out there. I was just putting my head down, trying to stay near the front.”

“It was good,” said Page. “It wasn’t what I was looking for. I rode a good race, just not the right position. I knew two laps into it, it was going to be a tactical sort of race, and I just tried to play defensive. [Powers] got the gap and he was strong enough to hold it. As long as I’m making a living, I’m happy.”

“Yes! If only I didn’t rookie it at the start,” answered McDonald, when asked if he was surprised to have caught back onto the leaders. “I holeshoted, which I was a little surprised about, and then tried to slow down for the corner, but didn’t slow down for the corner. And apparently when you do that you can’t make the corner. And so I tagged Wil [a photographer] really hard.”

“I don’t think i could have gone much harder,” he continued. “I was standing up on the climbs trying to catch Page, and…nothing.”

When asked if he would skip the U23 race next year, McDonald, with a wink, replied, “No, I will do both. You got to try to get the jersey so you can ride it as a first year pro.”

“Jeremy had the legs to go at the right time, and he took it,” said Johnson. “I know what it’s like to pull on the jersey. That was huge for him. You gotta take a chance when you can get it, I attacked one time when everyone was sitting up and looking at each other. We’re all equal to a point, and the last 15 minutes comes into training and preparation, who’s fresh, who’s got that killer instinct; it’s good to see Jeremy thinking like that.”

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Photo Gallery by Andrew Yee

Jeremy Powers Interview:
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2012 Cyclocross National Championships – Verona, Wisconsin – Elite Men Results:

2012 Nationals Elite Men

1Jeremy POWERS   Easthampton, MATeam Rapha-Focus
2Ryan TREBON   Bend, ORLTS/Felt
3Jonathan PAGE   Northfield, NHPlanet Bike
4Zach MCDONALD   Bainbridge Island, WATeam Rapha-Focus
5Timothy JOHNSON   Topsfield, MACannondale p/b
6Christopher JONES   Auburn, CATeam Rapha-Focus
7James DRISCOLL   Winooski, VTCannondale p/b
8Dylan MCNICHOLAS   Stratham, NHCyclocrossworld/Cannondale Cyclocrossworld
9Travis LIVERMON   Winterville, NCSmart Stop-Mock Orange P/B Ridley
10Mitchell HOKE   Colorado Springs, COTeam Clif Bar
11Justin LINDINE   New Salem, / Joe's Garage
12Jerome TOWNSEND   Princeton, MASmart Stop-Mock Orange P/B Ridley
13Brian MATTER   Sheboygan, WIGear Grinder / Clif Bar
14Cody KAISER   El Dorado Hills, CACalifornia Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
15Barry WICKS   Corvallis, ORKona
16Sean BABCOCK   Beaverton, ORKona
17Nicholas KEOUGH   Sandwich, MACorner Cycle Cycling Club/Champion System P/B Keough Cyclocross
18Adam MYERSON   Dorchester, MASmart Stop-Mock Orange P/B Ridley
19Erik TONKIN   Portland, ORKona
20Weston SCHEMPF   Rockville, MDCharm City Cycling Llc
21Allen KRUGHOFF   Boulder, COBoulder Cycle Sport
22Braden KAPPIUS   Littleton, COTeam Clif Bar
23Jake WELLS   Avon, COStan's Notubes
24Troy WELLS   Durango, COTeam Clif Bar
25Tristan SCHOUTEN   Plymouth, WICyclocrossracing.Com
26Peter WEBBER   Boulder, COBoulder Cycle Sport
27Brandon DWIGHT   Boulder, COBoulder Cycle Sport
28Matt SHRIVER   Madison, WI
29Scott FREDERICK   Raleigh, NCInland/Back To Dirt
30Corey STELLJES   Madison, WI
31Justin ROBINSON   Bonny Doon, CACalifornia Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
32Adam ST GERMAIN   Shelburne, VTNbx Bikes/Quadfire Racing/Nbx/Narragansett Beer Cycling Team P/B A
33Andrew WULFKUHLE   Lancaster, PACharm City Cycling Llc
34Brad COLE   Fort Collins, COKccx Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team P/B Challenge Tires
35Damian SCHMITT   Bend, ORSilverado Gallery / Sunnyside Sports
36Brian HLUDZINSKI   Boulder, COBoulder Cycle Sport
37Jesse RIENTS   Shakopee, MNKuhl
38Craig FAULKNER   Mendota Heights, MNCrossniacs
39Tim ALLEN   Golden, COFeedback Sports Racing
40Daniel CHABANOV   Brooklyn, NYConnecticut Yankee Bc/Richard Sachs - Rgm Watches - Radix
41Jon CARIVEAU   Steamboat Springs, COMoots
42Isaac NEFF   Madison, WI
43Stephen CUMMINGS   Pittsburgh, PACharm City Cycling Llc
44Mark SAVERY   Omaha, NEMidwest Cycling Community Ne
45Aaron BRADFORD   Santa Cruz, CABay101/Hrs/Rocklobster
46Thomas MACKAY   Crofton, MDCharm City Cycling Llc
47William IAIA   Englewood, COGroove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
48John CURRY   Bozeman, MTGallatin Valley Bicycle Club/Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Archite
49Abe ROTSTEIN   Watsonville, CATeam Bicycle Trip/Symantec
50Tyler JENEMA   Marquette, MIMafia Racing/Pabst/Felt/Mafia Racing
51Michael ROBSON   Boulder, COMoots
52Aaron BOUPLON   Boulder, CORockyMounts~Izze Racing
53Bradford PERLEY   Banner Elk, NCChampion System/Cannondale
54John PROPPE   North Royalton, OHLake Effect Cycling Team/Team Lake Effect
55Christopher FISHER   Inver Grove Heights, MNCrossniacs
56Colin REUTER   Somerville, MACrossresults.Com/Crossresults.Com P/B Jra Cycles
57Ryan FAWLEY   Bridgewater, VA
58Scott CHAPIN   Santa Cruz, CABay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster Cyclocross
59Shadd SMITH   Overland Park, KSKccx Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team P/B Challenge Tires
60Grant HOLICKY   Boulder, CO
61Shawn HARSHMAN   Boulder, COBoulder Cycle Sport
62Alexander BREMER   Brooklyn, NYCentury Road Club Association/Foundation
63Ryan DORSEY   Woodland Park, CO
64Matthew FOX   Bend, ORSilverado Gallery/ Sunnyside Sports
65Brandon CROSS   West Bountiful, UTCole Sport
66Kenny WEHN   Durango, CONotubes Race Team
67Darian FOUNDS   Colorado Springs, COSouthern Colorado Velo
68Paul MUMFORD   Chicago, ILKinky Llama Racing
69Wayne SIMON   Lake Barrington, ILPsimet Racing/Enzo'S-Psimet
70William STREET   Sheboygan, WIKuhl
71Brett PIRIE   Denver, COColobikelaw.Com
72Matthew PETERSEN   Minneapolis, MNBalance Cycling/Erik'S Bike Shop
73Raymond SMITH   Louisville, KYOcd Cycling/Bob'S Red Mill Cyclocross
74Matthew MEANS   Punxsutawney, PACharm City Cycling Llc
75Nicholas LEMKE   Albuquerque, NM
76Alex DAYTON   Kingsport, TNMock Orange Bikes/Smartstop / Mock Orange Bikes P/B Ridley
77Aaron SWANSON   Ashland, WI
78Willem HEYDENDAEL   Philadelphia, PABicycle Therapy
79Ryan GABRIEL   Tulsa, OKScuderia Superleggera
80Matthew SCHWEIKER   Chicago, ILQuantum Mesa Cycles
81Timothy HALL   Lebanon, TNNashvillecyclist.Com
82Jason CEMANSKI   Seattle, WAApex Racing Team
83Robert SONORA   Durango, COColavita Racing Inc.
84Mark BABCOCK   Marietta, GANouveau Velo Cycling Team/Deeds Publishing
85Mark FASCZEWSKI   Hixson, TNScenic City Velo/Krystal / Warp9Bikes.Com
DNSBryan FAWLEY   Dallas, TXObrea Usa
DNSMolly CAMERON   Portland, ORMetafilter - Portland Bicycle Studio
DNSJeffrey BAHNSON   Newark, DEVan Dessel Factory Team
DNSTravis DONN   Kansas City, MOEthos Racing
DNSFred BROWN   Hillsborough, NJMtbnj.Com
DNSJohn BEHRENS   San Diego, CABailey Bikes
DNSJohn BAILEY   San Diego, CABailey Bikes
DNSJim GENTES   Soquel, CA
DNSDonald MYRAH   San Jose, CA
DNSDevin OBRIEN   Minneapolis, MNAngry Catfish
DNSChristopher TIRONE   East Aurora, NYBuffalo Bicycling Club Inc./French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar
DNSAlex WORK   Santa Cruz, CABay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster Cyclocross/Bay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster
DNSMatthew BARTLETT   Washington, DC
DNSJohn FLACK   Olympia, WACbc Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling T
DNSBrian JORGENSEN   Bend, ORCentral Oregon Community College
DNSRobert KENDALL   Louisville, KYClarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
DNSCailean CARLBERG   Tulsa, OKBicycles Of Tulsa
DNSCharles PARMAIN   Tulsa, OKBicycles Of Tulsa
DNSTim BUTLER   Portland, OR
DNSMatthew ALLEN   Minneapolis, MNBehind-Bars/Lgr
DNSStephen TILFORD   Topeka, KS
DNFChristian FAVATA   Rosendale , NYConnecticut Yankee Bc
DNFLee UNWIN   Madison, WI

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2012 Nationals Elite Men Startlist

MensElite Cat 1/2  
NameTeamCity, StateBib
Matthew AllenBehind-Bars/LGRMinneapolis, MN52
Tim AllenFeedback Sports RacingGolden, CO30
Mark BabcockNouveau Velo Cycling Team/Deeds PublishingMarietta, GA74
Sean BabcockBeaverton, OR21
Jeffrey BahnsonVan Dessel Factory TeamNewark, DE29
John BaileyBailey BikesSan Diego, CA56
Matthew BartlettWashington, DC82
John BehrensBailey BikesSan Diego, CA98
Aaron BouplonBoulder, CO73
Aaron BradfordSanta Cruz, CA100
Alexander BremerCentury Road Club Association/FoundationBrooklyn, NY79
Fred BrownMTBNJ.comHillsborough, NJ78
Tim ButlerPortland, OR46
Molly CameronMetaFilter - Portland Bicycle StudioPortland, OR99
Jon CariveauMOOTSSteamboat Springs, CO97
Cailean CarlbergBicycles of TulsaTulsa, OK85
Jason CemanskiApex Racing TeamSeattle, WA96
Daniel ChabanovConnecticut Yankee BC/Richard Sachs - RGM Watches - RadixBrooklyn, NY25
Scott ChapinBay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster CyclocrossSanta Cruz, CA37
Brad ColeKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge TiresFort Collins, CO51
Stephen CummingsCharm City Cycling, LLCPittsburgh, PA80
John CurryGallatin Valley Bicycle Club/Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik ArchiteBozeman, MT36
Alex DaytonMock Orange Bikes/SmartStop / Mock Orange Bikes p/b RidleyKingsport, TN67
Travis DonnEthos RacingKansas City, MO59
Ryan DorseyWoodland Park, CO94
James DriscollUCI CT: Jamis/Sutter HomeWinooski, VT5
Brandon DwightBoulder Cycle SportBoulder, CO70
Mark FasczewskiScenic City Velo/Krystal / Warp9bikes.comHixson, TN72
Craig FaulknerCrossniacsMendota Heights, MN101
Christian FavataConnecticut Yankee BCRosendale , NY23
Bryan FawleyOBREA USADallas, TX20
Ryan FawleyBridgewater, VA26
Christopher FisherCrossniacsInver Grove Heights, MN60
John FlackCBC Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Cycling TOlympia, WA66
Darian FoundsSouthern Colorado VeloColorado Springs, CO89
Matthew FoxSilverado Gallery/ Sunnyside SportsBend, OR58
Scott FrederickInland/Back to DirtRaleigh, NC31
Ryan GabrielScuderia SuperleggeraTulsa, OK55
Jim GentesSoquel, CA43
Shawn HarshmanBoulder Cycle SportBoulder, CO32
Willem HeydendaelPhiladelphia, PA35
Brian HludzinskiBoulder Cycle SportBoulder, CO39
Mitchell HokeTeam Clif BarColorado Springs, CO15
Grant HolickyBoulder, CO19
William IaiaEnglewood, CO65
Tyler JenemaMafia Racing/Pabst/Felt/Mafia RacingMarquette, MI33
Timothy JohnsonTopsfield, MA3
Christopher JonesAuburn, CA9
Brian JorgensenCentral Oregon Community CollegeBend, OR76
Braden KappiusTeam Clif BarLittleton, CO41
Robert KendallClarksville Schwinn/Rapid TransitLouisville, KY64
Nicholas KeoughCorner Cycle Cycling Club/Champion System p/b Keough CyclocrossSandwich, MA38
Allen KrughoffBoulder Cycle SportBoulder, CO18
Nicholas LemkeCafe GiuseppeAlbuquerque, NM44
Justin LindineNew Salem, MA6
Travis LivermonWinterville, NC10
Thomas MackayCharm City Cycling, LLCCrofton, MD93
Brian MatterSheboygan, WI14
Zach McDonaldBainbridge Island, WA7
Dylan McnicholasCyclocrossworld/Cannondale CyclocrossworldStratham, NH8
Matthew MeansCharm City Cycling, LLCPunxsutawney, PA95
Paul MumfordKinky Llama RacingChicago, IL75
Adam MyersonMock Orange Bikes/SmartStop / Mock Orange Bikes p/b RidleyDorchester, MA16
Donald MyrahSan Jose, CA91
Isaac NeffKCV Cycling ClubMadison, WI27
Devin OBrienAngry CatfishMinneapolis, MN57
Jonathan PageNorthfield, NH102
Charles ParmainBicycles of TulsaTulsa, OK54
Bradford PerleyChampion System/CannondaleBanner Elk, NC103
Matthew PetersenBalance Cycling/Erik's Bike ShopMinneapolis, MN68
Brett PirieColoBikeLaw.comDenver, CO47
Jeremy PowersUCI CT: Jelly Belly Presented By KendaEasthampton, MA2
John ProppeLake Effect Cycling Team/Team Lake EffectNorth Royalton, OH62
Colin p/b JRA CyclesSomerville, MA69
Jesse RientsKUHLShakopee, MN53
Justin RobinsonCalifornia Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/SpecializedBonny Doon, CA61
Michael RobsonMOOTSBoulder, CO34
Abe RotsteinTeam Bicycle Trip/SymantecWatsonville, CA81
Mark SaveryMidwest Cycling Community NEOmaha, NE48
Weston SchempfCharm City Cycling, LLCRockville, MD17
Damian SchmittBend, OR90
Tristan SchoutenCyclocrossracing.comPlymouth, WI12
Matthew SchweikerQuantum Mesa CyclesChicago, IL50
Wayne SimonPSIMET Racing/Enzo's-PSIMETLake Barrington, IL104
Raymond SmithOCD Cycling/Bob's Red Mill CyclocrossLouisville, KY71
Shadd SmithKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge TiresOverland Park, KS83
Robert SonoraColavita Racing, Inc.Durango, CO84
Adam St GermainNBX Bikes/Quadfire Racing/NBX/Narragansett Beer Cycling Team p/b AShelburne, VT86
Corey StelljesMadison, WI28
William StreetKUHLSheboygan, WI49
Aaron SwansonAshland, WI63
Stephen TilfordTopeka, KS87
Christopher TironeBuffalo Bicycling Club Inc./French Meadow Bakery/FortistarEast Aurora, NY40
Erik TonkinKonaPortland, OR92
Jerome TownsendPrinceton, MA13
Ryan TrebonBend, OR4
Lee UnwinMadison, WI45
Peter WebberBoulder Cycle SportBoulder, CO42
Kenny WehnNoTubes Race TeamDurango, CO88
Jake WellsStan'sNoTubesAvon, CO24
Troy WellsDurango, CO11
Alex WorkBay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster Cyclocross/Bay 101/HRS/Rock LobsterSanta Cruz, CA77
Andrew WulfkuhleCharm City Cycling, LLCLancaster, PA22