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Don Myrah climbed away from Jon Cariveau and the rest of the field to defend his Masters Men 45-49 National Title. © Cyclocross Magazine

VERONA, WISCONSIN — Colder conditions than we’ve seen all week met racers this morning, as the course turned from the muddy, greasy mess riders saw on Friday to a veritable roadway of icy ruts that jammed up riders as they tried to navigate the course.

The five laps that the 45-49 year-old Masters undertook were chilly, with temperatures well below freezing but still balmy for Madison. Even the colder temperatures didn’t deter spectators though, and while the back stretch of the course still looked like no man’s land, the stretch near the finish was well-populated with screaming family, friends and fans.

While James Coats (Cal Giant) took the holeshot, just behind him riders started to pile up on the rutted, muddy field, quickly turning the long stretch into one long running section. Coats seized the opportunity to put distance on most of the field, but after a few turns, Olympian and seven-time national champion Don Myrah attacked just after Coats slid out himself before the pits.

The race quickly strung itself out as riders had to dismount or put their feet down to navigate sharp turns, and even a slight incline was cause for riders to dismount and run. Behind Myrah, Jon Cariveau (Moots) charged, only 10 seconds behind. He was followed by Sam Morse (Corner Cycle Cycling Club), John Mundelius (Cal Giant), Tim Butler, Coats and Greg Ferguson (Cape Atlantic Racing). The five worked together for a brief time but quickly began to separate.

Jon Mondelius leads James Coats and Tim Butler in the chase for third place. ©Cyclocross Magazine

Jon Mondelius leads James Coats and Tim Butler in the chase for third place. ©Cyclocross Magazine

As they came around for the end of lap one, announcer Richard Fries said, “They’ve got the cracks in the foundation now, and they’re going to try to break it up.” Break it up they did, and Myrah came by with 10 seconds on Coats and a growing gap of over 40 seconds to third place. Myrah continued pushing the pace to keep a hard-charging Cariveau at bay, and got his gap to 20 seconds. The top 10 were separated not by seconds, but minutes after just two laps.

By three laps in, ice was melting on course and riders were beginning to see some mud, but corners were still rutted and treacherous. With three to go, Myrah comfortably motored through, followed again by Cariveau, with Coats 50 seconds behind the two. Morse and Ferguson came through working together, followed by Doug Karet and Butler.

With one to go, disaster struck Cariveau, who had finally closed the gap down to a mere seven seconds after Myrah got caught in the course tape. Cariveau dropped his chain and had to dismount and spend 20 seconds putting it back on. As Myrah powered through for the last lap, Cariveau was 38 seconds back but chasing hard.

Jon Cariveau pilots his Moots to a strong second place in his first year as a 45-49 racer. © Cyclocross Magazine

Jon Cariveau pilots his Moots to a strong second place in his first year as a 45-49 racer. © Cyclocross Magazine

But the damage was done, and Cariveau never made it back up, leaving Myrah to take a definitive win and defend his 45-49 Cyclocross National Championship title.  Cariveau crossed the line in second, still happy with his ride, with Coats in third.

Myrah’s next goal? “I want to win at Worlds next week,” he told Cyclocross Magazine, after a disappointing ride to finish 12th in Mol in 2011.

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Don Myrah Interview:
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Masters Men 45-49 2012 National Championships

1Donald MYRAH (1 - Cat1)San Jose, CA49:10:00147
2Jon CARIVEAU (2 - Cat1)Steamboat Springs, CO50:08:00111MOOTS
3James COATS (3 - Cat1)Campbell, CA51:44:00120California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
4Gannon MYALL (4 - Cat1)Lafayette, CA51:51:00118California Giant Cycling
5Greg FERGUSON (5 - Cat1)Glassboro, NJ52:16:00109Cape Atlantic Racing/
6Tim BUTLER (6 - Cat1)Portland, OR52:59:00116
7Samuel MORSE (1 - Cat2)Cohasset, MA53:28:00108Corner Cycle Cycling Club
8Donald SEIB (2 - Cat2)Bryant Pond,
9Keith LUCAS (3 - Cat2)Custer, KY53:49:00127Scheller's Racing Team
10Michael HOGAN (7 - Cat1)Louisville, CO53:52:00171Team Kappius
11Jonathan CARD (8 - Cat1)Sylvania, OH54:15:00155
12Christando LOMBARDO (4 - Cat2)Crystal Lake, IL54:22:00102Village-Verdigris Cycling
13Jeffrey HALL (9 - Cat1)Denver, CO54:22:00152Team Kappius
14Frederick ROSE (10 - Cat1)Bloomington, Cycling Club
15John MUNDELIUS (11 - Cat1)Alamo, CA55:02:00135California Giant Cycling/California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized
16David WEBER (1 - Cat3)Boulder, CO55:08:00151RockyMounts~Izze Racing
17Tim BOUNDY (12 - Cat1)Deer Park, IL55:29:00158Village-Verdigris Cycling/Verdigris-Village CX Team
18Newt COLE (5 - Cat2)Chicago, IL55:41:00160The Pony Shop
19Jeffrey APPELTANS (13 - Cat1)Philadelphia, PA55:46:00107Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org/Mambo Kings Racing
20James COCHRAN (2 - Cat3)Iowa City, IA55:58:00101Atlas Cycling Team/Atlas Cycling
21Michael MCSHANE (14 - Cat1)Louisville, KY56:24:00125Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc/Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
22Michael CURTES (6 - Cat2)Mequon, WI56:45:00126Twin Six
23Gregory FERGUSON (7 - Cat2)Middleton, WI56:58:00121Trek Midwest Team
24Richard MCCLUNG (15 - Cat1)Kirkland, WA56:58:00142Lake Washington Velo
25Brian KOENEMAN (8 - Cat2)Minneapolis, MN57:25:00167Team Wheel & Sprocket
26Paul SCHOENING (3 - Cat3)Plymouth, MN57:45:00166Team Plan C
27Darron CHEEK (16 - Cat1)Breckenridge, CO57:45:00133CROSS PROPZ RACING
28Greg GORRELL (9 - Cat2)Conifer, CO58:03:00138Feedback Sports Racing
29Robert SONORA (17 - Cat1)Durango, CO58:30:00134Colavita Racing Inc.
30Bill TEASDALE (4 - Cat3)Longmont, CO58:31:00148CROSS PROPZ RACING
31Carl BONI (5 - Cat3)Erie, CO59:29:00113Rapid Racing
32Steven BRADYSteilacoom, WA.@ 2 Laps130Old Town Bicycle (OTB)
33John Paul MCCARTHY (6 - Cat3)Chicago, IL.@ 2 Laps141SRAM Factory
34Bryan HARWOOD (7 - Cat3)Denver, CO.@ 2 Laps106
35John ERICSSON (8 - Cat3)Verona, WI.@ 2 Laps129TEAM MADCROSS
36James NOWAK (9 - Cat3)Bartlett, IL.@ 2 Laps164ABD Cycling Club/ABD Cycling Team
37Paul WARLOSKI (10 - Cat2)Milwaukee, WI.@ 2 Laps104My Wife Inc
38John RILEY (10 - Cat3)Cross Plains, WI.@ 2 Laps131Trek Midwest Team
39Doug KARET (11 - Cat3)Steamboat Springs, CO.@ 2 Laps110
40Joseph BELLANTE (11 - Cat2)Cincinnati, OH.@ 2 Laps105Bio Wheels Racing
41Michael SCHULZE (12 - Cat3)Cincinnati, OH.@ 2 Laps149Bio Wheels Racing
42Andy SWARTZ (13 - Cat3)Madison, WI.@ 2 Laps175Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
43Christopher TIRONE (18 - Cat1)East Aurora, NY.@ 2 Laps144Buffalo Bicycling Club Inc./French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar
44Mike NORMAN (14 - Cat3)Evanston, IL.@ 2 Laps146The Pony Shop
45Timothy THEOBALD (15 - Cat3)Milwaukee, WI.@ 2 Laps115Hollander RDC/Hollander Benelux Racing p/b Badger Allo
46Robert DIETRICK (16 - Cat3)Farmington, NY.@ 2 Laps137Genesee Valley Cycling Club/Minerva Design Cycling Team
47John STONEBARGER (17 - Cat3)Iowa City, IA.@ 2 Laps114Mass Bay Road Club
48Jeffrey CHAMBERS (12 - Cat2)Louisville, KY.@ 2 Laps163Scheller's Racing Team
49Chris HAMMER (18 - Cat3)Woodridge, IL.@ 2 Laps154Wheel Fast Racing
50James BRADY (19 - Cat3)Chicago, IL.@ 2 Laps117The Pony Shop
51James STATHAS (20 - Cat3)Los Angeles, CA.@ 2 Laps153Montrose Cycling Club/Montrose Bike Shop- CW Builders
52Don MASCHKA (21 - Cat3)Mason City, IA.@ 2 Laps156North Iowa Spin
53Jeffrey HILLIGOSS (13 - Cat2)Eden Prairie, MN.@ 3 Laps132Angry Catfish
54David HAGEN (14 - Cat2)Durango, CO.@ 3 Laps168Fort Lewis College
55Kevin FLOWERS (15 - Cat2)Glen Ellyn, IL.@ 3 Laps165Wheel Fast Racing
56Brian PETTED (22 - Cat3)Cedarburg, WI.@ 3 Laps162Team Extreme
57Mark BEATTY (23 - Cat3)Washington, IA.@ 3 Laps172Twisted Spokes Racing Team
58Chris FRETER (24 - Cat3)Columbus, OH.@ 3 Laps169ALAN North America Cycling
59Stephen GAFFIELD (25 - Cat3)Madison, WI.@ 3 Laps139Brazen Dropouts/Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team
60Ian KENNEDY (26 - Cat3)Portland, OR.@ 3 Laps119
61Scott BOND (27 - Cat3)Greenfield, IN.@ 4 Laps112Speedway Wheelmen
DNSScott OLSONWilliams Bay, WI.159Tread Head Cycling
DNSRalf WARMUTHEdison, NJ.145Highland Park Hermes
DNSJames KLAGESSaint Louis, MO.136Veda Cycling
DNSPaul RICHARDAmesbury, MA.128Cyclocrossworld
DNSJon SUYKORockford, IL.124The Pony Shop
DNSCharles CLARKSummerville, GA.103Cycle-Therapy GA
DNFAlec PETRODuxbury, MA#N/A161Corner Cycle Cycling Club
DNFRobert WOMACKFayetteville, GA.157Smyrna Bicycles
DNFDaniel CASPERNorthfield, MN.143Revolution Cycle and Ski
DNFDave ECKELTrevor, WI.122Team Wisconsin/KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
DNFSteve LAURELMinneapolis, MN#N/A174
DNFTim SKINNERFitchburg, WI#N/A170