The critical moment: Jeremy Powers crashes and Todd Wells cannot avoid him. © Marc Romano

The critical moment: Jeremy Powers crashes and Todd Wells cannot avoid him. © Marc Romano

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BEND, ORE. – Todd Wells (Cal Giant-Specialized) shut the door on the hopes of, Kona and about 130 other Elite racers as he took the 2010 National Championship title in solo fashion.

As the Elite men charged off the line to a thick crowd of fans, Ryan Trebon (Kona) powered in the lead, taking the hole shot with Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) and Jeremy Powers ( on his wheel. As Powers slipped by, Trebon eased up slightly, as he told Cyclocross Magazine that he had a tough time getting his legs going in the first lap. Tim Johnson and Chris Jones rounded out the top five early.

Coming around the front side, Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus) took the lead with Powers and Johnson following close behind, and Trebon and Wicks forming a formidable wall. The five had a good-sized gap between them and Todd Wells as they came into the bowl, now with Powers cranking on the sharp end. It looked like the race might be a Cannondale vs. Twin Towers shoot out. Wells, Alex Candelario, Jesse Anthony (Cal Giant-Specialized) and Tyler Wren (Boo Bikes) formed a chase group behind.

Then everything changed. Powers attacked hard as they entered the bowl, gapping off the front and quickly gaining seven seconds. On the corner just after the flyover, Trebon crashed. “I hit a course pole that was leaning into the course – it caught my bars and spun me around,” he said. Jones got tangled up with Trebon, and the two had to extricate their bikes before getting rolling again.

Wicks and Johnson dug deep to keep Powers in sight, but it was a hard-charging Wells who, over the next lap, bridged up and entered the mix, ultimately passing the three chasers and catching up to Powers.

As Wells caught Powers, Jones faded further off the front. Wicks showed that he has found his form in time for Nationals as he stayed strong in the top five, and he and Johnson would trade positions for the rest of the race. Driscoll ( turned on his engine and began clawing his way up the leader board.

Trebon passes Powers into second after the fly-over ©Janet Hill

Trebon passes Powers into second after the fly-over © Janet Hill

“You know I was expecting someone to,” Powers said when asked if he was surprised that Wells caught him. “I wasn’t thinking I was just going to ride off the front of the National title – that’s just not how it’s going to work. So to have Todd there … I’ve been able to beat Todd in a sprint in the past, but nothing’s for sure. But if I had to go to the line with Todd, I was pretty psyched. I also thought, ‘man I’m pretty psyched if Todd wins because he’s a pretty great guy.’ I don’t know, it’s a bunch of things, you got a lot of things going through your mind, but I just try to keep all the thoughts out while I’m racing – just kinda do what I’m doing and try not to think about too much stuff.”

Trebon, after recovering from his crash, showed why he is one of the best in the country and began an incredible chase, putting in a monster display of power to reconnect with the chasers – but only long enough to blow right by them.

Off the front, Powers and Wells went back and forth, trading blow for blow as they screamed around the course a full minute faster than any other group this week. But with four to go, Powers went down on the u-turn right before the flyover; Wells was following so closely that he collided with Powers, and the two tangled for a moment before Wells broke free and rode off, with Powers running behind before stopping to repair a no longer functioning bike.

“[Powers] crashed in one of the corners before the flyover, and I ran into him,” said Wells. “My foot got stuck in his wheel, and I’m not sure if that screwed up his wheel or not but it took us a few seconds to get untangled.” Powers was able to fix his bike, but by then he had already been passed by a watt-busting Trebon.

Trebon used pure power to hover just seven seconds behind Wells in the closing laps ©Janet Hill

Trebon used pure power to hover just seven seconds behind Wells in the closing laps © Janet Hill

“I’m as frustrated as I can be,” said Powers. “I got a lot of good things to look back on, and a two-minute stretch I’d rather not look back on.” The episode was eerily similar to Fort Collins, when Wells crashed into a barrier following behind Powers, giving Powers the win. “Yeah, I didn’t intentionally do that [take down Wells in a barrier section],” said Powers, “and I guess what goes around comes around, but Todd’s a great friend of mine and I would never wish anything bad upon him, and I think the same goes my way from him, so, like I said, a lot of good things to look back on, one moment I’d rather not.”

Todd Wells flies to his third national championship © Cyclocross Magazine

Todd Wells flies to his third National Championship © Cyclocross Magazine

With Powers out of the equation, it was now Wells’ race to lose. But Trebon wasn’t going to let him take the title without a fight, and over the remainder of the race the gap between the two would come as close as five seconds before ultimately stretching to about 15. “I could hear the time checks, but I knew that if I didn’t make any mistakes I could go through the corners faster than [Trebon] even if he was gaining on me during the power sections,” said Wells. “I took some chances through the corners and just tried to limit my losses on the straight sections.”

Powers was on top of his game, but a crash prevented him from going toe-to-toe against Wells for the championship ©Janet Hill

Powers was on top of his game, but a crash prevented him from going toe-to-toe against Wells for the championship © Janet Hill

“I was trying hard, but it’s a really hard course – it’s just so heavy, and there’s a lot of wind,” said Trebon. “Todd was riding awesome. I was pulling back a little bit here [on the front side] but he was gapping me on the other side. I was pulling a little bit back in the boggy section, and he was pulling away on the back side in the mill area.”

“I was going as hard as I could,” he added. “I couldn’t go any harder. That was all I had in my legs, my hips were cramping. The grass section was just so hard and draining, then you had to run up the stairs, that really made the legs hurt.”

Todd Wells wins his third cyclocross national championship title. © Tim Westmore

Todd Wells wins his third cyclocross national championship title. © Tim Westmore

In the end, it was Wells with his hands raised, claiming his third Cyclocross National Elite Championship title. Trebon came in close behind, followed by a train of riders separated by large gaps: Driscoll and Johnson finished the podium, with Wicks just barely missing out.

Wells has already won a National title in the Short Track and Cross Country disciplines this year. Was this his favorite? “I don’t know, they’re all pretty special, but it’s nice to get titles, so this one’s up there with them.”

Photo Gallery by Janet Hill:

Full Results:

Place Name City, State Time Bib Team
1 Todd Wells Durango, CO 1:00:49 4 Specialized Factory Racing
2 Ryan Trebon Bend, OR 1:01:14 54 Kona
3 Jeremy Powers Easthampton, MA 1:02:16 2 Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld
4 James Driscoll Winooski, VT 1:02:52 3 Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld
5 Timothy Johnson Beverly, MA 1:02:52 1 Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld
6 Barry Wicks Corvallis, OR 1:03:03 10 Kona
7 Adam Craig Bend, OR 1:03:29 7 Giant/Rabobank
8 Tristan Schouten Plymouth, WI 1:04:06 9 / Blue
9 Alexander Candelario Reno, NV 1:04:39 62 World Bicycle Relief
10 Jesse Anthony Beverly, MA 1:05:08 11 California Giant Berry Farms
11 Justin Lindine New Salem, MA 1:05:26 5 Bikereg.Com/Cannondale
12 Spencer Paxson Seattle, WA 1:05:30 61 Team S&M Young Guns
13 Mitchell Hoke (1 – Cat2) Colorado Springs, CO 1:05:51 30
14 Sean Babcock Beaverton, OR 1:06:01 26 Team S&M Young Guns
15 Christopher Jones Auburn, CA 1:06:17 37 Rapha/Focus
16 Erik Tonkin Portland, OR 1:06:22 129 Kona
17 Joshua Dillon Essex Junction, VT 1:06:25 20 Bikereg.Com / Cannondale
18 Carl Decker Bend, OR 1:06:27 110 Giant
19 Allen Krughoff Boulder, CO 1:06:30 25 Boulder Cycle Sport
20 Peter Webber Boulder, CO 1:06:49 122 Boulder Cycle Sport
21 Matthew Pacocha Boulder, CO 1:07:05 32 Hudz-Subaru
22 Braden Kappius Littleton, CO 1:07:06 28 Team Clif Bar
23 Jake Wells Avon, CO 1:07:10 17 Hudz-Subaru
24 Brandon Dwight Boulder, CO 1:07:18 160 Boulder Cycle Sport
25 Tyler Wren Salt Lake City, UT 1:07:22 21 Boo Bicycles
26 Adam McGrath (2 – Cat2) Springfield, OR 1:07:39 15 Feedback Sports/Van Dessel
27 Aaron Bradford Santa Cruz, CA 1:07:52 154 Family Cycling Center
28 Tim Allen Golden, CO 1:07:58 171 Niner
29 Russell Stevenson Seattle, WA 1:08:10 186 Cycling Northwest
30 Frank Spiteri San Mateo, CA 1:08:12 111 Peninsula Velo Cycling Club/Pen
31 Troy Wells Durango, CO 1:08:34 13 Team Clif Bar
32 Ryan Knapp Columbus, IN 1:08:57 14 Panther Pb Competitive Cyclist
33 Adam Myerson Dorchester, MA 1:09:02 6 Cycle-Smart
34 Ryan Iddings Enumclaw , WA 1:09:25 23 Redline
35 Stephen Tilford Topeka, KS @2Lap 183 Tradewind Energy/Trek
36 Jared Nieters Haymarket, VA @2Lap 27 Haymarket Bicycles
37 Benjamin Thompson Bend, OR @2Lap 195
38 Scott Chapin Santa Cruz, CA @2Lap 29 Bay101/HRS/RockLobster
39 Weston Schempf Bethesda, MD @2Lap 19 Charm City Cycling Llc
40 John Curry Bozeman, MT @2Lap 128 Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club/Gallatin Alpine Sports/Intrinsik Archite
41 Josh Snead Larkspur, CA @2Lap 35 Bay101/HRS/RockLobster
42 Brad Cole (4 – Cat2) Fort Collins, CO @2Lap 50 Kccx Verge Elite Cyclocross Tea
43 Justin Robinson Bonny Doon, CA @2Lap 115 California Giant Berry Farms
44 Molly Cameron Portland, OR @2Lap 118 Portland Bicycle Studio
45 Nathan Bannerman (1 – Cat3) Walla Walla, WA @2Lap 175 Wheatland Wheelers
46 Scott Frederick Raleigh, NC @2Lap 24 Inland/Back To Dirt/Inland Cons
47 Brue Syvertsen (6 – Cat2) San Francisco, CA @2Lap 156 Murder
48 Troy Heithecker Ft Collins, CO @2Lap 190 Echelon Energy
49 Ward Baker Boulder, CO @2Lap 44 Justin’S / Titus Mountain Bike
50 Ian Brown Portland, OR @2Lap 40 River City Bicycles / Tonic Fab
51 Eric Rasmussen Bountiful, UT @2Lap 47 Kuhl
52 Michael Gallagher Portland, OR @2Lap 123 Cyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue
53 John Behrens San Diego, CA @2Lap 163 Bailey Bikes
54 Damian Schmitt Bend, OR @3Lap 193
55 Brett Luelling Salem, OR @3Lap 56
56 Daniel Chabanov Brooklyn, NY @3Lap 31 Century Road Club Association/J
57 Kevin Smallman (8 – Cat2) San Leandro, CA @3Lap 179 Cannondale
58 Krishna Dole (10 – Cat2) San Mateo, CA @3Lap 49 Sheila Moon
59 BRENNAN WODTLI Bend, OR @3Lap 104
60 Greg Wittwer Richmond, VA @3Lap 33 Alan North America Cycling
61 Logan Wetzel Renton, WA @3Lap 196 Cbtinc/Cyclingnorthwest
62 Lawrence Leonard Ventura, CA @3Lap 103 Successful Living
63 Chris Jackson (12 – Cat2) San Luis Obispo, CA @3Lap 38
64 Kevin Mullervy Littleton, CO @3Lap 116 Escalera Racing Club/Team Exerg
65 Jason Siegle Costa Mesa, CA @3Lap 187 Bike Religion
66 Davy Yeater Portland, OR @3Lap 59 River City Bicycles / Cannondal
67 Shawn Harshman (14 – Cat2) Boulder, CO @3Lap 192 Pm Racing Team
68 Jesse Rients Shakopee, MN @3Lap 42
69 Alex Ryan Lewisville, NC @3Lap 109 Champion System/ Cannondale
70 Aaron Bouplon Boulder, CO @3Lap 132 Rockymounts~Izze Racing
71 Frederick Bottger South Pasadena, CA @3Lap 166 Pasadena Athletic Assoc (Paa)/P
72 Brandon Gritters Mission Viejo, CA @3Lap 182 Rock N Road
73 Matthew Fox Bend, OR @4Lap 46
74 Evan Plews Salem, OR @4Lap 125
75 Patrick Jackson Salem, OR @4Lap 174
76 Conor Mullervy Boise , ID @4Lap 133 Team Exergy
77 Dave Weaver Towson, MD @4Lap 142 Alan N. America Cycling Team
78 Kevin Bradford-Parish Elk, WA @4Lap 155 Emde Sports/Emdesports.Com/Fitn
79 David Wilcox (16 – Cat2) Jamaica Plain, MA @4Lap 36 Pedro’S Grassroots Cycling Club
80 Kenny Wehn (17 – Cat2) Durango, CO @4Lap 121 Colavita Racing Inc./Colavita R
81 Anastasio Flores La Selva Beach, CA @4Lap 106 California Giant Berry Farms
82 John Frey (18 – Cat2) Bend, OR @4Lap 165 Hutch’S Westside Bend Or
83 Michael Kennedy (19 – Cat2) Louisville, KY @4Lap 184 Fetzer
84 Joshua Whitmore Sylva, NC @4Lap 191 Globalbike Racing/Team Globalbi
85 Benjamin Dodge (20 – Cat2) San Jose, CA @4Lap 136 Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
86 Eric Colton (21 – Cat2) Los Angeles, CA @4Lap 57 The Team
87 Lucas Livermon Winterville, NC @4Lap 137 Inland Construction
88 David Sheek (22 – Cat2) Huntington Beach, CA @4Lap 159
89 Derek Yarra (23 – Cat2) San Francisco, CA @4Lap 138 Murder
90 Alan Adams (24 – Cat2) Seattle, WA @4Lap 45 Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber
91 Chad Cheeney (25 – Cat2) Durango, CO @4Lap 52 Durango Devo
92 Ben Popper Chicago, IL @5Lap 55
93 Bobby Langin (26 – Cat2) Thousand Oaks, CA @5Lap 170 Platinum Performance Cycling Te
94 Collin Samaan (3 – Cat3) Fair Oaks, CA @5Lap 65 Kingsnorth International Wheele
95 Kip Spaude (27 – Cat2) Watertown, WI @5Lap 213 Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
96 Jim Gentes (28 – Cat2) Soquel, CA @5Lap 60 Team Rambuski Law
97 Garrett McAllister (29 – Cat2) Bend, OR @5Lap 113 Team Wisconsin/Team Wisconsin /
98 Michael Nixon (30 – Cat2) Fort Lauderdale, FL @5Lap 63
99 Kendal Johnson Bend, OR @5Lap 153
100 Dean Poshard Santa Cruz, CA @5Lap 151
101 Michael Birner Woodbine, MD @5Lap 41 Ben’S Performance Bicycles Inc
102 Gregg Shanefelt (31 – Cat2) Latrobe, PA @5Lap 199 Zephyr Wheel Sports
103 Juozas Martynaitis (32 – Cat2) Reno, NV @5Lap 177
104 Scott McClave (33 – Cat2) Simi Valley, CA @3Lap 126
105 Lane Miller (34 – Cat2) Lafayette, CO @5Lap 194
106 Christopher Hamlin (35 – Cat2) Jonesville, VT @6Lap 64
107 John Flack (36 – Cat2) Olympia, WA @6Lap 164 Cbc Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic
DNS Dylan Mcnicholas Stratham, NH DNS 12 Ccb International
DNS Gregory Thompson Bend, OR DNS 43 0
DNS Kyle Peppo New York, NY DNS 48 Gs Mengoni U.S.A./G.S. Mengoni U.S.A.
DNS Phil Grove Whitefish, MT DNS 51 Sportsman & Ski Haus
DNS Brett Nichols Garden City, ID DNS 53 Trek Mountain Co-Op
DNS Jonathan Hansen Bend, OR DNS 58 Gear Peddler
DNS Eirik Schulz Portland, OR DNS 102 0
DNS Robert Downs Madison, WI DNS 105 Planet Bike
DNS Sloane Anderson Bend, OR DNS 107 0
DNS Wiley Mosley Austin, TX DNS 108 North American Velo
DNS Matt Shriver Durango, CO DNS 119 0
DNS Shadd Smith Overland Park, KS DNS 127 Mercy Cycling Team/Mercy Cycling Team
DNS Jeff Winkler Blue Springs, MO DNS 135 0
DNS Aaron Odell San Jose, CA DNS 141 0
DNS Benjamin Kubas Eugene, OR DNS 145 Tai Cycling/Gen8
DNS jeremy whitman Boise, ID DNS 147 Broken Spoke Cycling
DNS George Barthel Sherman Oaks, CA DNS 162 Helen’S
DNS Alex Work Santa Cruz, CA DNS 167 0
DNS Gabriel Keck Fairfax, CA DNS 169 Summit Bicyles
DNS Edwin Bull Mendham, NJ DNS 173 Van Dessel Factory Team
DNS Dean Dealy Aptos, CA DNS 176 Verge Sport/Test Pilot/Verge Sport / Test Pilot
DNS Kristopher Holden Spokane, WA DNS 188 Vertical Earth Specialized
DNS Eric Sheagley Portland, OR DNS 197 Essex County Velo
DQ Nicholas Weighall Mill Creek, WA DSQ 16 California Giant Cycling
DNF Brian Matter Sheboygan, WI DNF 8 Team Geargrinder/Team Geargrinder
DNF Travis Livermon Winterville, NC DNF 18 Cannondale
DNF Jonathan Baker Boulder, CO DNF 22 Groove Subaru Cycling Team
DNF Nathanael Wyatt Swannanoa, NC DNF 34 Carolina Fatz Pb Santa Cruz Bic
DNF Anton Petrov Costa Mesa, CA DNF 158 Bike Religion
California Giant Berry Farms