As mentioned in the film, it’s the race. Nationals. Everyone knows who won and everyone is gunning for the title. Every year.

Sam Smith sat down with the sport’s biggest stars back in the day and chronicled the US Cyclocross National Championships from 2004 to 2008 and the result was this short film, ‘Cross Natz.

In ‘Cross Natz, like both Transition and Transition 2: ‘Cross the Pond as well Smith’s Cyclofile series, we see everyone from riders like perennial Nationals threat Jonathan Page, who won his third of three titles in a row in 2004 to Tim Johnson in his 9 ball kit who won in 2007, the first year in Kansas City, Missouri, to 2005 winner Todd Wells, his second of three Nationals wins, to Kona’s Ryan Trebon who took the title in 2006 and 2008. Each of them talks about what Nationals means to them and speaks about the individual races from those 5 years.

‘Cross Natz is a short film, just over half an hour long, so it’s easily viewable during your lunch break. Just make sure you don’t get too inspired and leave the office before quiting time.

‘Cross Natz was posted to YouTube by its director, Sam Smith back in February of this year. Enjoy the show!