Wells on Day 1 at Nittany. © Cyclocross Magazine

Wells on Day 1 at Nittany in 2013. Will we see him more in 2014? © Cyclocross Magazine

Todd Wells has been one of the top American mountain bikers—and occasional ’crossers—for years, and now he has 10 National Champion titles to his name. We caught up with him after his recent win in Macungie, Pennsylvania, at the USA Cycling Cross Country Mountain Bike National Championships.

Cyclocross Magazine: Nice job this weekend! How was it to regain the National title? [Wells lost it to Stephen Ettinger in 2013.]

Todd Wells: Awesome! That’s the one that I always want, but it seems to be the most elusive to me.

CXM: Yesterday seemed like a really tough race.

TW: Yeah, a lot of equipment failures. I ran extra thick tires, lots of pressure. The bike was sweet. The tires weren’t gripping very well, but that’s what you have to do when it’s so rocky.

CXM: What about for short track, did you swap tires?

TW: Yep, different, lighter tires, less knobs, lower pressure. This rock garden isn’t too bad, you can kind of flow over it.

CXM: Will we see you out from ’cross season?

TW: I don’t know! This year, I go to mountain bike World Championships, Leadville, La Ruda… Then I’ll do some cyclocross probably starting in mid-December to be good for Nationals.

CXM: So Nationals is on the calendar?

TW: Yes! Last year I was planning on it and it just didn’t happen, but hopefully this year. It won’t be freezing cold in Austin!