We haven’t done a Friday Film in some time, but this popped up on our radar recently. Sam Smith, the man behind the Transition cyclocross films as well as Behind THE Barriers, posted his full-length Transition: An American Cyclo-Cross Season to YouTube last week.

If you’re about to watch this at work, bear in mind that this is a little over an hour of your, or your company’s, time. Also bear in mind that this is from well over a decade ago. Not only is it perhaps not as slick as some of today’s HD GoPro edits, since the creation of this film, some of the featured racers may have since changed their opinions on things shown and discussed in the film.

Still, the film is a moment in time, and it tells part of the story of a year in American cyclocross.

Featured riders include Adam Myerson of Cycle-Smart, Marc Gullickson riding for Redline, Kona’s Twin Towers of Barry Wicks and Ryan Trebon, Adam Craig of Maxxis-Giant, a very young Adam McGrath, Sierra Nevada’s Ben Jacques-Maynes, Geoff Kabush and Deaner, and many others.

Grab the popcorn and enjoy the movie.