Just like in 2017 Hartford, Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart-ShiftGear-Bianchi) took first once again, only this time on disc brakes and in the Masters Men 50-54 instead of 45-59.

The same can be said with former Cannondale engineer Christopher Peck (Live Play Real Estate), who is now based in Norcal. He took second at the 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals Masters 50-54 and came in second once again.

David Hildebrand (Soall Viet Kitchen) podiumed.

The field size decreased from 92 riders in 2017 Hartford to 66 in 2022.

See the full results for the race below.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Hartford Results: Masters Men 50-54

1710Adam MYERSONCycle-Smart-ShiftGear-Bianchi40:12.
2702Christopher PECKLive Play Real Estate40:15.
3711David HILDEBRANDSoall Viet Kitchen40:50.
4714John SAKALOWSKYCycle-Smart + Romeo41:13.
5708Grant HOLICKYBlue Competition Cycles41:49.
6715Ciaran MANGANWheelworks41:55.
7741Michael BROWN042:11.
8762Brendan CONNOLLYBlack Sheep Velo42:21.
9712Frankie ROSSSette Nove42:35.
10703Jason HARTMANGroove Subaru Excel Sports42:53.
11753Steve WESTOVERTeam Booger43:02.
12716Dan LARINOThe Valley Om p-b Two Rivers Brewing43:12.
13720Jay LAZARCharm City CX43:20.
14726Joseph PICCILLOEvolution Racing43:24.
15704James STEVENSModern Market Racing p-b GR Capital Partners43:37.
16705Patrick GALLEGOSFeedback Sports43:40.
17707William PANKONIN043:41.
18706Brian HLUDZINSKIModern Market Racing p-b GR Capital Partners43:58.
19721Matthew CHRISTIANSENMOB Cycle Works - Tempo Endurance Coaching44:00.
20733Ed CECCOLINI044:04.
21724Joe KUBISEKCheshire Cycle Racing44:08.
22719Jurgen BENEKEDaHANGER - Harmony Builders44:19.
23759John FLACKKeller-Rohrback Cycling44:24.
24723Christopher WHITESoall Viet Kitchen44:38.
25738Marc INNELLAThe Valley Om p-b Two Rivers Brewing44:44.
26744Simon BAILEYWheels In Motion44:48.
27727Christopher SIEMENSTopeca45:09.
28729Richard SMITHSymscape45:20.
29717Joshua BURGELWheelworks Racing45:31.
30713Brett CONAWAYMidwest Devo45:35.
31730Jason LIVINGOODPhiladelphia Ciclismo45:46.
32709Paul RAPINZ045:46.
33718Dariusz TYBOROWSKIJigawatt Cycling p-b Carolina Ale House45:51.
34725Jason URCKFITZMinuteman|Empire Automation p-b Full Moon Vista45:55.
35756Brant HORNBERGER046:04.
36742Arthur ROTIColumbia-Guipago Cycles46:12.
37737Fred GRAFEActiveYards-Piscitello Law p-b GoCycling46:27.
38766Robert DONOVANAvout Racing46:44.
39754Brian KELLEYfusion renovations inc.46:54.
40763Jeff BOOKWALTERBSB Frontiers47:12.
41735C Todd LOMBARDO...47:18.
42728Jeremy BRAZEALEUIN Racing Team47:19.
43732Sean SMITHJB???s Bike Shop Racing47:21.
44734Wade SUMMERSTeam Horst Sports47:25.
45747Ryan ENSCHEDEBARBARIANS in the Park47:53.
46736Jim FISHERDesign Physics47:54.
47750Chris FACASThe Valley Om p-b Two Rivers Brewing48:04.
48722Jim GROENHOFF3 Cycling p-b 7 Mile Cycles48:28.
49746Jess KRUCHOSKIUnsponsored Rider LLC48:37.
50758Jeff GELTCW Factory Racing49:02.
51751Bret YOUNGNo. 22 CX Team49:06.
52757Daniel DONOVANRiverside Racing49:26.
53739Jim MOLNARHammercross49:51.
54745Steven MOROZOWICHDurango Devo50:10.
55755Barry JONESActiveYards-Piscitello Law p-b GoCycling50:44.
56748Eloy ANZOLAKissena Cycling Club38:15.
57743Michael THAXTONABRT38:17.
58749Neal CARENNCTC38:33.
59752Michael GREYRuckus Racing39:26.
DNF701Matt DAVIESAES Clean Energy
DNF764Saul LOPEZHalf Fast Velo
DNS760Christopher MORABITO545Velo
DNS731Steve SADLERStage 1-Airline Cycles

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