We’ve been covering the biggest weekend in gravel for quite a while now, since 2008 to be exact.

Cyclocross Magazine has covered the growth of the Dirty Kanza since 2008. photo:

Cyclocross Magazine has covered the growth of the event now known as Unbound Gravel since 2008. The event was much smaller then! photo:

With the cancelation of the 2021 Lost and Found gravel race typically held on the same day, all eyes and gravel racers are aimed at Kansas’ Unbound Gravel race this weekend.

Formerly named Dirty Kanza, Unbound Gravel returns after a pandemic-canceled year to serve up adventure, pain and belt buckles.

With Saturday’s main event, the 200-mile race will be the 15th running of the event.

We looked at some of the names to watch this year earlier this week, but today we’re taking a look back at the previous winners of the female and male division:

Past Winners of Unbound Gravel / Dirty Kanza 200

 200 Mile FemaleWinning Time200 Mile MaleWinning Time
2006Dan Hughes12:58:00
2007Leslie Hiemenz22:xx:xxSteve Guetzelman13:57:22
2008Kristen High16:09:24Cameron Chambers11:58:32
200900:00:00Michael Marchand14:23:00
2010Emily Brock17:04:00Corey Godfrey13:38:00
2011Betsy Shogren14:49:00Dan Hughes13:09:00
2012Rebecca Rusch12:02:00Dan Hughes & Rusty Folger11:56:01
2013Rebecca Rusch12:51:04Dan Hughes12:03:39
2014Rebecca Rusch12:11:15Brian Jenson10:42:49
2015Amanda Nauman14:08:18Yuri Hauswald13:01:17
2016Amanda Nauman13:11:13Ted King11:50:13
2017Alison Tetrick11:41:40Mat Stephens10:49:08
2018Kaitie Keough12:09:27Ted King10:44:22
2019Amity Rockwell11:59:53Colin Strickland09:58:49
2021Lauren de Crescenzo12:06:49Ian Boswell10:17:24

Note, the male winner was not always from the Open category. In 2013, Dan Hughes won the race as a Vet male.