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ASHEVILLE, N.C.—On a blustery December morning in western North Carolina, Gage Hecht (Alpha Bicycle Co. / Vista Subaru) added another cyclocross National Championship to his palmares, taking his fifth ‘cross Stars and Stripes jersey in a solo victory in the 17-18 Elite Juniors race.

Cameron Beard grabs the holeshot in the 17-18 Juniors National Championship race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Cameron Beard grabs the holeshot in the 17-18 Juniors National Championship race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Cameron Beard ( grabbed the holeshot, as Hecht missed his pedal at the start line, being swarmed by the field.

Eric Brunner (Boulder Junior Cycling) jumped out to an early lead and dominated the first lap of the race, with all the pre-race favorites—Spencer Petrov (Cyclocross Network Racing), Hecht and Denzel Stephenson(Boulder Junior Cycling)—in tow.

The front of the race would stick together through the first lap as Petrov drove the pace through the Heckle Hill—a feature that would prove to be decisive later in the race.

Biding his time to strike, Hecht went all-in on lap two, attacking on the Heckle Hill and stretching his gap throughout the rest of the course. Knowing Hecht’s prowess, Petrov put a strong effort in to close down Hecht’s gap, and was able to bring it down to 19 seconds as Petrov rolled through the finish line to start the third lap.

Behind Petrov, the Boulder Junior Cycling teammates Brunner and Denzel Stephenson worked together to close down the gap to second place. Their teamwork was rewarded as Petrov slid out on an off-camber section, allowing the duo to reclaim even more time.

Stephenson overtook Petrov and went out in pursuit of Hecht, cutting into Hecht’s solo lead. Behind him, his teammate Brunner was able to make a pass on Petrov in the final lap and bump him off the podium.

While Stephenson was charging hard—bringing Hecht within a few seconds—Hecht’s gap was insurmountable and Hecht was able to roll across the finish line solo for his fifth cyclocross National Championship.

Stephenson finished three seconds behind Hecht with Brunner rolling in three seconds behind him for third.

Stay tuned for photos of the 2016 Cyclocross National Championships 17-18 Juniors race.

2016 Cyclocross Nationals 17-18 Junior Men's Results

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
1201Gage HECHTAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru39:23:009:584
2205Denzel STEPHENSONBoulder Junior Cycling39:26:009:384
3203Eric BRUNNERBoulder Junior Cycling39:29:009:444
4202Spencer PETROVCyclocross Network Racing39:58:0010:104
5206Evan CLOUSEAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru41:05:0010:254
6204Cameron BEARDCyclocrossworld42:05:0010:424
7207Caleb SWARTZTrek Cyclocross Collective42:23:0010:334
8222Ross ELLWOODBoulder Junior Cycling42:37:0010:254
9208Michael OWENSCyclocrossworld42:49:0010:484
10209Cade BICKMOREBoulder Junior Cycling43:30:0011:174
11210Jack TANNERBoulder Junior Cycling43:43:0010:594
12225Scott MCGILLLee & Associates/Scott/Race Pac44:39:0011:124
13211Colton BROOKSHIRENCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors44:49:0011:094
14221George SCHULZVan Dessel Factory Team45:08:0011:154
15261Brayden BUCHANANRad Racing NW45:12:0011:204
16231Drew SOTEBEERAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru45:14:0011:264
17223Joshua ANDERSONRiverside Racing45:39:0011:214
18230Cassidy BAILEYBoulder Junior Cycling45:45:0010:554
19232Henry COPPOLILLORad Racing NW45:45:0011:134
20226Tristan GREATHOUSE46:22:0011:314
21235Clyde LOGUEColonial Bicycle Company46:40:0011:444
22220Kevin GOGUENRACE CF46:48:0011:134
23227Jordan LEWISCycle-Smart Inc.46:50:0011:284
24273Jack WARNERVillage-Verdigris Cycling Team47:27:0011:434
25224Nicholas BEIRNEBetter Cycling of Louisville47:29:0012:014
26258Donovan BIRKYBend Endurance Academy47:44:0012:144
27233Cameron SCOTTNorthampton Cycling Club48:30:0012:004
28270Cole DAVISNCCF/Team Specialized Juniors48:53:0011:424
29237Ethan STORMDallas Bike Works CX49:29:0012:214
30234Ryan AITTANIEMIBay Hill Capital p/b Corner Cy49:34:0013:354
31241Tommy STEINEBRUNNERLee & Associates/Scott/Race Pac49:55:0012:384
32238Donald SEIBNEXT-BMB50:25:0012:344
33249Tate KNOWLESMatrix/RBM50:50:0012:324
34267Eli GOLDRad Racing NW51:10:0013:514
35228Eric VOIGTNCVC/UnitedHealthcare51:49:0015:404
36250Henry DAVISWenzel Coaching Junior Developm38:21:0012:543
37244Garrett SMITHReedy Creek Bicycles38:24:0013:093
38242Zachary YOUNGLionhearts Junior Racing38:37:0012:583
39268Charlie ORMSBYBlue Ridge Cyclery Racing p/b R38:41:0013:203
40252Ethan DELLAMAESTRAStorm Racing Team38:53:0012:483
41253Collin SALLEEBe Real Sports38:57:0013:103
42256Johannes STROMSKI39:01:0013:153
43236Carter WARRENBELGIANWERKX39:10:0012:483
44254Cole WEIDENBACH787 Racing39:33:0012:353
45246Thomas CAREYRogue Velo Racing39:35:0012:303
46259Tyler CURTISNorthStar Development39:45:0013:113
47248Zachary ROSSBishop Bicycles39:52:0013:193
48257Jeremy NORRIS39:56:0013:303
49239Spencer MOAVENZADEHCross40:07:0013:493
50240Alexander CHRISTIANLionhearts Junior Racing40:10:0013:173
51260Aidan POUNDERAYC Junior Development Race Tea40:14:0013:453
52265Simon LEWISMOAB40:15:0013:293
53245Perry ANDRESomerset Wheelmen40:24:0013:153
54247Paul HARTNERBonkers Cycling40:37:0014:023
55251Eli HOUSEVeloworks Urban Cyclery41:08:0013:453
56262Jacob BANKSVeloworks Urban Cyclery41:11:0013:433
57264Mark MYLESBe Real Sports41:46:0014:023
58255Christian NORVOLDCannondale Sports New England42:00:0014:133
59263William HARDINHearts Racing Club27:56:0013:512
60212Nicolas PADILLAG2 Bike28:00:0013:582
61272Jules GILLIAMNCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors28:01:0013:532
62271Sean MCELROYNCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors29:12:0015:492
63266Luke THOMASHawleys Bicycle World Racing T31:20:0016:022
64269Jack WHITEIndian Cycle31:22:0015:432
DNF243Jack CRUMPRed Zone Cycling15:311

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A Boulder Junior Cycling racer hops the planks with ease.© N. Schneeberger / Cyclocross Magazine

A Boulder Junior Cycling racer hops the planks with ease.© N. Schneeberger / Cyclocross Magazine

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