The Masters Men 50-54 opened the second day of title racing at the 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

Matt Davies bunnyhopped his way from second place in the 2018 Reno Cyclocross Nationals Masters Men 45-49 to first place for the 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Masters Men 50-54. Davies also finished second in 2017. Both of his second places were to Adam Myerson. Davies got his revenge in 2021, with Myerson back sixth, over two minutes in arrears.

Roger Aspholm, second in the 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals Men Masters 50-54 and second in the 2013 Cyclocross Nationals Masters Men 45-49, finished second to Davies.

Ross Delaplane finished third, a big jump up from his ninth place in the 2014 USA Cycling National Championship of Cyclocross Masters Men 40-44.

The first Cyclocross Nationals during the pandemic certainly had lower attendance in this division, as the field was down from 93 starters in 2019 to just 59 this year.

Full results below.

Featured image: Davies in 2018 in Reno by D. Mable.

2021 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals, Cantigny Park, DuPage County Results Masters Men 50-54

1606Matt DAVIESAES43:56:005
2612Roger ASPHOLMFinkraft Cycling Team44:38:005
3627Ross DELAPLANEFeedback Sports45:20:005
4611Thomas MEISERTeam Feedback45:35:005
5607Christopher PECKLos Gatos Bicycle Racing Club45:44:005
6602Adam MYERSONCycle-Smart46:04:005
7603Shadd SMITHSteve Tilford Foundation Racing46:07:005
8613Brian CONANTThe Pony Shop46:07:005
9623Randy FLORESRA Racing Apparel / Chucks Grips46:07:005
10615Paul BOURCIERElliston Coaching - Success through Knowledge46:22:005
11608Derrick SAUNDERSColonels Bicycles46:22:005
12619Danny WEIKELFast Fun Nice P/B Wattie ink46:44:005
13624Jay HENDERSONTHC46:56:005
14632Brian HARVILLEKLM/Cold Stone47:24:005
15650Vincent BOLTCorner Cycle / FINKRAFT47:28:005
16664Sean HAIDETSchnur Racing47:36:005
17665Brady MURPHYHarvest Racing Trek Omaha38:10:004
18629Patrick GALLEGOS38:20:004
19621Tim DOELMANfairlife38:48:004
20631Dariusz TYBOROWSKIJigawatt Cycling p/b Carolina Ale House38:53:004
21638Paul RICHARDSONTeam Neighborlink38:58:004
22637Kelly CLINEPhiladelphia Ciclismo39:02:004
23618Scott LIVINGSTONTeam HORST Sports39:03:004
24658Steve MARSHALLOne Ten Cycles39:03:004
25630Paul-Brian MCINERNEYHalf Acre Cycling39:08:004
26625Rob KANESACX p/b Bicycle-Heaven39:10:004
27626Abe EHLERSSportif Coaching Group39:13:004
28653Frankie ROSSSette Nove39:24:004
29645Lance JOHNSONTeam Velocause39:31:004
30641Matthew CHRISTIANSENMOB Cycle Works - Tempo Endurance39:36:004
31647Marc MOELLERGuaranteed Rate Cycling39:39:004
32654Scott GOOCHERJacks Bicycle39:42:004
33609Brian HLUDZINSKIModern Market Racing p/b GR Capital Partners39:49:004
34617Justin BOWESMiller School of Albemarle39:53:004
35610John-Christian FLACKKeller Rohrback Cycling40:11:004
36646Omar PATALINGHUGF3 Cycling p/b 7 Mile Cycles40:18:004
37616Robert DONOVANAvout Racing40:36:004
38663Damon BRANDTPalmares Racing40:45:004
39655Thom ALGERFoundre Racing40:50:004
40662Tim HOPKINNorth Carolina Cyclo-Cross / NCCX41:35:004
41622Curtiss DOSIERLeitner RIGd41:42:004
42614Jon GALLAGHEROne2Go Event Services/Rule 76 Racing41:52:004
43639Christopher DARLINGPortland Velo Club42:13:004
44649Jim GROENHOFF3 Cycling p/b 7 Mile Cycles42:13:004
45666Patrick GREHANKissena Cycling Club42:48:004
46628Jostein ALVESTADEMC2/Elmhurst Masters42:51:004
47636Arlen SPICERBELGIANWERKX42:53:004
48643Chris COSPERJoes Bike Shop Racing Team42:59:004
49633Tommy KOLODZIEJSKIVision Printing43:09:004
50605Carl HEKKERTRock Lobster43:16:004
51659Jeff OSBORNTeam Denovo43:27:004
52640Steven MOROZOWICHDurango Devo44:36:004
53620Chris MORRIS45:14:004
54652Michael MCMANUSGryphon Velo Racing45:18:004
55651Carl VALENTINHalf Acre Cycling46:16:004
56660Juan GONZ??LEZSammys racing46:31:004
57661Andrew MCDICKENWheel & Sprocket47:42:004
58656Eric SHIVVERSPSIMET48:21:004
59642Christopher ERICKSONEriks Bike Shop50:08:004
DNS604Brian STABYCX Nation0
DNS634Doug HUDSONFeedback Sports0
DNS635Joe TADDEUCCIRally Sport Cycling Team0
DNS644Mark WIGGANSStay Park City Cycling0
DNS648Werner FREYMANNPhiladelphia Ciclismo0
DNS657Zachary WILLSMassage Envy Racing0

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