VERONA, WISCONSIN—With fog stretching over the course and seriously wet conditions from the previous night’s rain, racers were faced with a cold and muddy ride this morning. However, the conditions were no deterrent for the Masters men who charged onto the course, and Olympian Don Myrah defended his 2012 Cyclocross National Championship title in the Masters 45-49 race, followed by Roger Aspholm (Finkraft) and Tim Butler (Evolution Racing Team).

Don Myrah (Ibis - following Jon Cariveau (Moots) at the start of the Masters 45-49 National Championship Race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Don Myrah (Ibis – following Jon Cariveau (Moots) at the start of the Masters 45-49 National Championship Race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Though Myrah wasted little time establishing a lead, it was Butler who led the opening moves, leading Moots’ Jon Cariveau and Myrah through the first half of the course as a close group of riders rode just behind. By the end of the lap, however, Myrah had moved past Butler and was pushing ahead alone in the muddy conditions. As Cariveau faded off the lead pace, Butler continued to drive in second with Roger Aspholm pushing hard to bridge.

Jon Cariveau (Moots) leads Don Myrah (Ibis BuyCell) up the barriers. @ Cyclocross Magazine

Jon Cariveau (Moots) leads Don Myrah (Ibis BuyCell) up the barriers. @ Cyclocross Magazine

Indeed, it was the battle between Butler and Aspholm that made the race, as the two rode much of the course together as Myrah solidified his lead at the front. Eventually, however, Aspholm proved the stronger, and by the finish line had enough of a gap to cross uncontested for the second podium step.

Myrah modestly told Cyclocross Magazine a week prior to the 2013 Cyclocross National Championships, “My form hasn’t been that good, it’s just starting to come around, hopefully in time for Nats and Worlds.” Apparently it came just in time. See Don Myrah’s hydraulic disc brake-equipped Ibis Hakkalugi Disc here (although he started and finished on rim brakes).

Interview with Don Myrah:

[youtube j81nDF7EUSM 580 380]

Interview with Tim Butler:

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2013 Cyclocross Nationals Masters Men 45-49 Results

Place Points NameCity, StateTime BibTeam
1137.24Donald MYRAH   San Jose, CA0:46:22 101 
2140.48Roger ASPHOLM   Haworth, NJ46:58:00 102 Finkraft
3143.73Tim BUTLER   Portland, OR47:03:00 108 Evolution Racing Team-WA
4146.98Craig COZZA   Presto, PA47:48:00 117 UPMC Cycling Performance
5150.23Brian CONANT   Dekalb, IL48:00:00 116 The Pony Shop
6153.48Paul RICHARD   Amesbury, MA48:15:00 153 Cyclocrossworld
7156.73Jeff WEINERT   Lake Orion, MI48:19:00 168 Wolverine Sports Club
8159.97Jon CARIVEAU   Steamboat Springs, CO48:40:00 110 MOOTS
9163.22Christopher SMITH   Minneapolis, MN48:47:00 162 Hup United
10166.47Jeffrey HALL (1 - Cat1)   Denver, CO49:03:00 128 Groove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle Co
11169.72David WEBER   Boulder, CO49:03:00 167 Team Kappius
12172.97Michael MCSHANE   Louisville, KY49:06:00 141 Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
13176.22Ralf WARMUTH   Piscataway, NJ49:27:00 166 Finkraft
14179.46Gannon MYALL   Lafayette, CA50:09:00 145 California Giant Cycling
15182.71Jonathan CARD   Sylvania, OH50:09:00 109 
16185.96Waldek STEPNIOWSKI (1 - Cat3)   Littleton, CO50:11:00 163 Team LUNA Chix
17189.21Bryan RHEUDE (2 - Cat1)   Chicago, IL51:41:00 152 The Pony Shop
18192.46Brian KOENEMAN   Apple Valley, MN51:46:00 132 Team Wheel & Sprocket
19195.71Jon GALLAGHER (3 - Cat1)   Heber, UT51:46:00 126 Cole Sport
20198.95Paul ROLTGEN (2 - Cat3)   Cottage Grove, WI51:59:00 154 Brazen Dropouts
21202.2Tim BOUNDY (4 - Cat1)   Deer Park, IL51:59:00 106 Village-Verdigris Cycling
22205.45JW MILLER (1 - Cat2)   Madison, WI52:04:00 142 
23208.7Douglas HUDSON (2 - Cat2)   Golden, CO52:05:00 131 Feedback Sports Racing
24211.95Richard MCCLUNG (5 - Cat1)   Kirkland, WA52:41:00 138 Lake Washington Velo
25215.2David MCCOMB   Yoder, IN52:51:00 139 Men of Steel Racing /Men Of Steel Racing LLC
26218.44Carl BONI   Erie, CO53:05:00 105 Rapid Racing
27221.69Scott FORREST (3 - Cat3)   Golden, CO53:07:00 124 
28224.94Michael CURTES (3 - Cat2)   Mequon, WI53:10:00 118 Twin Six
29228.19Brent EVANS   Novelty, OH53:49:00 119 Roberta Sun
30231.44Kelly CLINE (4 - Cat2)   Media, PA53:49:00 113 Club Wissahickon
31234.69James COCHRAN (5 - Cat2)   Iowa City, IA54:09:00 114 Atlas Cycling/Atlas Cycling Team
32237.93Keith LUCAS   Custer, KY54:23:00 136 Be Real Sports
33241.18David TRICAMO (4 - Cat3)   San Francisco, CA54:52:00 165 
34244.43Christando LOMBARDO (6 - Cat2)   Crystal Lake, IL54:56:00 135 Village-Verdigris Cycling
35247.68Paul SCHOENING   Plymouth, MN55:09:00 159 Team Plan C
36250.93Sean RUNNETTE (5 - Cat3)   Hillsborough, NJ55:17:00 157 Bailey Bikes
37254.18Bryan HARWOOD (6 - Cat3)   Minneapolis, MN55:18:00 129 Boulder Cycle Sport
38257.43Christopher BERGE (7 - Cat2)   Madison, WI@1Lap 104 Magnus
39260.67John ERICSSON (7 - Cat3)   Verona, WI@1Lap 218 
40263.92Michael SCHULZE   Cincinnati, OH@1Lap 160 Bio Wheels Racing
41267.17Mike SCALISE (6 - Cat1)   Itasca, IL@1Lap 158 Verdigris-Village CX Team/Village-Verdigris Cycling
42270.42Dominic CASEY (8 - Cat3)   Chicago, IL@1Lap 111 Iron Cycles
43273.67Ken KREBS (9 - Cat3)   Saint Charles, IL@1Lap 133 Verdigris-Village CX Team/Village-Verdigris Cycling
44276.92Tom WINKEL (10 - Cat3)   Wauwatosa, WI@1Lap 170 KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin/Team Wisconsin
45280.16Gregory FERGUSON (8 - Cat2)   Middleton, WI@1Lap 122 Trek Midwest Team
46283.41Brian MILNICK (11 - Cat3)   Bennett, CO@1Lap 143 Routine Leg Works
47286.66Michael MCKINNEY (12 - Cat3)   Mahtomedi, MN@1Lap 140 Big Ring Flyers
48289.91James NOWAK (13 - Cat3)   Bartlett, IL@1Lap 147 ABD Cycling Club
49293.16Richard PRODANS   Libertyville, IL@1Lap 150 Alberto's Sport
50296.41Timothy THEOBALD (14 - Cat3)   Milwaukee, WI@2Lap 164 Hollander Benelux Racing p/b Badger Allo/Hollander RDC
51299.65Michael SEILER   Louisville, KY@2Lap 161 Rogue Racing Project
52302.9Colm FLANNERY (15 - Cat3)   Chillicothe, IL@2Lap 123 
53306.15Mark FASCZEWSKI   Hixson, TN@2Lap 121 Village Volkswagen Elite Cycling Team/Scenic City Velo
54309.4Don MASCHKA   Mason City, IA@2Lap 137 North Iowa Spin
55312.65Jerry HAYES (16 - Cat3)   Cincinnati, OH@2Lap 130 Queen City Wheels
56315.9Frank LOFRANO (17 - Cat3)   Arlington Heights, IL@2Lap 134 Verdigris-Village CX Team/Village-Verdigris Cycling
57319.14Scott FABIJANSKI   Royal Oak, MI@2Lap 120 Wolverine Sports Club
58322.39Chris FRETER (18 - Cat3)   Columbus, OH@2Lap 125 Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
59325.64Christopher QUINN   Fitchburg, WI@3Lap 151 Magnus
DNSRolf WINDH   Philadelphia, PA169 Guys Racing Club
DNSMichael ROWELL (Cat2)   Bedford, MA156 Bikeway Source/Bell Lap Racing/Bell Lap Cycling Club
DNSFrederick ROSE   Bloomington, IN155 Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
DNSMyles POLSGROVE (Cat3)   Bloomington, IN149 Zipp Factory Team
DNSSteve OUZOUNIAN (Cat3)   Moraga, CA148 
DNSJohn MUNDELIUS (Cat1)   Alamo, CA144 California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized/California Giant Cycling
DNSDarron CHEEK   Breckenridge, CO112 CROSS PROPZ RACING
DNSJames BRADY   Chicago, IL107 The Pony Shop
DNSJeffrey BELTRAMINI (Cat2)   Anacortes, WA103 Mafia Racing/ Mafia Racing
DNFJohn GATCH   Terrace Park, OH127 Velo Club Inc
DNFArthur Newton COLE III (Cat1)   Chicago, IL115 The Pony Shop