Sure, you put in the hours and miles to train your body, but what training do you give your mind? Athletes are finding physical training is only half the battle. We’ve covered the topic of mental training in Training Tuesday installments, but what role does it play in the life of pro athletes?

In MINDFUL, the ongoing series from Castelli, cyclists delve into the mental aspect of the sport. This cyclocross season, the series focused on cyclocross star, Kaitie Keough. In Episode 2 she processes the decision to end her season early in an attempt to reset, and gain new perspective.

Also, check out Episode 1 from earlier in the season to get the full story.

In an era of social media and self-promotion, it’s special to see Keough open up to viewers about the struggles she goes through as a pro athlete.

Can’t get enough of producer and videographer Sam Smith’s MINDFUL series? Check out all three episodes from last season in one video with Stephen Hyde.