In this edition of Friday Feature we’re bringing you another film from Sam Smith, Cyclofile #1.

We’ve already taken a look at both Transition and Transition 2: ‘Cross the Pond as well as ‘Cross Natz. Cyclofile #1 is the first in a short series of videos from Smith that each look at a given American cyclocross season.

In Cyclofile #1 we’re transported back to the 2006 season, from Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Lakewood, Washington, to Providence, Rhode Island, and the National Championships won by Ryan Trebon. Our host and narrator of the film is the “Baron Rudolph von Grogenheim,” who mostly cracks jokes and introduces each of the season’s races featured in the film.

In the nearly hour long film we see Georgia Gould and Katie Compton heading up the women’s races, just as they did at Nationals this year, as well as Lyne Bessette and Gould’s teammate Katerina Nash. We also hear Jeremy Powers talk about the importance of continuing your education and his love of rap. We see the then reigning National Champion Todd Wells. There’s also a short interview with Stu Thorne and of course loads of racing action.

As summer kicks off for many today, take a break from the daily grind and relive some cyclocross racing action from a decade ago with this feature from Smith.

Cyclofile #1 was posted to YouTube by its director, Sam Smith, in early February of this year.