For the second installment of Sam Smith’s Cyclofile, we’re transported back to the start of the 2007 season and Las Vegas, Nevada, for Cross Vegas, where Jeremy Powers took the win.

From there we traverse the country to some of America’s most well known races, as well as some others that may not be on as many people’s radars. Perhaps the most interesting segment is seeing then reigning World Champion Ervin Verveken racing Whitmore’s Super Cross Cup in Southhampton, New York. He took the first day, but managed to wrap his rear derailleur around his cassette on the final lap of day two, taken by then National Champion Ryan Trebon.

Unlike Cyclofile #1, which we watched last week, there is no commentary for the first 35 minutes. The look through the domestic season in Cyclofile #2 is just pure racing highlights set to music. At the various races, on the women’s side of things, we see racers like Lynne Bessette, Georgia Gould, Katie Compton and many more. In the men’s events, we see Tim Johnson, Todd Wells and Jesse Anthony amongst others. And the races shown include an epic day two at Scion Stumptown Cup, in Portland Oregon, and a cold National Championships in Kansas City, Kansas.

The film then jumps to six weeks after Nationals. We’re taken to Terviso, Italy, and the 2008 World Championships. There’s still no commentary, but a few interviews. And instead of music we’re treated mostly to the sounds of the World Championship venue and see highlights from all of the races.

Sit back and enjoy the hour-long film from Sam Smith, which he loaded to YouTube in February of this year. And if’ you’re looking to kill more time on a Friday at work, be sure to check out Smith’s Transition and Transition 2: Cross the Pond from past Friday Features.