Sam Smith, the man behind Transition and Behind THE Barriers, is back at, having posted more of his films in their entirety to his YouTube account.

For this installment of Friday Feature we have Transition 2: ‘Cross the Pond, a look at the 2005-2006 American cyclocross campaign in the sport’s motherland, Belgium.

The film opens with the 2005 Cyclocross National Championships in Providence, Rhode Island, which was won by Todd Wells ahead of Ryan Trebon and Jonathan Page. The film then chronicles riders as they take to Europe and immerse themselves in the world of European cyclocross as part of Geoff Proctor’s Euro Cross Camp 3.

In the film you’ll see riders like Barry Wicks, reading Harry Potter and talking about Crime and Punishment, Lyne Bessette preparing for her second World Cup, Jesse Anthony talking about his parents coming around to the idea of his racing, and Jeremy Powers, eating pastries. There’s also of course some great racing action.

The movie is just under an hour and half, so take a long lunch and enjoy the show. Be advised too that there’s a little colorful language in there.

Smith posted his movie to YouTube back in October of 2015.