Benedict Campbell’s “For the Love of Mud” cyclocross film, which we were lucky to attend the premiere of in Austin, Texas, is now free to watch for a limited time.

That’s good news to the ever-growing number of people throughout the world told to shelter in place, and left wondering if it’s okay to ride outside.

Thanks to Campbell’s desire to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and keep everyone, including cyclocross fans and racers, staying home, he’s made the film free to all viewers during this global pandemic. Campbell announced his plan and motivations on Instagram:

As Campbell says, use code “STAYATHOME” and your streaming is free. Of course, if you can afford it, you can skip the code and support the filmmaker and stunning photographer.

Get that taste of mud back by viewing “For the Love of Mud” on Vimeo.

Not convinced it’s worth interrupting your binge-watching on Netflix? Have a view of the 4-minute, 36-second trailer below: