The great coffee debate is raging in the Cowbell forums, will you weigh in?

Almost as much as beer, coffee is a part of cyclocross and cycling in general. Coffee snobbery is fairly common at races, though the Dunkin’ Donuts run remains a time-honored tradition for some teams. This week on the Cowbell Forum, we had a member ask for coffee suggestions, and the forum went crazy. The great coffee debate, labeled “Coffee Anyone,” had answers ranging from tiny fair trade roasters to more traditional blends.

Some of the recommendations?

Jason Lombard said, “My two favorite roasters are Verve in Santa Cruz, CA and Copper Door in Denver, CO. Both are available online. Verve’s Buena Vista and Los Naranjos blends are excellent (and where I’d start), depending on whether you want a dark or medium roast. Sinjin at Copper Door is a cyclist himself and a sponsor of the Breck Epic multi-day MTB stage race in Colorado (I like to support people who support the sport of cycling). Copper Door’s Columbia Espresso is really smooth and would be a great place to start.”

Ariel Brown recommended Dopers Suck Coffee, saying it’s an “organic, Fair-trade, small batch roasted in Denver immediately before shipment, and it supports IMBA. What else could you ask for?”

And of course, you can’t have a coffee debate without talking about brewing, which A di Michele did, chiming in, “the coffee is important, but so is the method … I have a Greek Briki, a French Press, Melitta, Senseo, espresso and, yes, ‘instant.’ I can enjoy them all and especially certain Kenyan, Blue Mountain, Kona roasts, but I really enjoy, when I can nab them, certain overseas/international variations of Nescafe, especially some of the UK blends and some I’ve had from South Africa.”

Proving that the forum can extend friendships outside of just the Internet, a coffee trade was even suggested. Stop by and join the conversation!