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  • Tire Review: Challenge Grifo Open Cyclocross Tire Review

    Challenge Grifo Open cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    A tread that’s been around longer than most ‘cross racers has gotta be pretty good, and these “open tubular” Challenge tires, sporting the legendary Clement tread, are great all-around tires that can handle most conditions well.

  • Tire Review: Continental Speed King Cross Cyclocross Tire Review

    Continental Speed King Cross cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Continental adapted its popular Speed King mountain bike tire for ’cross, and it’s easy to see why this tread has been popular in the fat tire world.

  • Tire Review: Panaracer Cinder-X Cyclocross Tire Review

    Panaracer Cinder-X cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    This is the big brother of the CrossBlaster. If you race mostly deep grass courses, the Cinder-X is not the tire for you. But if you ride and race your bike on a mixture of surfaces, this tire could be an ideal choice.

  • Tire Review: Ritchey Excavader Cyclocross Tire Review

    Ritchey Excavader cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    The Ritchey Excavader is aptly named, as this tire digs into the soft dirt really well. On the pavement, the tire rolls quite smoothly, thanks to its semi-continuous center tread.

  • Tire Review: Maxxis Locust Cyclocross Tire Review

    Maxxis Locust cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Tire Review: Maxxis Locust Cyclocross Tire Review Racing and Riding Impressions: Like the Kenda Small Block 8, the Locust is a great ’cross tire for dry, rocky, or loose dirt courses. It rolls surprisingly well on pavement and hardpack and…

  • Tire Review: WTB Cross Wolf Tire Cyclocross Tire

    WTB Cross Wolf Tire cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    WTB has created an aggressive ’cross tire in the Cross Wolf, and the tread excels in rougher conditions found in WTB’s NorCal backyard.

  • Tire Review: Michelin Jet Cyclocross Clincher

    Michelin Jet cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Cyclocross Tire Review: Michelin Jet Cyclocross 700x30c Clincher Riding and Racing Impressions: The Michelin Jet replaced the well-loved green Michelin Sprint cyclocross tire, and like its predecessor, it is intended for dry, fast courses. As a rear tire, it lives…

  • Tire Review: Ritchey Speedmax Pro Cyclocross Clincher

    Ritchey Speedmax Pro cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    The Ritchey Speedmax is a time-tested design and has been around longer than any other clincher tire in this test. There’s a good reason for that, as it’s a fine choice for fast, dry courses, especially as a rear tire. The low profile center tread grips grass, dirt, and pavement well. Cornering traction is very good thanks to the raised knobs. The Speedmax does better as a rear tire, and when things get muddy or loose, reach for a different tire. The Speedmax is also available in 35 and 40c widths.

  • The Perfect Cyclocross Wheel – Tests and Reviews

    The Perfect Cyclocross Wheel © Cyclocross Magazine

    It’s a popular belief that if you can upgrade only one part on your bike, it should be your wheels. There are a lot of good reasons behind this, as wheels have a profound impact on predictable handling, braking, acceleration and even coasting. In cyclocross use, we’d argue that most of these variables are exaggerated when compared to road cycling and that upgrading to a new set of wheels for cyclocross is even more justified.

  • Zipp 303 Cyclocross Tubular Wheelset Review

    Zipp 303 Cyclocross Wheelset © Cyclocross Magazine

    Cyclocross Wheel Review: Zipp 303 Carbon Tubular Wheelset

  • Rolf Prima VCX Cyclocross Clincher Wheelset Review

    Rolf Cross Wheelset © Cyclocross Magazine

    Rolf Prima VCX Cyclocross Clincher Wheelset Review

  • ´Cross Bike Review: Ibis Hakkalugi Carbon Cyclocross Bike

    Ibis Hakkalugi Carbon Cyclocross Bike © Cyclocross Magazine

    The Ibis Hakkalugi disappeared, went on a crash diet, got a new wardrobe, but is still waiting for your next cyclocross adventure. The two standout features of the bike have got to be the handjob rear cable hanger and “Phlegmish” paintjob. Ibis shows its mountain bike heritage in the frame’s geometry, with a slightly sloping top tube, bottom bracket a bit on the higher side (6.2cm drop) and slacker angles (71.5 head angle, 72 degree seat angle on our 55cm test bike).

  • ´Cross Bike Review: Kona Major One Singlespeed Cyclocross

    Kona Major One singlespeed cyclocross bike. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Kona gets single-minded with the scandium Major One. The Major One singlespeed cyclocross bike, at $1099 retail, is a capable allaround workhorse of a bike and a great way to try the fun of singlespeeding.

  • ´Cross Bike Review: Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross Bike

    Redline Conquest Team Cyclocross Bike, 2010 © Cyclocross Magazine

    Redline shows off its cyclocross expertise with a race-ready spec on the aluminum Conquest Team.

  • Training Tuesday: Building a Base in the Off-Season

    Periodization Training for Cyclocross

    June is here in just a week, and September and racing season are not too far behind. If you haven’t started coming up with a plan for the season, now is the time to start. We have a great article here by USAC Level 2 coach Mike Birner about how to start the season strong by building a good base over the summer. Birner believes that, “Base period should be about building the ‘engine,’” and following his advice will get you one high-horsepower motor!

  • Cyclocross, the 1985 Paris Roubaix, and Greg LeMond

    The Paris Roubaix cobbled classic: The Arenberg forest. photo: foto! on flickr

    To celebrate today’s cobbled Paris Roubaix classic, a favorite skinny tire race of cyclocross fans, we’re taking a look back at the 1985 edition. In the 70′s through early 90′s, Paris Roubaix was often contested by racers who had impressive…

  • Product Review: CrossPropz Portable Cyclocross Barriers

    CrossPropz portable pvc pipe cyclocross barriers - Cross Propz

    Even if the proliferation of UCI races here in the States may have had a trickle-down effect in reducing the number of high-speed dismounts at your local race, your ability to get on and off your bike at speed can…

  • Product Reviews: An International Cowbell Shootout

    Here’s an article from way back in Issue 3 of our print magazine. It’s been a while since we delved into the world of cowbells, but it’s high time that this popular article resurfaces. As you cobble together the various…

  • Going Tubeless in Cyclocross – Part I

    WTB's tubeless system borrows elements from the Stans / system© Clifford Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

    It’s officially the offseason, and now’s the perfect time to experiment with your equipment and make upgrades before next season. And with the tough economic times, perhaps the tubular funds are smaller this year. It could be the time to…

  • DVD Review: Warriors of Cyclocross

    This product review is from Issue 8. Want to see more great content like this? You can buy backorders of the entire Issue 8, as well as most of the Issues published to date, and subscribe to Cyclocross Magazine on…

  • Inflator Reviews: Prestaflator and Problem Solvers Air-Bob Universal

    Prestaflator and Problem Solvers Air-Bob Universal Inflators

    This product review is from Issue 8. Want to see more great content like this? You can buy back copies of the entire Issue 8, as well as most of the issues published to date, and subscribe to Cyclocross Magazine…

  • Shimano and Campagnolo – Can’t We All Get Along?

    Shimano Derailleurs and Campagnolo Ergopower Levers Happy Together

    Most ‘cross racers don’t have the luxury of component sponsors, don’t receive new bikes or new drivetrains each year, and lack pit crews to clean their bikes every lap. We at Cyclocross Magazine are no different, and as we choose parts for our ‘cross bikes, we take all these things under consideration in hand-picking our parts. Over the last few years, we’ve come to be fond of one particular setup: Campagnolo Ergopower shifters mated to Shimano derailleurs and cassettes. Some fondly call his setup “Shimergo.” What the hell? These two aren’t supposed to work, you say?

  • Georgia Gould Transforms a Racer to Superfan

    Superfans bare all for Georgia Gould. © Suzanne Webster

    by David Hutton (this story was one of many published in our print Issue 5) We all know how ‘cross is a spectator-friendly sport, and regardless of rider turnout, fans can make or break the atmosphere of a race. From…

  • Cyclocross Bike Geometry: The Highs and Lows of Bottom Bracket Heights and Drops

    E = The Bottom Bracket Drop

    Shopping for a cyclocross bike? It’s worth looking beyond the parts and listed size to determine whether the bike is a good fit and meets your needs. In this article, Brooke Hoyer takes a deeper look at cyclocross bike geometries,…

  • Tough Love Cyclocross Training with a Personal Trainer

    Lunges build leg and hip flexor strength

    Yesterday we brought you Michael Birner’s article on planning your pre-season training for cyclocross. But putting it all together is easier said than done. Perhaps you need a trainer to help you stick to your plan? Hector Finely tells us…

  • Last Call for Cross Eyed Gallery Submissions

    The Cross Eyed Gallery, our reader-submitted photo gallery, is back in our next issue, and we’re looking for a few more photos for it. Upload a few of your best with captions to our community site here for consideration and…

  • Going Tubeless in Cyclocross – Part II

    Seal your spoke holes with Stans or electrical tape

    In our Part II of our series on riding tubeless tires for cyclocross, you’ll learn how to convert your current wheels for tubeless, install sealant, and mount and inflate a tire.

  • The Best Cyclocross Bike Shops

    If you’re in the market for new ‘cross gear, need your bike serviced, or need to pick up a copy of our magazine, we’ve compiled a list of top ‘cross shops to our site, easily reachable from our site header…

  • The First Dismount

    It’s that time of year already. Folks are laying out their cyclocross training plans, dusting off the ‘cross bike and running shoes, and starting to scrape off old tubular glue. In that spirit, we’re posting a timely Issue 1 piece…

  • Confessions of a Sandbagger

    Everyone has had some experience with sandbagging. Perhaps you find yourself always being dominated by the same racers. Or maybe you find yourself coming home regularly with swag from B and C-level races? Perhaps you’ve bid on the eBay Upgrade…

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