Tire Review: Challenge Grifo Open Cyclocross Tire Review

Racing and Riding Impressions: A tread that’s been around longer than most ’cross racers has gotta be pretty good, and these “open tubular” Challenge tires, sporting the legendary Clement tread, are great all-around tires that can handle most conditions well. The knobs are relatively low-profile, creating a fast tire on grass and hardpack, but sufficient for mud and all but the loosest surfaces. But don’t buy these tires for the tread — it’s the supple 260 TPI sidewalls that make these tires a joy to ride. The generous width also allows lower pressures, adding to the comfortable and fast ride through the rough stuff.

Bonus: Because this tire comes in both clincher and tubular versions, racers can train on clinchers and race on tubulars and not have to re-learn the limits of their tread. A great universal race tire.

Challenge Grifo Open cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

Challenge Grifo Open cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

Width (listed / measured): 32mm / 33mm
Weight (listed / measured): 350g / 347g
MSRP: $ 79.99
TPI: 260