Cyclocross Tire Review: Michelin Jet Cyclocross 700x30c Clincher

Riding and Racing Impressions: The Michelin Jet replaced the well-loved green Michelin Sprint cyclocross tire, and like its predecessor, it is intended for dry, fast courses.

As a rear tire, it lives up to that intention surprisingly well. With most of your weight on the rear wheel, the tire’s minimalist tread still hooks up on grass and hard dirt, defying all expectations. Of course when conditions are tacky and you have hero traction, it’s an ideal choice, with minimal rolling resistance.

Michelin Jet cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

Michelin Jet cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

But the tire offers little grip when it’s on gravel or wet, slippery surfaces. Cornering traction on grass or hard dirt is decent, but when things get a bit wet, there’s a bit of excitement in store for those who aren’t used to a bit of drift in faster corners. Chance of rain or snow or mud? Forget about it. Course of solid ice? Since knobs won’t bite into ice, it’s worth a try.

Michelin’s high TPI casing and generous width (true to listed width, but much wider than other 30mm tires) combine to deliver a comfortable ride over all but the bumpiest terrain.

Width (listed / measured): 30mm / 30mm
Weight (listed / measured): 340g / 333g
MSRP: $41
TPI: 127
Tubeless compatibility: Not officially supported, but excellent on most rims.