Have you ever cut your tubeless tire and then suffered an unwelcomed face spray or shower of sealant?

For most of us, such a common occurrence out on the trail is not only unpleasant, but stressful, cortisol-raising and as inflammatory as it is (tire) deflating.

Thankfully, Goat Head Bicycle Co. has made such situations on the trail and out on the gravel road far more pleasant, and for some, even calming.

We’ve seen acrylic, ammonia, antifreeze, rubber particles, glitter and fiber added to tire sealants. Up until now, we’ve never seen a popular wellness ingredient added to tubeless tire sealant (although one could technically argue everyone needs fiber in their diet).

Now the Colorado company breaks new ground, citing 420 reasons why its new CBD-enhanced sealant tops them all and plugs the hole in your flight of sealants.

Good morning friends! Something new and exciting happening!! We collaborated with one of our favorite local companies,…

Posted by Goat Head Bike Company on Thursday, April 1, 2021

We’ve seen CBD grow in popularity among cyclists and cycling brands. The jump to tires is the next logical step in the explosive growth of the hemp-based product.

See the full press release below.

Colorado Springs-based companies Goat Head Bicycle Co. and Twisted Spoke CBD have joined forces to bring you a CBD-infused bike tire sealant.

Yes, the hemp-based craze has finally made it into your tires.



Goat Head has been making an eco-friendly tubeless tire sealant for years now. It is the preferred sealant of Colorado Springs locals. Not only is it very effective, but it is made in small batches by passionate cyclists using natural latex and vermiculite.

Twisted Spoke CBD is a new company started by a couple of self-proclaimed bike geeks who wanted products that catered to their needs. Most notably they make a unique CBD & CBG infused Chamois Cream. How could they make a unique and effective product together? It was too simple. CBD makes everything better. So, they put it in the tire sealant.

The CBD is third-party tested and comes only from the highest quality Colorado-grown hemp plants. Why would you use this product? The companies claim that CBD infused tire sealant offers tremendous advantages over traditional sealant:

● It not only stops leaks; the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help prevent premature wear to your rubber.
● The relaxation provides extra suppleness to your tires.
● Your approaches on gnarly downhills will be more confident with your tires so relaxed.
● Cush Cores become extra cushy!
● THC-free formulation means approved for race use and legal in all 50 states!
● Do your tires have PTSD from that last thrashing through a rock garden? Not anymore!
● Whether an avid racer or a weekend warrior, this sealing truly is for everyone!
● Consult your local Bike Mechanic before use.

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