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Molly Hurford is the Managing Editor of Cyclocross Magazine. When she isn't writing about cyclocross races, she's likely competing in one. Or running, or climbing, or swimming. Professionally nomadic, she'll probably pop up at a race near you at some point. If you like her work, help support her by subscribing to Cyclocross Magazine!
  • In The Saddle With Rob Brandt, Racer and Brand Manager For Stevens Bikes

    Brandt tears it up on the course. Photo courtesy of Rob Brandt

    When I began working with Rob Brandt, the brand manager for Stevens Bikes, I had lots of questions. Rob graciously took time away from a busy work life to provide me with answers. Some of the things he said surprised me, some confirmed my long-held opinions. I found Rob to be bright, insightful, and open. He told me about himself; how he came to cycling; about ’cross bikes; about ’cross in general – it’s present state and it’s future; even a bit about Stevens, the company he represents.

  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: “Racer-Back”

    The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo

    Train, stretch, eat, sleep, repeat. Such is the life of a racer in training, and I like it.

  • Mad Alchemy Announces CrossVegas Blend Embrocation


    Last year, Mad Alchemy presented the PRO Signature Line, embrocations inspired by the professional cyclocross racers that use their products. In 2011, Mad Alchemy decided to take a slightly different approach by brewing limited edition embrocation blends inspired by some of, Mad Alchemy founder, Pete Smith’s favorite races. CrossVegas was high on the list.

  • Collegiate Chronicles: ECCC Directors; Drexel-Style


    If there’s one thing you can say about the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, it’s that it certainly doesn’t have a lack of leadership. There’s always some willing junior, senior, grad student or graduated and grateful alumni willing to (or roped into) taking over where graduating students leave off. And if you’re lucky, those graduating might just stay around to fill in the gaps. For the next two weeks, we’re talking to some of the behind-the-scenes workers who make the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference run so smoothly, especially during cyclocross. It’s going to be an interesting year for Drexel’s Joe Kopena and Tim Manzella.

  • Mechanical Mondays: Upgrade Your Bike For Under $100

    bike shop

    It’s that time of year again: time to pull your cyclocross bike out of storage, take a good, long look at it and think, “Well, now what does it need?” Because we’re bike racers. And our bikes always need something, preferably something shiny and new. However, if you’re on a strict bike budget, there are some sneaky ways to upgrade or update your bike for the season, there’s an easy solution: accessories. (And yes, we realize that this piece reads like a fashion magazine article on making that Little Black Dress look brand-new by simply adding new jewelry or shoes.) Still, if you’ve been racing on — or just bought — a stock bike, we have some suggestions for how to dress it up so it stands out in the field (hopefully because you snagged the hole shot.)

  • This Week on Cyclocross Magazine: July 25

    this week in cyclocross magazine

    Want to know what to look for on Cyclocross Magazine this week? Worried you might have missed something last week? Fear not, because we’ve got it all mapped out for you. Every Monday, we have a preview of what’s in store for the week, and we’ll let you know about some of the great articles that you might have missed last week. If there’s any story you’d like us to cover, any burning question you want answered, or any cool racer you’d like to hear from, let us know! Leave messages in the comments, find me on the Cowbell Forums or email molly [at]

  • Australia’s Dirty Deeds: Round Two Goes To Rattray

    Amy Bradley, winner of the women's race. Photo courtesy of Brendan Bailey

    Lewis Rattray has continued his dominance of the Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Series, taking out the second race at Jackson Reserve on Sunday.

  • Tire Review: Clement LAS Semislick Cyclocross Clincher

    Clement LAS Semislick Cyclocross Clincher Cyclocross Magazine

    Clement made its return to tires and cyclocross in 2010 with the new PDX and LAS cyclocross clinchers. PDX, of course, is the airport code for Portland, and LAS the code for Las Vegas. As one might guess, the LAS is designed for gamblers, and the PDX is designed for bike commuters.

  • USA Cycling Board Election, Open Cyclocross Positions Announced; CXM Gets Out The Vote, Encourages Candidacy

    USA Cycling Rules and Rule Book, 2012 - Cyclocross, Road, Mountain Bike

    There are a whopping seven positions open on the USA Cycling Cyclocross Committee. Seven! Passionate cyclocrossers, this is your opportunity…

  • Tour de Tires Stage 21: Finish Strong With The Clement LAS Cyclocross Clinchers

    Stage 1 of the Tour De France

    As the Tour de France continues, so does our Tour De Tires! For every stage of the Tour, we’ll be bringing you a review of a tire. Since it’s just about time to start gluing up tubulars or deciding what type of clinchers you’ll be riding this season, the timing couldn’t be better.

    Ideally, the tires we feature will be tires deemed advantageous to an off-road version of the stage of the Tour De France, though we’re more interested in the dirt than the roads of France!

  • CrossVegas Registration Opens August 2nd; Wheelers & Dealers Race Continues to Grow with New Category


    Mark your calendars for August 2nd, the day reg opens for CrossVegas 2011!

  • Registration For Dogfish Cross In Hermann Opens August 1st


    Cyclocross in Missouri is fast approaching, registration for Dogfish Cross in Hermann opens Monday August 1 at 6am. The highly anticipated season opener to the Missouri cyclocross schedule takes place Saturday and Sunday September 17-18.

  • It’s Always a Good Day to Ride: Feeling the Flow – Or Learning Not to Think

    Paul Warloski takes a barrier. Photo courtesy of Paul Warloski

    Cyclocross Magazine columnist Paul Warloski profiles his return to cyclocross after a near-devastating injury. Follow Paul as he takes us along…

  • Cyclocross on The Cheap: Base Training And Moving Country Rolled Into One Simple Exercise.

    Our newest intern lends an air of mystery to himself as he embarks on a base training pilgrimage. Photo courtesy of David Evans.

    Our newest addition to the Cyclocross Magazine staff, UK-based intern David Evans is unveiling his new bi-weekly column all about racing cyclocross “on the cheap.”

  • Women’s Wednesdays: The Gender Gap, Scientifically Explored

    For as long as there’s been cyclocross, there has been a separation of the men’s and women’s fields. And while women’s payouts may not rival those of the men in most races, it is doubtful that women would ever complain about not being mixed into the men’s races. There are obvious performance differences between the sexes, and today’s column looks at some of the most recent research on those differences.

  • MABRAcross Unveils Top Level “Super 8” Cyclocross Series


    It’s no secret that cyclocross’ popularity in the Mid-Atlantic, and the nation, has exploded over the past decade. To meet the ever-growing need for autumnal skinny tire grass and dirt racing, MABRAcross, the Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association’s cyclocross arm has created something Super.

  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: Gonna Fly Now

    The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo

    I’m almost done with road season for the year, thankfully, so it’s time to get cyclocross-specific. Between having a coach, having a new ’cross bike and having a pit bike being built up as I write this, I’m feeling pretty darn pro, and pretty darn prepared for the season.

  • USAC Announces Cyclocross Camp With Coach Geoff Proctor

    USA Cycling Rules and Rule Book, 2012 - Cyclocross, Road, Mountain Bike

    From July 25-28 at Carroll College in Helena, Mont., Geoff Proctor will hold a Cyclo-cross development camp for selected riders. The camp is designed to work on skills, technique, training and set short-term as well as long-range goals.

  • Mechanical Mondays: Avoiding The Dreaded DNF

    A bent derailleur is easy to miss but can hurt your race results. © Jason Gardner

    The sad reality is that most catastrophic failures in cross racing result from very simple factors. I have compiled a small list of race ending mechanical problems that could have been avoided with a small dose of precaution and a dash of extra care. These are not all or even the most common mechanical issues in cross racing but these all have two things in common: 1. They can absolutely end your race, giving you a regrettable DNF. 2. They can easily be prevented.

  • JPow Returns To Maryland For The 3rd Annual JBV and Fulcrum Coaching Cyclocross Clinic

    JPowClinic2010 1 copyright cxhairs

    DC Metro Area — In what has become a can’t miss annual event, US pro cyclocrosser Jeremy Powers (Rapha/Focus) will once again join forces with JBV Coaching and Fulcrum Coaching in a full day cyclocross boot camp. Building on the overwhelming success of the last two years, this one-day cyclocross indoctrination—sponsored by the Bike Doctor of Waldorf—is the perfect way to kick off a successful 2011 ‘cross campaign. Ideal for new and experienced cyclocross racers, Jeremy and a staff of four top-notch instructors will give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know to step up your game.

  • This Week on Cyclocross Magazine: July 18

    this week in cyclocross magazine

    Want to know what to look for on Cyclocross Magazine this week? Worried you might have missed something last week? Fear not, because we’ve got it all mapped out for you. Every Monday, we have a preview of what’s in store for the week, and we’ll let you know about some of the great articles that you might have missed last week. If there’s any story you’d like us to cover, any burning question you want answered, or any cool racer you’d like to hear from, let us know! Leave messages in the comments, find me on the Cowbell Forums or email molly [at]

  • Jake Wells Announces Cyclocross Clinic From August 5-7

    jake wells training camp

    Near Colorado? The Jake Wells Cyclocross Clinic is geared to give you all of the tools that you will need to enjoy a successful cyclocross race season!

  • Cycle-Smart Announces August 19-21 Cyclocross Clinic

    Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) gets his first-ever UCI win © Natalia Boltukhova | Pedal Power Photography

    Boston, MA- Cycle-Smart is proud to present the 11th annual Cyclocross Camp, taking place August 19-21, 2011, in Easthampton and…

  • Transitions: A Column By Lee Waldman

    Lee at the USGP in Fort Collins last year. Photo courtesy of Lee Waldman

    Well, it’s finally happened! It was inevitable although it took quite a while! I’ve been completely transformed from a died in the wool roadie to an irrevocably addicted off road rider. I no longer crave hours of asphalt, instead I wake up in the morning thinking about single track climbs and rhythmic swooping descents.

  • Friday Feature: Fantasy League Tour De France Continues

    Top Ten as of Stage 12

    If you’re sitting at home (or in the office) morning after morning, sipping coffee and laughing/crying as the racers in the Tour de France battle it out over the course of three weeks, then … well, you’re just like us here at Cyclocross Magazine. And if you’re taking part in our Fantasy League for the Tour, even better!

  • Submit Your Race, Series or Clinic to the 2011-2012 Cyclocross Magazine Calendar

    US Cyclocross Race Calendar

    It’s that time of year again: time to start looking at cyclocross clinics, and time to start planning your race schedule for the Fall. Cyclocross Magazine will be publishing our 2011-2012 cyclocross calendar, complete with all races, clinics and cyclocross-specific events. However, while we will try to add as many races and clinics as we can, the best way to make sure that your event is listed on our calendar is to use our Submission Form and add your event, so it will go directly onto our calendar.

  • Quick Hits: UVEX Boss Race Helmet Review

    UVEX Boss Race Helmet

    A crash in a mid-week crit suddenly made my review of UVEX’s Boss Race helmet a lot more thorough than I’d originally planned.

  • In The Saddle With Adam Myerson: Elite Racer, Coach, Captain, Manager and Organizer

    Adam Myerson is a bit of a cyclocross legend, especially on the east coast. Cyclocross Magazine publisher Andrew Yee distinctly recalls Myerson’s presence at his first race, and years later, he’s still a fixture in New England cyclocross and beyond. With an impressive set of palmares that come from 25 years of bike racing, Myerson is certainly an elite force to be reckoned with, even as some of his contemporaries abandon the Pro field for Masters races. Still, as Myerson (and his latest tattoo) will tell you, he lives by the motto “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”

  • Shimano Launches Cyclocross Initiative With Series Sponsorship; New England Sponsorship Creates New ’Cross Series

    Providence Cyclocross will be one of the four races in the new pro series.

    A pioneer in developing components for cyclocross, Shimano America announced today its sponsorship of the UCI sanctioned New England Professional Cyclocross Series.

  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: Death Before DNF

    The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo

    Death Before DNF (“Did Not Finish,” for those of you who’ve never been faced with the concept of dropping out of a race) may be a bit extreme for a title, but when I was falling off the back of a race on Sunday, I contemplated titling this column “Know When To Hold ‘Em and Know When To Fold ‘Em.” Not only is that an excruciatingly long title, it’s also total crap in cycling.

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