Winston-Salem, NC –  The team managers of Smartstop/Mock Orange Bikes presented by Ridley Professional Cyclocross Team,  have forged a partnership with the owners of the highly successful Team Mountain Khakis presented by SmartStop Road Team to create this truly unique year round program.

The cyclocross program will support four top professionals − Adam Myerson, Travis Livermon, Jerome Townsend, and Jon Hamblem — at major national events such as the USGP of Cyclocross, the Shimano Series, the US National Championships, and many others.  Meanwhile, the team will invest in promising young talent on a local and regional level. Similar to the road program, the primary goal is to develop top American cyclocross racers by pairing rising athletes with proven veterans on a national stage.

“I’ve been encouraging the team to pursue a 12-month program that includes ’cross since the first year I joined the squad,” commented road team captain and cyclocross veteran Adam Myerson. “With the additional organizational energy and resources from Mock Orange Bikes and SmartStop, we’re finally in a position to make that happen. Without question, it will provide a greater return on every sponsor’s investment, and keep our cyclocross riders under one roof for the entire year.”

Cyclocross, the fastest growing discipline in bicycle racing, is steeped in tradition, community, and camaraderie. Similarly, the SmartStop/Mock Orange Bikes presented by Ridley Professional Cyclocross Team is the result of a local cycling community joining hands with national sponsors based on a shared vision and passion for the growing the sport domestically.

The team consists of four Professional riders, three Elite riders, and four promising male and female Under-23/Development riders, along with a host of behind-the-scenes enthusiasts and supporters.

Travis Livermon
Adam Myerson
Jerome Townsend
Jon Hamblen

Neil Bezdek
Lucas Livermon
Ben Zawacki

Alex Dayton
Jermiah Dyer
Emily Shields
Katherine Shields

Jamie Bennett
Joe Carpisassi
Chip Ducket
Zach Lail