With nominations ending today, David Alden-St. Pierre is throwing his hat in the ring.

I’m David Alden-St.Pierre, and I’m running for one of the At Large positions for USA Cycling’s Cyclocross Committee.

I’ve been racing cyclocross for nearly ten years. You’ve never heard of me. I’ve never been on a ’cross podium, and I probably never will. But, I love the sport, and I’m out there as often as I can grunting away in the middle of the pack, in the rain, snow and mud. I want to represent the riders that do this for that experience, and not for glory. I’d like to ensure that while attention is appropriated focused on the national level and the elite racers, that the no-name guys at the back of the pack do not get left behind. Additionally, I’d like to see more new riders getting into the sport, whether they are from a road or MTB background, or entirely new to cycling.

As for my experience, I’ve been a competitive cyclist for more than 25 years. Some of that time was spent as a professional BMX rider where I managed a national team with events from coast-to-coast. Additionally, I was an associated editor for Mountain Biking magazine and I continue to write for Dirt Rag magazine. Yep, I’ve even had an online article published by Cyclocross Magazine (on racing cyclocross on a mountain bike). I live for bikes, my basement will attest to that. I’ve managed and organized races and youth clinics, I’m a USA Cycling coach, I’m also running an amateur team,

Cyclocross is a unique blend of speed, fun, control and chaos. The sport’s growth has been amazing, but we should do all that we can to make sure that the original vibe isn’t lost, and that the experience for racers, race promoters, race spectators and race officials is completely positive.