If you’re serious about bringing the Masters Cyclocross World Championships to the U.S., time is tight. We’ve gotten more info from the UCI on the process, and the race will be awarded to the first acceptable bid they receive. Asked when the actual deadline is, the UCI’s Gerrit Middag replied, “ASAP!” He further explains, “The moment we will get a candidate who wants to fill the demands we will propose it to the board. In fact it’s a bit ‘first come first serve.'”

While not exactly a deadline, it’s clear that with this aggressive timeframe and lowered UCI promoter’s fees the UCI is anxious to set future plans for the race to avoid this year’s last-minute cancellation and then reversal.

See our previous post for bid application and papers (Updated 9/12 with a new 2011-2013 document). Note: any bid needs to be first sanctioned by USAC (or other relevant national federation) before being considered by the UCI.

Plan to put in a bid or want to help out? Coordinate and collaborate with other interested parties and alert others via this thread on our cyclocross forums.