Cyclocross Magazine Issue 1

Cyclocross Magazine Issue 1

If you own our initial, innovative, ambitious and a little rough Issue 1 from almost two years ago, you may want to hold onto it. We’re now sold out of the issue.

Issue 1 featured interviews with Jonathan Page,  Katie Compton, a look at the dFL underground cyclocross series and included sandbagging talk, first ‘cross experiences and tech pieces.

Past orders of back copies are being fulfilled, but except for a few rare copies with printer’s errors (are these as valuable as upsidedown stamps?), this issue has gone the way of the green Michelin Mud. Which is appropriate as the cover is green, and still one of our favorites.

What a difference a few issues makes. Our Issue 7 features almost 50% more pages, content from a lot more awesome contributors, more advertisers to keep the lights on, and a lot more editing and design work.

Yet some things haven’t changed that much. Our cover price is still the same, and Jonathan Page and “sand” still are featured on our cover. Here’s our Issue 7 cover:

Issue 7 of Cyclocross Magazine

Cyclocross Magazine Issue 7

We’ve still got a lot more work to do, but for all you early subscribers, we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the evolution. Get ready for this season. There will be a lot of cool stuff ahead.