In the second UCI race of the 2021 Trek CX Cup, the Junior Men took to the course after overnight rains.

In the end, there would be no pack racing, with huge gaps between the top three.

Jack Spranger finished ahead of Ian Ackert and Gus Bratetic on Friday at the 2021 Trek Cyclocross Cup in Waterloo, WI.

Full Results below.

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2021 Trek Cyclocross Cup: Junior Men Results

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
187Jack SprangerBear National / WCX41:40.8:26.5
285Ian AckertHardwood Next Wave42:33.8:45.5
371Gus BrateticBe Real Sports43:28.8:50.5
472Carden KingBoulder Junior Cycling43:37.8:50.5
573Asa ChildVelo Childeric44:46.9:19.5
696Theo De GrooteRide With Ryan45:35.9:45.5
775Henry ConawayMidwest Devo46:12.9:42.5
894Myles SaighAdapt cycling46:49.9:34.5
977Phillip EmmertOPE! Development Racing47:06.9:17.5
1088Benjamin SweetHardwood Nextwave47:08.9:05.5
1192Dylan SchroederASU Devo47:35.9:37.5
1295Henry PraznowskiThe Pony Shop47:50.9:53.5
1391Adam PtaszekRbikes48:06.9:52.5
1497Brody BurnhamNorthstar Development48:35.9:55.5
1576Gus WalkerIndustry Nine49:34.10:23.5
1686Ben BrandvoldNorthstar development49:39.10:01.5
1793Roscoe Guagliardo50:36.10:35.5
1889Nathan ZollmanNorthStar Development Cycling50:49.10:18.5
DNF90juan mancoxxx racing14:00.3
DNS70Marcis SheltonBear National / WCX0
DNS74magnus whiteBoulder Junior Cycling0