Compton Crushes, Albert Escapes for Koksijde World Cup Wins, 11 North Americans Contest – UPDATED – Full Results, Photos

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Compton takes another one. © Bart Hazen

Compton takes another one. © Bart Hazen

KOKSIJDE, BELGIUM – In what could be a foreshadowing of the 2012 World Championships to be hosted on the same course, Niels Albert (BCKP-Powerplus) won the third round of the UCI World Cup in Koksijde, Belgium, over Zdenek Stybar (Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team) and Sven Nys (Lanbouwkrediet).

Despite a poor start, Albert moved up quickly and managed to reach the lead group of nine riders. Halfway through the race, a strong looking Nys attacked but was slowed by a dropped chain. Taking advantage of the situation, Albert countered the move ahead of the sand and managed to grow his solo lead to the finish.

“I just went. I just looked around and saw that de Knegt was second position and Stybar was third position, so I just wanted to go and to do my own thing,” Albert said.

As Albert rode for the win, the trio of Bart Wellens (Telenet-Fidea), Nys and Stybar marked one another. With the riders watching each other closely, Albert’s gap grew.

Between the tightness of the course and the competition within the chase, Nys said they somewhat gave up on catching Albert.

“I could get 10 seconds closer, but Niels was also riding for the first place, so I said, OK, I must try to be second or third, and for me that was as high as possible,” Nys said.

While Nys and Stybar watched one another closely, Wellens attacked and managed to near Albert. His move looked to be successful, but he faded coming into the final lap allowing Stybar to come past him. On a subsequent rise, Wellens stumbled and managed to block Nys from immediately passing.

However, Nys managed to eventually make it around Wellens as did Bart Aernouts (Rabobank-Giant Off Road Team).

Elite Women

On a day when the American men faltered, US national champion Katie Compton (Planet Bike) stormed to a 2:27 victory over runner-up Daphny van den Brand ( and Sanne van Paassen (BrainWash) on the Koksijde course.

The victory was her second World Cup win of the season and her third victory at Koksijde. Last year, Compton finished third behind Marianne Vos following a series of crashes. This year, she approached the race with a different mindset – and better sensations.

“You know, I felt good today. My skills are on, and I brought my A-game, which is much better than last year,” Compton said. “I had that in the back of my head racing, just how many mistakes I made last year: crashing and being all over the place. So I came in today just trying to be smooth and ride well. And I did it, so I’m happy with that.”

As Compton surged forward, van Paassen did her best to stay near, trailing her by only eight seconds. Twenty seconds further back, van den Brand and Hanka Kupfernagel (Itera-Stevens) were chasing. But the chase kept losing time to Compton who was posting lap times at least half a minute faster than her rivals.

As Compton raced for the win, van den Brand and van Paassen were battling for the World Cup leader’s jersey after van den Brand managed to bridge the gap. After finishing second, van den Brand claimed the jersey, but recognized the gap ceded to Compton.

“More than two minutes on Compton is a lot,” she said. “But this race wasn’t a serious test for me, I was too far behind at the start. I knew right away that it wasn’t going to be my day.”

North Americans

Seven Americans and four Canadians made the event, with Jonathan Page (Planet Bike) finishing in 21st and Tim Johnson ( coming in 32nd in the men’s race. Christine Vardaros (Baboco) finished the women’s race in 31st, with three U23 riders in Danny Summerhill (Garmin-Slipstream), Jerome Townsend (’s Garage-Scott)  and Jeremy Ferguson (Cal Giant) finishing in 39th, 44th, and 45th, respectively, after starting far back. Four Canadians also attended the race, with Craig Richey and Shaun Adamson finishing 46th and 52nd, respectively, in the mens’ race, Vicki Thomas in 37th in the women’s race and Karl Hoppner 45th in the Junior race.

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Elite Men

Elite Women


Full Results:

Elite Men
1Niels ALBERTBEL251:06:05200
2Zdenek STYBARCZE261:06:32160
3Sven NYSBEL351:06:36140
4Bart AERNOUTSBEL291:06:37120
5Bart WELLENSBEL331:06:47110
6Francis MOUREYFRA311:07:01100
7Gerben DE KNEGTNED361:07:0390
8Kevin PAUWELSBEL271:07:0680
9Tom MEEUSENBEL231:07:0870
10Rob PEETERSBEL261:08:4860
11Eddy VAN IJZENDOORNNED261:09:0758
12Philipp WALSLEBENGER241:09:0756
13Christian HEULESUI361:09:2554
14Klaas VANTORNOUTBEL291:09:3652
15Nicolas BAZINFRA281:09:5350
16Marco BIANCOITA291:10:1748
17Enrico FRANZOIITA291:10:4246
18Thijs VAN AMERONGENNED251:10:4244
19Petr DLASKCZE351:10:4442
20Thijs ALNED311:10:5040
21Jonathan PAGEUSA351:10:5939
22John GADRETFRA321:11:4438
23Egoitz MURGOITIO REKALDEESP281:11:5737
24Patrick VAN LEEUWENNED261:12:0536
25Marcel WILDHABERSUI261:12:0935
26Steve CHAINELFRA281:12:3434
27Christoph PFINGSTENGER241:13:1633
28Mariusz GILPOL2832
29Martin ZLAMALIKCZE2931
32Timothy JOHNSONUSA3428
33Wilant VAN GILSNED3227
34Marco PONTAITA2426
35Marek CICHOSZPOL3225
36Fabio URSIITA2524
37Ian FIELDGBR2523
38Vladimir KYZIVATCZE2922
39Romain VILLAFRA2621
40Florian LE CORREFRA2620
41David KASEKCZE2919
42Sascha WEBERGER2318
43Mitchell HUENDERSNED2317
44Tommy NIELSENDEN3016
45René LANGSUI2515
46Craig RICHEYCAN2714
50Gusty BAUSCHLUX3110
51Joachim PARBODEN375
Elite Women
1Katherine COMPTONUSA3345:08:00200
2Daphny VAN DEN BRANDNED3347:35:00160
3Sanne VAN PAASSENNED2347:54:00140
4Sanne CANTBEL2148:29:00120
5Hanka KUPFERNAGELGER3748:48:00110
6Sophie DE BOERNED2148:49:00100
7Pavla HAVLIKOVACZE2848:56:0090
8Christel FERRIER-BRUNEAUFRA3248:59:0080
9Helen WYMANGBR3049:12:0070
10Sabrina SCHWEIZERGER2149:42:0060
11Linda VAN RIJENNED2350:12:0058
12Nikki HARRISGBR2550:15:0056
13Caroline MANIFRA2450:35:0054
14Reza HORMESNED4450:44:0052
15Joyce VANDERBEKENBEL2751:01:0050
16Pauline FERRAND PREVOTFRA1951:26:0048
17Sabrina STULTIENSNED1851:32:0046
18Nadia TRIQUET-CLAUDEFRA3351:36:0044
19Gabriella DAYGBR2751:46:0042
20Jasmin ACHERMANNSUI2251:46:0040
21Arenda GRIMBERGNED3352:06:0039
22Nicole DE BIE – LEYTENBEL3652:41:0038
23Nancy BOBERBEL3653:00:0037
24Elisabeth BRANDAUGER2653:04:0036
25Martina ZWICKGER2253:36:0035
26Helena VAN LEIJENNED1734
28Ellen VAN LOYBEL3132
29Gertie WILLEMSBEL3431
30Daniela BRESCIANIITA2930
31Christine VARDAROSUSA4229
32Nikoline HANSENDEN2428
33Nathalie NIJNSBEL1827
34Katrien THIJSBEL2626
35Nicoletta BRESCIANIITA2525
36Margriet Helena KLOPPENBURGDEN2324
37Vicki THOMASCAN3923
1Vincent BAESTAENSBEL2255:42:00100
2Marcel MEISENGER2255:42:0060
3Lars VAN DER HAARNED2055:46:0040
4Jim AERNOUTSBEL2255:57:0030
5Wietse BOSMANSBEL2056:21:0025
6Joeri ADAMSBEL2256:29:0020
7Vinnie BRAETBEL2056:40:0017
8Michiel VAN DER HEIJDENNED1956:41:0015
9Kevin EECKHOUTBEL2256:46:0012
10Tijmen EISINGNED2057:05:0010
11Sean DE BIEBEL2057:20:008
12Matthieu BOULOFRA2257:28:006
13Marek KONWAPOL2157:29:004
14Micki VAN EMPELNED2157:35:002
15Sven BEELENBEL2157:43:001
16Jiri POLNICKYCZE2257:52:00
17Matteo TRENTINITA2258:28:00
18Ole QUASTGER2258:29:00
19Angelo DE CLERCQBEL2058:29:00
20Melvin RULLIEREFRA2258:31:00
21Jens ADAMSBEL1958:33:00
22Irwin GRASFRA2058:40:00
23Théo DUMANCHINFRA2058:42:00
24Gert-Jan BOSMANNED1959:00:00
25Corne VAN KESSELNED2059:09:00
26Michael (JR) SCHWEIZERGER2059:19:00
27Mirko TABACCHIITA2259:21:00
28Kenneth HANSENDEN2059:25:00
29Matthias BOSSUYTBEL2059:31:00
30Gianni VERMEERSCHBEL1959:40:00
31Michael WINTERBERGSUI211:00:53
32Luca BRAIDOTITA201:01:03
33Alexandre BILLONFRA201:01:16
34Radek POLNICKYCZE191:01:17
35Michael BOROSCZE191:01:21
36Valentin SCHERZSUI211:01:54
37Théo VIMPEREFRA211:01:56
38Jan NESVADBACZE201:02:54
39Daniel SUMMERHILLUSA221:03:39
40Max WALSLEBENGER211:03:54
41Emilien BARBENSUI201:04:02
42Elia SILVESTRIITA211:04:20
43Dario STAUBLESUI201:04:27
48Wojciech HERBAPOL20
Junior Men
1Laurens SWEECKBEL1840:45:0030
2Daniel PEETERSBEL1841:37:0020
3Diether SWEECKBEL1841:37:0015
4Danny VAN POPPELNED1842:00:0012
5Lars FORSTERSUI1842:00:0010
7Yorben VAN TICHELTBEL1742:01:006
8Yannick ECKMANNGER1842:23:004
9Quentin JAUREGUIFRA1742:34:002
10Stan GODRIENED1842:36:001
11Jaap DE MANNED1842:39:00
12Silvio HERKLOTZGER1742:52:00
13Fabien DOUBEYFRA1843:13:00
14Clément VENTURINIFRA1843:22:00
15Kévin BOUVARDFRA1843:22:00
16Pablo RODRIGUEZ GUEDEESP1843:26:00
17Daan SOETEBEL1743:36:00
18Jeroen MEIJERSNED1843:37:00
19Daan HOEYBERGHSBEL1743:43:00
20Toon AERTSBEL1843:59:00
21Lorenzo SAMPARISIITA1844:05:00
22Tomas MEDEKCZE1844:10:00
23Federico ZURLOITA1744:12:00
24Jorn CLAESBEL1844:19:00
25Maxim PANISBEL1844:28:00
26Fabian LIENHARDSUI1844:32:00
27Matthias VAN DE VELDEBEL1744:36:00
28Kevin LEDANOISFRA1844:44:00
29Dominic ZUMSTEINSUI1744:46:00
30Emil Arvid OLSENDEN1844:49:00
31Benjamin GELABERTFRA1844:52:00
32Michael VANTHOURENHOUTBEL1845:06:00
33Koen WEIJERSNED1745:09:00
34Vojtech NIPLCZE1845:12:00
35Jack CLARKSONGBR1845:23:00
36Douwe VERBERNENED1845:30:00
37Julian LEHMANNGER1845:51:00
38Riccardo REDAELLIITA1746:17:00
39Jakub SKALACZE1846:19:00
40Steffen MÜLLERGER1746:45:00
41Alistair SLATERGBR1846:46:00
42Tomas BOHATACZE1847:57:00
43Patryk KOSTECKIPOL1848:05:00
44Joseph MOSESGBR1748:16:00
45Karl HOPPNERCAN1848:19:00
46Tomas SVOBODACZE1848:22:00
47Wojciech MALECPOL1848:37:00
48Dylan PAGESUI1848:45:00
49Sven FRITSCHLUX1749:11:00
50Alex WELBURNGBR1749:42:00
51Yannick GRUNERGER1750:26:00
52Hugo ROBINSONGBR1750:35:00



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Captions say Johnson was top American, results indicate Page. Either way, good job guys.

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