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  • Women’s Wednesdays: Racing, Training and Women’s Roles in Cyclocross with Amy Dombroski

    Since she started racing in 2006, Amy Dombroski has had a remarkable rise to fame. She’s also been a great contributor to Cyclocross Magazine. Lately, she’s been prepping for the fall season, mixing it up at various road and mountain bike events, most recently the back to back World Cup races in Dalby Forest and Offenburg. Lucky for us at Cyclocross Magazine, she had a few hours in a car this weekend, giving her time to answer our questions between races.

  • Mechanical Mondays: The Conical Brush

    Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that when it comes to bike maintenance, sometimes the simplest tools can be the most effective. For example, Dave Drumm walks us through the many uses for a five dollar conical brush. (We also love…

  • Tim Johnson: Cyclocross Pro, Comic Character and … Freeride Mountain Biker?

    Tim Johnson grits it out to become the highest US finisher at the 2010 Cyclocross World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic. © Joe Sales

    Tim Johnson has been a seriously busy guy lately, and we don’t just mean racing. He’s been popping up everywhere, from Rapha’s video previews of the Amgen Tour of California to RedBull’s Crossroads videos to … a Frazz comic strip? Cyclocross Magazine caught up with Johnson on Sunday, while he took a break from playing with his new four-month-old puppies, though not without a break mid-interview while Johnson had to chase them down after they took off rabbit-hunting in his backyard. I did learn that he is an extremely good whistler, after listening to several attempts to call the lab pups back without stopping our interview!

  • BABOCO Training Camp, Cyclocross Style with Christine Vardaros

    BABOCO group ride © Christine Vardaros

    It’s still four months before my first cyclocross race and season preparation is already in full swing. It was kicked off by our BABOCO Cycling Team training camp in Benidorm, Spain. We were treated to eleven days of road riding in the mountains under warm sunny skies. It was especially welcome after a long, bitterly cold winter spent in a paper-thin skinsuit.

  • In the Saddle with Niels Albert

    Niels Albert at the Tour of Belgium 2011 © Jonas Bruffaerts

    Back in February, Cyclocross Magazine sat down with Albert in his mobile home before the final race of the Superprestige series in Middelkerke to put your questions to the new king of Belgian cross.

  • Collegiate Chronicles: Tales from a Team Director

    Vareschi is the team director for the Rutgers University Cycling Team (pictured 2nd from left). © Rutgers University Cycling Team

    Welcome to the Collegiate Chronicles, the new column that features all things collegiate (sans the keg parties, of course). Collegiate cyclocross is a fast-growing sector of the sport with little written about it, and we plan to change that. We’ll be taking a look at collegiate riders from all levels and from all over the country, race organizers, conference directors and some of the great characters that make up collegiate-level cyclocross.

  • Women’s Wednesday: Checking in with the Pros

    Women: just as tough as men on the cyclocross course. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Today marks the start of our new bi-weekly column, Women’s Wednesdays, where the focus shifts to matters specific to women in the sport. This column will be dedicated to all aspects of women’s racing, from coverage of pro women to women-specific bikes to talking frankly about how to get more women involved in cyclocross. We begin this week by hearing from a few of our favorite ladies of ‘cross, finding out what they’ve been up to in the off-season and seeing what they’re looking forward to in the Fall.

  • Orange Hair and Peaking – A Column by Paul Warloski

    Cyclocross Magazine columnist Paul Warloski returns this week as he continues profiling his return to cyclocross after a near-devastating injury. Follow Paul as he takes us along for a ride of trials and tribulations of a cyclocrosser with a refreshed perspective….

  • In the Saddle with Todd Wells, Three-Time National Champion

    Specialized's Todd Wells takes the win at the 2009 USGP in Portland. © Joe Sales

    This marks the start of the new online “In the Saddle” feature for Cyclocross Magazine. Bi-weekly, we’ll be chasing down a new pro racer to ask them a series of questions that readers will help us decide on. Want to…

  • Chris Jones Talks Rapha-Focus, Powers, and the 2011 Cyclocross Season

    Chris Jones talks cyclocross and Tour of California at the Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Rapha-Focus recently announced that this Fall, Jeremy Powers would be joining their team for cyclocross, adding to the powerful duo of Chris Jones and U23 Zach McDonald.  Jones sat down to chat with Cyclocross Magazine at the Rapha Cycle Club…

  • A Ride and a Chat with Jeremy Powers at the Rapha Gentlemen’s Ride in San Francisco

    Jeremy Powers chats with Cyclocross Magazine at the Rapha Cycle Club ride in San Francisco. © Cyclocross Magazine

    This past Thursday, Rapha Focus cyclocross teammates and Tour of California racers Jeremy Powers and Chris Jones led a “Gentlemen’s Ride” to celebrate the new Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco and the 2011 edition of the Amgen tour. Cyclocross…

  • Characters of ’Cross: Zac Daab of MFG Series and Cascade Bicycle Studio

    Characters of ’Cross: An ongoing series wherein Cyclocross Magazine contributor Kenton Berg badgers, begs and coerces answers and information about the life and times of the personalities who are helping to shape the world of cyclocross as we know it….

  • Video Interview: Helen Wyman Chats About Road Racing, Crashing and Cyclocross

    British Cyclocross National Champion Helen Wyman talks with Sarah Connolly about her recent crash in her skinny tire adventures at the GP Elsy Jacobs race. But Wyman admits she’s primarily a cyclocrosser, and also talks about her win at the…

  • SoCalCross’ Dorothy Wong Talks NRC, Nationals, USAC Cyclocross Promoter’s Summit – Part II

    SoCalCross promoter Dorothy Wong has been at the forefront of Southern California’s amazing growth in the popularity of cyclocross. She attended the USA Cycling Cyclocross Promoters’ Summit last weekend, and checked in with her personal thoughts on the state of…

  • It’s Always a Good Day to Ride – A New Column by Paul Warloski

    Cyclocross Magazine would like to welcome new columnist Paul Warloski, who like many of us, has a passion for cyclocross. Only for him, this passion nearly consumed his life, literally. Follow Paul as he takes us along for a ride…

  • Masters Worlds Promoter Interviews – A column by Lee Waldman

    Masters Worlds Jersey

    Masters racer and Cyclocross Magazine columnist Lee Waldman has been investigating Masters Worlds from a variety of angles. Today he brings you part three, interviewing a few of the folks helping shape the rules for the 2012 Masters World Championships…

  • Off-Season Reflections – A Column by Lee Waldman

    Lee Waldman in the drops, working on skills in a short track MTB race © Annette Hayden,

    This week, Masters racer Lee Waldman brings us his reflections on the offseason, and some critical inspection of his own weaknesses on the bike. If you missed it, be sure to check out Lee’s last column on Masters Worlds. OK…

  • Tim Johnson’s Cyclocross-Centered Season Ahead

    Look out, world, when Tim Johnson makes 'cross his focus for 2011/2012. File photo ©Bart Hazen

    by Josh Liberles Tim Johnson is just embarking on the second day of his five-day Ride on Washington in support of Bikes Belong, and we brought you info on that worthy endeavor last weekend. While we chatted with Johnson to…

  • Rider Diary: Season Wrap-Up with Craig Richey

    Canadian Craig Richey ( p/b Blue) has packed up his bike and made the trip home from his European tour. Read on as he reflects back on his season and looks on to the next. In case you missed it,…

  • Masters Worlds Interviews – A Column by Lee Waldman

    Masters Worlds Jersey

    Masters racer Lee Waldman comes to us this week with part two of his reflections on Masters Worlds and his hope to perform well at Loiusville next year. This week, Lee puts his question to the racers that were there…

  • Rider Diary: Marilyn Ruseckas Recounts Second World Masters Championship Title

    ruseckas masters worlds podium

    US Masters brought all that is American ’cross to the line at this year’s Masters Cyclocross World Championships. Two-time World Champion Marilyn Ruseckas has returned with the rainbow jersey around her shoulders, and brings us this rider diary of her…

  • We’re Not in Canada Anymore: Craig Richey Takes on the World

    Canadian Craig Richey ( p/b Blue) represented his country at the World Cyclocross Championships at St. Wendel. Read on for his words about the experience. by Craig Richey Competing at the Cyclocross World Championships in Saint Wendel, Germany, was a truly…

  • Rider Diary – Vicki Thomas Catches Up After Bumpy Year

    Canadian Elite ’crosser and Cyclocross Magazine contributor Vicki Thomas reflects on a year that didn’t work out quite the way she had hoped, and reveals how those experiences have fueled her ambition for the next season. It’s been a while…

  • Reflecting On Masters Worlds – A Column by Lee Waldman

    Masters racer Lee Waldman reflects on the Masters World Championships at Mol, and what it might teach him in preparation for Louisville. Missed Lee’s last column? Catch up on his musing of what makes us cyclocrossers unique. by Lee Waldman WHEAT RIDGE, CO –…

  • REMINDER: Ask The Pros: World Cup Series Winners Niels Albert and Sanne van Paassen Answer Your Questions

    Cyclocross Magazine is pleased to announce another round of Ask a Pro – where you, our readers, put your ’cross questions to the best in the mud. This round, we’ve gotten you access to both of the 2011 World Cup series…

  • Philadelphia’s Favorite Swiss Races His Heart Out in U23 Worlds

    Valentin Schertz and David Berson, Philadelphia Cyclocross School

    For the past two cyclocross seasons, Swiss U23 racer Valentin Sherz has come stateside  as part of Philadelphia Cyclocross School‘s cultural exchange program. Scherz tore up the mud in the Mid-Atlantic region, earning respect for his skills and friendships for his…

  • Rider Diary: Amy Dombroski Reflects on 2011 Worlds, Season

    American Pro Amy Dombroski just completed the 2011 World Championships, overcoming a tough first lap to ride into 26th place. Read on as she reflects on the ups and downs that brought her through the season. by Amy Dombroski I…

  • A Pre-Worlds Check-in with Katie Compton

    by Christine Vardaros We caught up with Katie Compton, one of the clear favorites for the title in St Wendel, Germany, to see how she’s feeling just before tomorrow’s big race. According to Compton, she’s more prepared this time around…

  • Jeremy Powers Looks to Sunday: Interview

    Jeremy Powers ( is in St. Wendel now as part of the US Worlds team, checking out the course. The USGP Series Winner and star of Behind the Barriers took a moment out of his last minute preparations to share…

  • Page, Dombroski and McDonald Share Pre-Worlds Thoughts UPDATED: Kaitlin Antonneau

    The 2011 World Cyclocross Championships are fast approaching, and the best racers from each country are putting in their last-minute preparations. We caught up with a few of the US riders to hear some of their thoughts as they look…

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