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Molly Hurford is the Managing Editor of Cyclocross Magazine. When she isn't writing about cyclocross races, she's likely competing in one. Or running, or climbing, or swimming. Professionally nomadic, she'll probably pop up at a race near you at some point. If you like her work, help support her by subscribing to Cyclocross Magazine!
  • Tacchino Cyclocross Kicks Off MABRA Super8 Series

    The Tacchino CX's namesake turkey mascot was in evidence throughout the day, handing out primes and other encouragement. Jay Westcott

    Days of rain that soaked the Washington, DC metro region relented just in time for the Tacchino Cyclocross, the MABRA Super 8 series opener, but the deluge was still evident just below the surface of Rosaryville State Park in Upper…

  • Cyclocross Art Exhibit at Rapha Cycle Club opens in San Francisco

    Uncle Charlie and other stories of North Cal. Cyclocross

    Uncle Charlie and Other Stories of North Cal. Cyclocross: An art show dedicated to the spirit of North Cal Cyclocross, its roots, and its current spectacle. Featuring works of photography, writing, sculpture, painting, collage, as well as historical documents and images.

  • Clammy Cross 2011 CX Series: Presented by Team Clammy Chamois

    Alex Kim races through the mud.

    by Joshua McCarrel This is the second time we have put on a race at Art Dye Park in American Fork, Utah. We did one last year, and this year we have extended it into a three race series, with…

  • Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross: Week Two

    While New England had inches of mud this weekend, SoCal was dry and fast. Jordan Haggard

    The second weekend of Southern California Prestige Series presented by Spy Optic hit Camarillo, CA with the Pacifica Crossfest. This is the newest race to the series and was hosted by Casa Pacifica, a residential facility licensed by the state…

  • 2011 Wedgewood New Brighton Cyclocross: A Joe Sales Photo Gallery

    The New Brighton cyclocross course features a long sand section that riders have to navigate twice each lap. © Joe Sales

    With scenery like this, Joe Sales couldn’t resist taking some scenic shots of the racing action at the 2011 Wedgewood New Brighton cyclocross race this past Sunday.

  • 2013 Louisville Cyclocross World Championships in Jeopardy? UPDATED: Bruce Fina Comments

    The first cyclocross world championships to be based in the US will be in 2013 in Kentucky.

    Louisville’s hold on the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships may be in jeopardy, according to Belgian newspapers. The race, which would be the first cyclocross world championship to be held in the US, is to take place in February of 2013…

  • Providence Cyclocross Festival Honors Dr. Kim Fries

    Providence, Rhode Island – The family and staff here at the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival presented by Interbike, would like to take this moment to talk about something that has nothing to do with actual cyclocross, the festival, its partners or…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Mechanical Disc Brake Adjustments

    Setting up disc brakes correctly is going to be a big new part of cyclocross. Jason Gardner

    There is no denying that disc brakes are gaining in popularity among cyclocross bikes. One look at the ’cross bike photos from the recent Eurobike and Interbike trade shows is enough to show that disc-brake-equipped ’cross bikes are the wave of the future. Their benefits are well known; tire clearance is now only a matter of the frame. They are more powerful with more control and they are not so nearly affected by water and mud. Apart from all these benefits though, the tighter tolerances associated with disc brakes lend themselves more easily to poor adjustment, and improper adjustment on disc brakes can ruin your race more easily than a poorly adjusted cantilever. Too loose and you lose your braking altogether; too tight and your brake drags the whole time. The down side is these poor conditions happen a lot easier to disc brakes than to cantilevers.

  • Philadelphia Cyclocross School teaches a lesson at Whirly Bird Cross

    Lukas Winterberg and Lukas Muller of Philadelphia Cyclocross School surround Bad Andy Wulfkuhle (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes).

    Lukas Winterburg (Philadelphia Cyclocross School) scores a decicisive win at the Whirly Bird Cross, round five of the Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series Bryn Athyn, PA — The first few laps of the Men’s Elite Race at Whirlybird Cross looked like a Bad…

  • Behind THE Barriers Season Kickoff Monday at 8 AM

    Excited about cyclocross? Check out the season kickoff of Behind THE Barriers featuring (naturally) coverage of CrossVegas, the unofficial cyclocross season kickoff. We at the magazine have a special affinity for this firstfilm for two reasons: filmmaker, Sam Smith, is…

  • Wellens, Nash Shine at Sun Prairie USGP Day Two

    The men at the start of day two of the Planet Bike USGP. aron Johnson

    Today at the Planet Bike USGP, Katerina Nash was again victorious, and Bart Wellens demonstrated that he, too, had winning power on this muddy, wet course. This morning, TheRoadDiaries warned of dire weather, saying, “weather getting worse by the minute…

  • UPDATED: Rohrbach’s Ellison Park Cyclocross: the Brit and the Frenchman take the Wins

    Helen Wyman soloed to victory for the sixth race in a row. Keith Snyder

    by Molly Hurford USGP Sun Prairie may be happening today, but in upstate New York, there’s some UCI action going on as well. With small fields (only 20 registered riders in the Elite Men’s field and 14 registered in the…

  • USGP Sun Prairie Day 1: Nash Continues Win Streak, Trebon Escapes Wellens – Updated: Full Results, Galleries

    Cool and slick cyclocross conditions greeted Sun Prairie, Wisconsin for the first day of the UCI C1 Planet Bike Cup, the opening weekend of the 2011 Exergy USGP Cyclocross series (see Troy Wells’ course preview video here). While some key…

  • UPDATED Nor’Easter Cross: Wyman and Field Invade Vermont, Take Victories

    Men's Podium: Van Den Bosch, Field and Basin (Lef tot Right). Jeff Bramhall

    With most of the top pros toeing the line at USGP Sun Prairie, it came as a surprise when the fields at Nor’Easter Cross were still stacked with some of the top pros in the US, with a few Euros…

  • Süpercross Baden: Sneak Peek Video Trailer

    Screen shot 2011-09-24 at 11.16.39 AM

    If you can’t make it to Europe for Süpercross Baden, the people who make the race possible are bringing a little bit of Europe to you with their awesome course preview video.

  • It’s Always a Good Day to Ride: And Now The Real Fun Begins

    Paul is ready to ride - stop by and see him at the USGP today! Photo courtesy of Paul Warloski

    Paul is ready to ride – stop by and see him at the USGP today! Photo courtesy of Paul Warloski

    By the time you read this today, the mwi cross circus will have gathered under the black and green tent near the start line in Sun Prairie, WI for the first weekend of the USGP.

    It’s the start of the racing, the travel, the camaraderie, and off-camber downhill turns. The heckling, suffering, mud, and crashes.

  • Rapha-Focus Cyclocross Team Adds Julie Krasniak for 2011-2012 Season

    September 23, 2011 — The Rapha-Focus professional cyclocross team announces the addition of Julie Krasniak for the 2011-12 season. Ms. Krasniak will be the first woman on the Rapha-FOCUS cyclocross team, joining Jeremy Powers, Chris Jones and Zach McDonald.

  • Ten Things About Your Partner: A Column by Lee Waldman

    Lee is ready for Masters Worlds. Photo courtesy of Lee Waldman

    Although the cyclocross season is happily getting incrementally longer every year, it’s still more compact than the road season. For those of us whose passion is cross that’s a good thing. For our partners, who have to suffer through mud filled showers, mud stained towels, abrasions, bruises and the occasional broken collar bone, the season is probably about 8 weeks too long already. Bottom line, if it wasn’t for their patience with our obsessive behavior, their moral support as we spend the majority of our time thinking about, talking about, and racing cross, and their physical presence at the races, racing cross would be much more difficult. So, this column is dedicated to them. [More...]

  • Cyclocross on the Cheap: Chaingangs and Powermeters

    Get fast: ride chaingangs. David Evans

    Cyclocross rarely knows such glamour, despite richly deserving it. And Vegas had it all: shiny things, light things, new things, expensive things; trade shows were ever thus. Oh, and the hangovers. I’m sure there were some immense hangovers.

    A casual glance at this array of goodies might convince you that their purpose was to make you faster. Anyone who has ever pressed a pedal in anger can tell you otherwise. These gadgets exist solely to tell you how slow you are. They can express inadequecy in figures accurate to the third decimal point. The all-consuming guilt that can be inspired by a powermeter is phenomenal. If I ever find myself poor (poor in a serious way, not poor in my current self-proclaimed, irreverent, slightly flippant way) I will qualify as a psychoanalyst and specialise in treating the anxieties of middle-aged bike racers. I would never go hungry again.

  • The Magic of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival

    Brian Matter, Michael Olheiser and Jason McCartney on the podium. Amy Dykema

    Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival may not be a cyclocross race, but since the mountain bikers that race it tend to refer to it as a “road course,” and some serious cyclocross powerhouses are landing on the podium, we thought it deserved some mention, and photographer Amy Dykema was able to provide us with some inside info into this cult-status event, as well as some killer photos.

  • Racer Profile: the Master

    You can learn a lot at a clinic, though you may not be bunny-hopping barriers anytime soon. Neil Schirmer

    Neil is a Masters cyclocrosser in his third season of racing in the Mid-Atlantic region. Bikes and bike racing have always been part of his life, starting with BMX racing as a youngster, evolving into recreational MTB riding in college, eventually ending up in competitive amateur road racing and cyclocross today.

    For the 2012 season, his goals are to score points in his local race series, improve his skills, and continue having more fun racing bikes than any adult should rightfully be able to have.

  • Pro Bike Profile: Aaron Schooler’s Norco Threshold

    Aaron Schooler on his new Norco Threshold. © Joe Sales

    Norco is launching their new Carbon Cyclocross bike the Norco Threshold this Fall. To be in stores soon, this beast of a bike boasts an impressive resume already with a top 15 in Cross Vegas, top 10′s at Starcrossed and the Rapha Focus GP and a BC Cup Provincial Win to start off the 2011 season. Aaron Schooler of Team H&R BLOCK and powered by Sri Importing got a couple of these custom painted bad boys just in time for the beginning of the cross season and was highly impressed with the updates that Norco has made to the old Scandium CCX SL revamping it from scratch and moving to the carbon mold. The Norco Threshold is a European race bike with some North American Flare to it.

  • OBRA Cyclocross Kick-Off Party in Portland, Oregon


    Portland, Oregon — Next Friday, September 30th, join OBRA Cyclocross for a season kick-off party at Upper Echelon Fitness. Meet the 2011 Corsa Concepts Cyclocross Team, presented by Cross Crusade and Molly Cameron. Pros in attendance will include: Ryan Trebon, Erik…

  • The Night Weasels Cometh: October 5th

    The Night Weasels Cometh is a grassroots cyclocross race that will take place Wednesday, October 5th 2011 under the lights at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury, MA. The Night Weasels is held in between two of New England’s biggest cyclo-cross races, and these three events in a seven-day span were dubbed the “Holy Week” of cyclo-cross last year. The other two races, Gloucester and Providence, are the first two races in the Shimano New England Professional Cyclo-cross Series Presented by Verge. They draw the nation’s top professional and amateur racers, with fields of up to 2,000 racers.

  • Racer Profile: The Newly Elite

    Our newly elite racer, Donny Green, post-race at Nittany. Molly Hurford

    It’s every racer’s dream to upgrade to the Elite field, to line up at the start with the pro racers that we love to read about. Every year, more and more racers are starting in the Elite field, and we wanted to hear what it feels like to go from winning in the lower categories to starting in the back of the grid with racers like Jeremy Powers in the front.

  • Rohrbach’s Ellison Park Cyclocross International Race Set for September 24-25

    Rochester, New York — Full Moon Vista Productions, the Rochester based production company responsible for the Rochester Twilight Criterium, is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, the Rohrbach’s Ellison Park Cyclocross race has granted a place on the 2011 UCI Cyclocross calendar. Growing from local to international status in 4 short years, Full Moon Vista is proud to produce the only UCI cyclocross race in New York State.

  • Collegiate Chronicles: Cyclocross versus the Semester

    The dorm room of a cyclist. James McCabe

    Going to college is great. There is enough parties and beer to make anyone happy. But you have to remember the point of going to school, and that is: to get a degree. Hopefully, that degree will turn into a job. In order for you to get a degree, you need to do your homework.

    That homework is keeping me off the bike.

  • The Girl with the Cowbell Tattoo: the Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

    The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo

    At Interbike on Wednesday, you see beyond the glitz and glamour of carbon fiber road wheels and fixed gear glory. You feel the grass, you smell the dirt, sweat, blood, tears … you know it’s almost time for CrossVegas. You check your watch over and over again, counting down to the moment when you can finally start heading to the event you’ve been waiting for.

  • Is Joey Really OK? Joey Speaks Up and Tells His Story – Updated

    Joey hit the ground hard, but he's OK! Craig Fowler

    There have been a lot of questions asked and many things assumed about my “incident.” Allow me to set the record straight. My name is Joey Mullan, and I crashed on my bike. As for the intensity of the crash, wow! I have raced singlespeed cyclocross for the past three seasons, this being my fourth. I don’t consider myself a roadie, a mountain biker or a BMX kid. I do it all, but I consider myself a cyclocrosser, 100%.

  • Nash and Wellens Solo Away from Star-Studded International Field at StarCrossed – UPDATED: Full Report, Photo Galleries

    Bart Wellens has his eyes intently on the prize. ©Janet Hill

    CrossVegas winner Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) has doubled down and taken the win in StarCrossed, and former world champ Bart Wellens (Telenet-Fidea) claimed his first victory on American soil by shedding the rest of the front group with three laps to go and powering the remaining distance alone.

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