Ryan Trebon won with Geoff Kabush in second and Jeremy Powers in third. © Rick Crawford

By: Grant Berry

Ryan Trebon (LTS-Felt) was the victor in the third round of the USGP, a race fought in difficult cold and rainy conditions. Trebon used his power and consistent bike handling to win the race in front of Geoff Kabush (Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) and Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus).

After racers were greeted with mild dry and dusty conditions during their course recons on Friday, they awoke to a steady drizzle and temperatures that had dropped some 20 degrees overnight. Trebon made the call to skip his traditional morning pre-ride, and elected to ride on his trainer in more controlled environment.

In what has become his trademark, Powers snapped off the line to grab the Avid Shorty Holeshot award, and quickly built a 15 second gap over the chasing group containing Ben Berden (Ops Ale-Stoemper), Trebon, Kabush, Troy Wells (Clif Bar), Jamey Driscoll (Cannodale/, and 17 year old Yannick Eckmann (Pearl Izumi). With a starting spot in 30’s, Eckmann was able to quickly pick his way through the field and reach the lead group in an impressive show of handling and fitness.

By the end of lap 2, Trebon had made contact with Powers. Their differing styles each offered advantages; Powers was riding the run-up while, Trebon was scaling the stair-stepped flyover three steps at a time. Kabush was putting his own skills in the mud to maximum use, and was riding steadily and patiently in 3rd while Wells, Driscoll, and Eckmann traded places behind.

The leading duo remained close until three laps to go, when Trebon applied the pressure and got a small gap which he stretched to 10 seconds by the end of the following lap. Although Powers was using his impressive handling skills to try and close the gap, Trebon’s power was a good match for the long power climbs of the undulating Fort Collins course.

With two to go Trebon had a comfortable gap, and the podium looked to be set. Kabush had other ideas and he continued to ride consistent laps as he caught and passed Powers and set his sights on the big man riding along out front.

Kabush was able to close within 20 or so seconds at the finish, with Powers crossing the line 58 seconds after Trebon to secure the final spot of the podium. Driscoll followed with U-23 series leader Eckmann rounding out the top five.

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15USA19810305TREBON RyanLTSUSA56:07:00
27CAN19770414KABUSH GeoffTeam Maxxis / Rocky MountainCAN56:31:00
32USA19830629POWERS JeremyRapha/FocusUSA57:05:00
44USA19861111DRISCOLL JamesCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cUSA58:15:00
537GER19931130*ECKMANN YannickPearlizumi/ShimanoGER58:24:00
677CAN19730419SHEPPARD ChrisCAN58:32:00
712USA19840619WELLS TroyTeam CLIF BARUSA58:41:00
814BEL19750929BERDEN BenOps Ale - ClementBEL58:56:00
91SUI19750402HEULE ChristianCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cSUI59:14:00
108USA19811115WICKS BarryKonaUSA59:25:00
1111USA19910213*MCDONALD ZachRapha/FocusUSA59:33:00
1278USA19780811HORGAN-KOBELSKI JeremyUSA59:33:00
133USA19770805JOHNSON TimothyCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cUSA1:00:06
1418USA19830805BABCOCK SeanKonaUSA1:00:13
1522USA19880314HOKE MitchellTeam Clif BarUSA1:00:48
1620USA19920527*KAISER CodyCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA1:01:28
1817USA19780628WELLS JakeStan's NoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA1:01:39
1910USA19780606MATTER BrianGear Grinder / Clif BarUSA1:01:48
2019CAN19910130*GUTHRIE EvanRocky Mountain Bicycles FactoryCAN1:02:23
216USA19790806JONES ChristopherRapha/FocusUSA1:02:28
2215CAN19850620SCHOOLER AaronTeam H&R BLOCK - Sri ImportingCAN1:02:39
2362USA19860612ALLEN TimNiner Stan's ErgonUSA1:03:01
2449USA19760201STEVENSON RussellRaleighUSA1:03:35
2528USA19921007*TRUJILLO SkylerCYF DivoUSA1:03:43
2627USA19890407ANDERSEN ColtonRocky Mountain Chocolate FactorUSA1:04:02
279USA19820311SCHOUTEN TristanISCorpUSA1:04:05
2853USA19920730*FISH KevinKCCX/Fuji Presented by ChallengUSA1:04:06
2960USA19900303*SCHMALZ JosephKCCXUSA1:04:20
3026USA19790124PACOCHA MatthewBikeRadarUSA1:04:34
3132USA19810901HARDING RussellNatural Grocers Cycling TeamUSA1:05:10
3224USA19910621*EMSKY pb Blue CoUSA@1Lap
3323USA19870529KAPPIUS BradenTeam Clif BarUSA@2Lap
3436CAN19881002MCCONNELL MarkSynergy RacingCAN@2Lap
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3540GER19920506*ECKMANN RobinPeral Izumi, shimano teamGER@2Lap
3664USA19790502LEWIS GregDirectory Plus/TrekUSA@2Lap
3770USA19750622ROBINSON JustinCalifornia Giant CyclingUSA@2Lap
3851USA19831116POWLISON SpencerPlains to Peaks RacingUSA@2Lap
3969USA19890329EDWARDS ZacharyBoulder Cycle SportUSA@2Lap
4054USA19841122SHAFER BrendanWooly MammothUSA@2Lap
4148USA19851006ALDERS BryanUSA@2Lap
4275USA19880113WODTLI BrennanUSA@3Lap
4363USA19830824BENESH KenFeedback SportsUSA@3Lap
4456USA19810621WHITNEY Joshrocky mounts~izzeUSA@3Lap
4546USA19741127MICKIEWICZ BryanHammer NutritionUSA@3Lap
4741USA19770215PHILLIPS JohnTeam Rio GrandeUSA@3Lap
4874USA19790721TRUITT NickBreckenridgeUSA@3Lap
4939USA19810227WILLARD TedSDG Felt pb. iRTUSA@3Lap
5068USA19900703MORRISON SamuelEpic EnduranceUSA@3Lap
5161USA19910617*MILLER RyanPacific Power - Blue SkyUSA@3Lap
5235USA19880630FRETZ CaleyEchelon Energy Cycling TeamUSA@3Lap
5333USA19870621MACKAY ChrisRealCyclist.comUSA@3Lap
5458USA19800914LEVY CampbellYeti Jett Pro XCUSA@3Lap
5566USA19760520SHEEK DavidSDG/Felt p.b. IRTUSA@3Lap
5642USA19871119BENNETT EricJET CyclingUSA@3Lap
5772USA19890507WENTZ AlexTeam Oregon p/b Laurelwood BrewUSA@3Lap
5830USA19830317HOLBROOK RossBoulder Cycle SportUSA@4Lap
5931USA19850320SMITH RayBob's Red Mill CXUSA@4Lap
6045USA19720720ARCHER JimmyUSA@4Lap
6173USA19880826HAGA ChadKelly Benefit Strategies-OptumHUSA@4Lap
6250USA19820304IAIA WilliamGroove Subaru CyclingUSA@4Lap
6343USA19910422*GOODRICH JessePlains to Peaks RacingUSA@4Lap
6459USA19730628HOLICKY GrantPlains to Peaks RacingUSA@4Lap
6565USA19801030PIRIE BrettColoBikeLaw.comUSA@4Lap
6647USA19840328TIETZEL ScottPlains to Peaks RacingUSA@4Lap
6757USA19900606*HOGG DrewRGF SolutionsUSA@5Lap
6852USA19730804MILLER LaneLouisville CycleryUSA@5Lap
DNF13USA19840513KNAPP RyanBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA
DNF29USA19811015COLE BradMercy Elite Cycling TeamUSA
DNF71USA19770606LASLEY JacobTeam SoundponyUSA
DNS16USA19870607WEIGHALL NicholasCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA
DNS25USA19850320KERSTING MitchellSchellersUSA
DNS34USA19820401HOLT IanPretty in Pink / Chad is goingUSA
DNS38USA19780609FRIEDBERG MikeService Course/World Bicycle ReUSA
DNS44USA19740412BRANDT ChrisHoney Stinger/TrekUSA
DNS55USA19770421CARRINGTON TaylorTurin Bicycles - TLRUSA