Zdenek Stybar stormed off the start for the holeshot © Dan Seaton

Zdenek Stybar stormed off the start for the holeshot © Dan Seaton

by Dan Seaton

RUDDERVOODRE, BELGIUM—After weeks of uncharacteristically warm and pleasant early fall weather in Western Europe, temperatures plummeted and the rain returned, setting up a muddy kickoff to the Superprestige Series here in West Flanders. But if the sloppy course conditions were typical, the names were not, as the new UCI requirement that all C1 events include a women’s race meant that women were featured in Ruddervoorde for the first time.

However, not all were impressed with the implementation. The 12:30 start time – some five hours ahead of the Elite men – and a meager prize list kept both fans and a few big names away. But Kona’s Helen Wyman was undeterred by the early hour and took advantage of the sparse attendance to extend a streak of domination that started with nine wins in the United States with a wire-to-wire victory over fellow Brit Nikki Harris.

“I was a little disappointed [to be back in Europe] because I really liked America,” the reigning British Champion told Cyclocross Magazine, “but once I’m back, and winning here, it’s cool too. And I was confident coming into the race because America has really good riders, and the quality is high and you have to race hard over there. So I know I had some good form coming here. And having watched the results, Sanne van Paassen and Daphny van den Brand seem to be really good, and Nash and Compton seem to be really good, and none of them were here, so I felt like it was my race to lose.”

Wyman took off from the gun and never looked back. Though Harris spent much of the first three of the race’s four laps in hot pursuit of her countrywoman, Wyman simply didn’t let up

“From riding pre-race to now, there were a few bits that I was riding pre-race that were absolutely fine, but in the race they got a bit slippery and more tricky,” said Wyman. “And on the first lap I messed up a little bit…. So I had a small gap, but then it closed again. And after that, I couldn’t tell you what happened behind me, I just rode as hard as I could and rode as technically as good as I could. And when you’ve got a gap in ’cross, it’s really hard to shut. So as long as I was attacking, it would have been really difficult for Nikki to get back.”

By the time the racers got the bell, it was clear that, barring catastrophe, Wyman was untouchable, and the race would be for second place. Though France’s Lucie Chainel mounted a strong challenge for second in the closing moments of the race, she was unable to close the gap, claiming third behind the British duo of Wyman and Harris. Chainel’s podium finish marked a return to form after giving birth to a child with her husband, fellow French cyclocross star Steve Chainel, last season.

Amy Dombroski, in her first European race of the season, was the top American finisher in fifth place, behind Netherlander Sophie de Boer.

“I’m happy with the race,” said Dombroski afterwards. “I had a good start—that’s something that I sometimes struggle with. But I was immediately up in the top five with Helen and the other girls. I had a couple bobbles and lost some spots, but overall if you go really hard on that first lap, things kind of sort themselves out.”

Dombroski, who will spend most of the season on this side of the Atlantic, said that the race served as an encouraging kickoff to a new chapter in her racing career.

“I got over here on September 28th, so I had plenty of time to get the legs going. [In the last week] I got all settled, and I have a home here now, which always helps.”

She added that the new UCI-mandated opportunities for women to race in Europe served as motivation for the move to this side of the Atlantic.

“[It’s] one of the big reasons I decided to make it happen this year. In between now and Worlds I have more than 30 races. So you can be at home in Belgium and just drive – we’re only an hour and a half from here. The flying [in the US] takes so much out of you. It’ll be pretty drastically different this year, but I think I’m going to like the change.”

Fellow American Christine Vardaros finished 18th.

Albert Silences His Critics with Second Win in Two Weeks
By the time the men lined up some five hours after the start of the women’s race, the sun was breaking through the clouds and the temperature had climbed to close to 60 degrees, though the changing weather was more a benefit for the fans than the racers. The men would still face plenty of mud, however, and a course that had been churned up by three other races earlier in the day.

It was Zdenek Stybar – in his first big test of the season after skipping last week’s race in Kalmthout to rest a knee injury – who took the holeshot. The world champion stormed into the first corner at the head of a 46 man field, but French rider Steve Chainel, perhaps inspired by his wife’s podium finish in the day’s earlier race, quickly came to the front and stretched the field out single file behind him.

But by the end of the second lap Stybar had returned to the front and had opened a gap that suggested he might repeat his resounding solo victory in last year’s race in Ruddervoorde. Though the conditions were dramatically different, the setup further resembled last year’s race when Bart Aernouts – who finished second in the 2010 edition behind his friend Stybar – managed to pull away from a chase group of perhaps a dozen riders and join the Czech at the front of the field.

Stybar ran into mechanical trouble with four laps to go, and Aernouts found himself alone in front of a group that included not only Stybar, but also Sven Nys, Sven Vanthourenhout, Bart Wellens and Belgian champion Niels Albert.

Aernouts wasn’t alone for long, however; Albert attacked the chase group just before hitting the line with three laps to go and quickly closed the gap to the leader. The pair rode together briefly, but Albert attacked again and distanced Aernouts. In the final laps, as Albert consolidated his lead and Aernouts continued to pull away from the other chasers, the real race was for third place. Nys, Wellens, Stybar and Vantornout all had a chance at the final podium place, but it was Vantornout who finally wrapped it up. The lanky Belgian rider managed to pull clear of Nys in the final lap, while Nys himself held off Wellens and Stybar, who took fifth and sixth respectively.

After the race, Albert said his slow start was partly the result of some difficulty with his pedals in the early laps. “I had a little bit of trouble with my pedals because they had been set a little bit too hard during the beginning of the season when it was dry and fast,” he told Cyclocross Magazine. “But now it’s a little bit muddy and there’s sand, and [getting out of them] was a little bit of a problem at the beginning of the race. So I asked my mechanics to loosen them, and then I was able to change bikes and things went better.”

Albert, who was the subject of some scathing criticism from former world champion Roger de Vlaeminck that even rival Nys called a “low blow” two weeks ago, has responded with two big wins in October. Today Albert said that he wanted to win in Ruddervoorde to help him in a bid for the overall Superprestige title, one of two major titles he has never won.

“I know what I have to do to win here today, but it wasn’t easy because I rode yesterday. During the last two laps I was feeling a little bit tired, because yesterday was also a very hard race. So I’m very happy that I won. And I didn’t win for Roger de Vlaeminck, I won for myself, my team, my girlfriend – not for Roger.”

Aernouts, meanwhile, said he was happy to finish second in Ruddervoorde for the second year in a row, but believes better results are still on the way.

“I was second again, but the track was a lot different, and I’m very happy with this result, especially in these conditions, with the mud. I think it was one of my best races ever in the mud,” he said. “Last year I [made the podium] two times in big races, and I’m trying to do better this year. I’m trying to win a big race. I know it won’t be easy for me, but maybe one day all the pieces will fall into the right place and the day will be mine.”

American Jonathan Page made his return to his European base after a mixed early season in the United States. But Page’s first outing was disappointing; he told Cyclocross Magazine he was boxed in during the first lap. Though he began to move up once the race stretched out, the Planet Bike rider broke a wheel as the result of a hard fall during the second lap and was forced to withdraw from the race.

U23 podium in Ruddervoorde. Winner Wietse Bosmans, second Tijmen Eising and third World Champion Lars van der Haar.

U23 podium in Ruddervoorde. Winner Wietse Bosmans, second Tijmen Eising and third World Champion Lars van der Haar.

Like the rest of the elite field, the U23 field was stacked to the gills, featuring CrossVegas winner and Cyclocross Magazineissue 14 Euro superstar, Lars van der Haar. The soft-spoken Dutchmen snatched up third place, following race winner Wietse Bosmans in first and Tijmen Eising in second. Will we see any American U23s leaving their mark in the World Cup arena? Only time will tell, since the racing in Europe is just beginning to ramp up.


Elite Men – Bart Hazen

Elite Men – Dan Seaton

Elite Women – Bart Hazen

Elite Women – Dan Seaton

Brief Results Women

Rank Name Nat. Age* Result PaR PcR
1 Helen WYMAN GBR 31 35:42 80 80
2 Nikki HARRIS GBR 26 35:57 60 60
3 Lucie CHAINEL-LEFEVRE FRA 29 36:10 40 40
4 Sophie DE BOER NED 22 36:33 30 30
5 Amy DOMBROSKI USA 25 37:00 25 25
6 Reza HORMES NED 45 37:09 20 20
7 Sanne CANT BEL 22 37:13 17 17
8 Pavla HAVLIKOVA CZE 29 37:23 15 15
9 Linda VAN RIJEN NED 24 38:06 12 12
10 Joyce VANDERBEKEN BEL 28 38:42 10 10
11 Nicole DE BIE – LEYTEN BEL 37 38:44 8 8
12 Hilde QUINTENS BEL 48 38:59 6 6
13 Arenda GRIMBERG NED 34 39:03 4 4
14 Ellen VAN LOY BEL 32 39:03 2 2
15 Nancy BOBER BEL 37 39:03 1 1
16 Ludivine HENRION BEL 28 39:28
17 Nikoline HANSEN DEN 25 39:32
18 Christine VARDAROS USA 43 39:44
19 Tessa VAN NIEUWPOORT NED 21 40:11
20 Ilona METER NED 34 40:31
21 Lana VERBERNE NED 20 41:43
22 Karen VERHESTRAETEN BEL 21 42:31
23 Anja GELDHOF BEL 39 43:20
24 Iris OCKELOEN NED 20 43:29
25 Maud KAPTHEIJNS NED 18 43:29
26 Anja NOBUS BEL 38 44:14
27 Marquerite DE NEVE NED 18 45:02
28 Valerie BOONEN BEL 19 45:02
29 Tine DUTOO BEL 20 45:02
30 Katleen FRAEYE BEL 48 45:02
31 Sandie VERRIEST BEL 30 45:02
32 Caitlyn LA HAYE BEL 19 45:02

Full Results – Men:

Rank Name Nat. Age* Result PaR PcR
1 Niels ALBERT BEL 26 1:01:44 80 80
2 Bart AERNOUTS BEL 30 1:01:50 60 60
3 Klaas VANTORNOUT BEL 30 1:02:07 40 40
4 Sven NYS BEL 36 1:02:20 30 30
5 Bart WELLENS BEL 34 1:02:25 25 25
6 Zdenek STYBAR CZE 27 1:02:31 20 20
7 Tom MEEUSEN BEL 24 1:02:35 17 17
8 Sven VANTHOURENHOUT BEL 31 1:02:38 15 15
9 Steve CHAINEL FRA 29 1:02:48 12 12
10 Dieter VANTHOURENHOUT BEL 27 1:03:24 10 10
11 Jim AERNOUTS BEL 23 1:03:35 8 8
12 Thijs VAN AMERONGEN NED 26 1:03:41 6 6
13 Kevin PAUWELS BEL 28 1:04:09 4 4
14 Vincent BAESTAENS BEL 23 1:04:27 2 2
15 Rob PEETERS BEL 27 1:04:35 1 1
16 Joeri ADAMS BEL 23 1:04:59
17 Mariusz GIL POL 29 1:05:16
18 Kenneth VAN COMPERNOLLE BEL 24 1:05:31
19 Patrick VAN LEEUWEN NED 27 1:06:06
20 Marcel MEISEN GER 23 1:06:28
21 Twan VAN DEN BRAND NED 23 1:06:36
22 Eddy VAN IJZENDOORN NED 27 1:06:45
23 Ian FIELD GBR 26 1:07:01
24 Philipp WALSLEBEN GER 25 1:07:02
25 Tom VAN DEN BOSCH BEL 27 1:07:12
26 Bjorn RONDELEZ BEL 36 1:07:22
27 Kobus HEREIJGERS NED 23 1:07:35
28 Jiri POLNICKY CZE 23 1:07:59
29 Stijn HUYS BEL 26 1:08:26
30 Dave DE CLEYN BEL 24 1:08:36
31 Niels WUBBEN NED 24 1:08:38
32 Matthieu BOULO FRA 23
33 Mitchell HUENDERS NED 24
34 Dries PAUWELS BEL 24
36 Steven DE DECKER BEL 30
37 Jordy LUISMAN NED 27
38 Kevin CANT BEL 24
39 Gianni DENOLF BEL 25

Full Results, U23

1Wietse BOSMANSBEL2148:40:003030
2Tijmen EISINGNED2148:50:002020
3Lars VAN DER HAARNED2148:52:001515
4Vinnie BRAETBEL2149:10:001212
5Mike TEUNISSENNED2049:25:001010
6David VAN DER POELNED2050:00:0088
7Gert-Jan BOSMANNED2050:00:0066
8Stan GODRIENED1950:00:0044
9Gianni VERMEERSCHBEL2050:05:0022
10Tim MERLIERBEL2050:05:0011
11Laurens SWEECKBEL1950:12:00
12Laurens SWEECKBEL1950:25:00
13Arnaud JOUFFROYFRA2250:34:00
14Sven BEELENBEL2250:40:00
15Karel HNIKCZE2150:44:00
16Jasper OCKELOENNED2250:47:00
17Emiel DOLFSMANED2050:51:00
18Matthias BOSSUYTBEL2150:51:00
20Corne VAN KESSELNED2151:30:00
21Robby COBBAERTBEL2251:38:00
22Xandro MEURISSEBEL2051:47:00
23Joeri HOFMANBEL2052:02:00
24Angelo DE CLERCQBEL2152:08:00
25Raf RISBOURGBEL2152:08:00
26Michael VANTHOURENHOUTBEL1952:08:00
27Toon AERTSBEL1952:30:00
28Douwe VERBERNENED1952:30:00
29Hendrik SWEECKBEL2052:40:00
30Niels KOYENBEL2152:40:00
31Jelle CANTBEL2053:05:00
32Ritchie DENOLFBEL2153:09:00
33Jeffrey MELLEMANSBEL2053:15:00
34Ingmar UYTDEWILLIGENBEL2153:44:00
35Bart BARKHUISNED2253:55:00
36Yannick MAYERGER2153:55:00
37Lorenzo PEPERMANSBEL1954:35:00
38ƒlie REGOSTFRA2254:37:00
39Emil Arvid OLSENDEN1954:41:00
40Timo VERSCHUERENBEL1954:55:00
41Tim DE SCHUYTERBEL1955:04:00
42Mathieu WILLEMYNSBEL2255:20:00
43Dimitri CORRIETTEFRA2155:38:00
44Daniel PEETERSBEL1955:54:00
45Dany LACROIXBEL2256:25:00
46Pieter DEWITTEBEL2156:38:00
54Rutger LA HAYEBEL21