Yesterday we brought you news of various new product offerings from brands distributed by Velosport Imports. One other exciting development is a new bike from Alan Bikes, which Velosport also distributes.

Alan Bikes is one of the most storied brands in cyclocross, with riders aboard Alan bicycles taking no fewer than 20 Cyclocross World Championship titles. Perhaps now not as well known as other brands, for older riders out there, or for those with a panache for euro-centric rides, news of a new bike from Alan is good news.

We’ve had some experience with Alan’s modern offerings. Back in issue 30, we did a full review of the company’s Super Cross Carbon, which we also previewed here. That frame features a classic aesthetic that appeals to many in the Cyclocross Magazine offices. As we noted in our print review, the Super Cross Carbon was a “refreshing change from the ultra-stiff, oversized everything carbon frames we’re used to seeing and riding nowadays.”

Alan has also offered an aluminum thru-axle equipped gravel bike, the Xtreme Gravel Scandium, with clearance for 42c tires for some time. That bike sells for $1,450 USD and riders can get custom geometry for no charge just as they can on other Alan bikes.

Alan’s the Xtreme Gravel Scandium.

Now, Alan seeks to combine the two bikes with the release of the Super Gravel Carbon.

The Super Gravel Carbon features handmade carbon lugged construction just like the Super Cross Carbon. The frame has thru axle compatibility with a 15mm front and 142 x 12 mm rear spacing.

The Super Gravel Carbon frame also offers massive tire clearance with room for up to 52c rubber, even wider than what the Xtreme Gravel Scandium accepts.

Alan’s Super Gravel Carbon combines the company’s Super Cross and Xtreme Gravel Scandium models to make a gravel crushing carbon rig with optional custom geometry for no additional cost. © Cyclocross Magazine

The pricing on the Super Gravel Carbon should be similar to the Super Cross, which comes in at $3,000.

While that may seem pricey for a carbon frame, consider that the value in the Super Gravel Carbon, like the Xtreme Gravel Scandium and the Super Cross Carbon, is that it is available with custom geometry as an option with no upcharge. Add to that the fact that the frame is handmade and the pricing is in line with other custom, handmade options.

For those gravel racers wanting the benefits of a custom bike and want the ride of carbon, the Super Gravel Carbon should be on their short list.

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