A bashful Lindine celebrates his victory on the podium with Hoke and Batty, with Livermon and Townsend in third and fourth.

A bashful Lindine celebrates his victory on the podium with Hoke and Batty, with Livermon and Townsend in third and fourth.

by Molly Hurford

GRANOGUE, DELAWARE—Thanks to the light rain all week, the course at Granogue promised the usual variety of twists, turns and mud, and a challenging run up toward a tower, followed by an off-camber descent. Still, the fields were full in the lower categories and a festive atmosphere reigned. Since the MAC Series had an off-weekend last week, racers from the region were well-rested and ready to take on the New Englanders who invaded Delaware Friday night and Saturday morning, hungry for cyclocross after the New England Holy Week of Cyclocross came to its conclusion at Providence Cyclocross Festival last weekend.

Justin Lindine (’s Garage) continued the win streak that begin more than 10 days ago, soloing to victory nearly a minute ahead of the rest of the field. Mark Batty (Spidertech Powered by C10) took second place and Mitchell Hoke (Clif Bar Development Cyclocross Team) rounded out the podium.

We caught up with Mitchell Hoke post-race, and he was elated with his win.

“I didn’t get the best start but kept working up. I was right on Lindine’s wheel and we were moving up through the field. We got into a good group, with Mark, and my teammate Troy Wells, all riding solid. Then Mark and I got away but he dropped me at the top of the ride up at the top of the stairs with one and a half to go, he was riding so strong today.”

Most of the top riders seemed to favor the rocky section of the course, perhaps, as Hoke pointed out, because he “grew up mountain biking, so I liked that.”

This was his best result to date, saying, “third is my best finish ever in a UCI race, so I was psyched.”

We also snagged a beaming Lindine for a post-race interview. He’s been on a roll, taking wins at Night Weasels, and both days of Providence. In all of the cases, he rode away from the rest of the field. Still, he’s sedate about his victories, and  when asked how many wins he’s stacked up, he had to think about it, replying, “I guess counting Night Weasels, four in a row.”

He told us a bit about how he felt in the race, again staying humble and saying, “It was hard to tell how big the gap was. It was kind of the same boat I’ve been in, taking a while to get going … I just don’t start well. Then, it was about getting to the front of the race and just trying to ride away from the race.”


Granogue Day One Men 2011

1LINDINE JustinBikereg.Com / Joe'S GarageUSA1:02:27--
2BATTY MarkSpidertech Powered By C10CAN1:03:070:00:40
3HOKE MitchellClif Bar Development Cyclo Cross TeamUSA1:03:480:01:21
4LIVERMON TravisSmart Stop-Mock Orange P/B RidleyUSA1:04:120:01:45
5TOWNSEND JeromeUSA1:04:280:02:01
6MULLER LukasPhiladelphia Cyclocross School EliteSUI1:04:390:02:12
7STAFFORD JaredRide With RendallCAN1:04:490:02:22
8WELLS TroyTeam Clif BarUSA1:04:580:02:31
9FAVATA ChristianRgm Watches - Richard SachsUSA1:04:590:02:32
10MYERSON AdamSmartstop/Mob P/B RidleyUSA1:05:230:02:56
11FREDERICK BenTeam TravellerUSA1:05:240:02:57
12BAHNSON JeffreyVan Dessel Factory TeamUSA1:05:260:02:59
13WITTWER GregAlan N. America Cycling TeamUSA1:06:000:03:33
14MARION RobertAmerican Classic/BlueUSA1:06:200:03:53
15DEWALD RyanHaymarket / SeavsUSA1:06:500:04:23
16WINTERBERG LukasPhiladelphia Cyclocross School EliteSUI1:07:010:04:34
17CHABANOV DanielRgm Watches - Richard SachsUSA1:07:030:04:36
18CLARK AnthonyJ.A.M. Fund / NccUSA1:07:030:04:36
19NIETERS JaredHaymarket/Seavs RacingUSA1:07:360:05:09
20MIHALIK MichaelFreddie Fu Cycling TeamUSA1:07:490:05:22
21LEECH RyanHilton Head CyclingUSA1:08:040:05:37
22GREEN DonnyCycle-SmartUSA1:08:140:05:47
23LARSEN ChrisIndustry Nine/Youngblood BicyclesUSA1:08:320:06:05
24ADAMSON ShaunCycle-SmartCAN1:08:470:06:20
25ORDONS StevenHuman ZoomUSA1:09:160:06:49
26BERGEY GunnarC3 Athletes Serving AthletesUSA1:09:350:07:08
27FRIDRICH CaryEmbrocation Cycling JournalUSA1:09:560:07:29
28MACKAY ThomasC3-Athletes Serving AthletesUSA-24:00:000:00:00
29DODGE CameronScott Rc/ Mountain Bike TeamUSA-24:00:000:00:00
30CONSORTO ChristopherBike LineUSA-24:00:000:00:00
31BROWN FredMtbnj.Com-Halters CyclesUSA-24:00:000:00:00
32FARABAUGH AdamTeam Deschuytter-Kwsc WestkerkeUSA-24:00:000:00:00
33KAHLENBERG JordanAdventures For The Cure/Giant BicyclesUSA-24:00:000:00:00
34ROACH AustinMetlife Cycling TeamUSA-24:00:000:00:00
35STATMAN KatrielVan Dessel Factory Team/West End BikesUSA-24:00:000:00:00
36SEMIAN ZachVan Dessel Factory TeamUSA-24:00:000:00:00
37BRADLEY PatrickPhiladelphia Cyclocross School EliteUSA-48:00:000:00:00
38GARRIGAN MikeLapierre Canada, Giro, ShimanoCAN-96:00:000:00:00
39MURPHY EvanNyc VeloUSA-120:00:000:00:00
40SPOHN MattPhiladelphia Cyclocross School EliteUSA-120:00:000:00:00
DNFKEOUGH LukeChampion System P/B Keough CyclocrossUSADNF0:00:00
DNFKEOUGH NicholasChampion System P/B Keough CyclocrossUSADNF0:00:00
DNFDILLON JoshuaRgm Watches - Richard SachsUSADNF0:00:00
DNFWULFKUHLE AndrewC3-Athletes Serving AthletesUSADNF0:00:00
DNFBRUNGGER EricPhiladelphia Cyclocross School EliteSUIDNF0:00:00
DNFDURRIN JeremyJ.A.M. Fund / NccUSADNF0:00:00
DNFADASAVAGE GeraldBicycle Therapy / MelittaUSADNF0:00:00
DNFKEOUGH JesseChampion System P/B Keough CyclocrossUSADNF0:00:00
DNFLEBAIR CraigPhiladelphia CiclismoUSADNF0:00:00
DNFMINTURN JohnStan'S Notubes / Axa Equitable / CrcaUSADNF0:00:00
DNFBLAIR PatrickAdventures For The CureUSADNF0:00:00
DNFREUTER ColinCrossresults.Com P/B Jra CyclesUSADNF0:00:00
DNFPIERCE StephenEmbrocation Cycling JournalUSADNF0:00:00
DNFWYATT NathanaelCarolina Fatz Cycling Center Pb Industry NineUSADNF0:00:00
DNFBROADWATER MarkC3-Athletes Serving AthletesUSADNF0:00:00
DNSTISZA ZoltanChampion System RacingHUNDNS0:00:00
DNSST. JOHN DerrickStevens P/B The CycleryCANDNS0:00:00

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Stay tuned for full results and videos.

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