Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough show how to take barriers.

Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough show how to take barriers.

by Molly Hurford

If you’re part of the New England cyclocross scene, you’ve probably come across a Keough or two while racing. As the managers and racers for Keough Cyclocross presented by Champion Systems, the crew is hard to miss, especially with their new Keough Cyclocross van, row of Stevens bikes and of course, the giant inflatable Champion Systems jersey. The brothers could all ride almost as soon as they could walk, and their technical skills are obvious if you watch them race (or even just ride around their neighborhood.)

Luke Keough recently rode to  a second place finish on day two of the Providence Cyclocross Festival, and you might remember him from our In the Saddle with Luke Keough column back in May.

In this video, the middle brothers, Jesse, Nick and Luke, showed me how to properly remount, dismount and take barriers. Behind the scenes, they had a lot of corrections to make on my technique, and managed to get me remounting a lot smoother after their tutorial.

Video filmed by Molly Hurford, edited by Vincent Schröder

Want more barrier technique? In Cyclocross Magazine’s Issue 14, we did a Mount/Dismount piece by cyclocross superstar Bart Bowen. Bowen is a former Super Cup series winner, owns and operates Rebound Sports, and is a two time US Pro Road champ. In his article, he gets into the nitty-gritty and shows the dos, don’ts and hows of getting on and off the bike.