The younger, non-UCI Junior Men took to the course on Saturday, with three titles on the line. Reporting from CXM and USA Cycling on how today’s youth movement went.

Junior Men 11-12

The battle for the youngest national title of the weekend started their races just as temperatures began to rise. After finishing in a time of 23:45, Chase O’Donnell (Delmar, N.Y.; Capital Bicycle Racing Club) rode three clean laps to earn the coveted title of national champion. Mazen Lazar (Baltimore, Md.; Baltimore Youth Cycling) finished in second, and Colt Grimm (Pittsford, N.Y.; Suburban Disposal Corp.) finished in third.

Lazar finished lucky 13th last year in Chicago.

See the full results at the bottom of this post.

Junior Men 13-14

Junior racing was full throttle all day long. Taking home the first junior national title of the week was defending national champion Matthew Crabbe (Buford, Ga.; Mission Devo Cycling p/b Tyler Perry Studios). Crabbe rode a stellar race to finish over a minute ahead of second-place finisher Tucker Platte (Littleton, Colo.; Avout Racing). Rounding out the podium in third was Project Echelon rider Lukas Young (APO).

Young was competing as 13 in the 13-14 group, after narrowly beating Sean Davies to win the 11-12 title in 2021.

Platte should get the Most Improved title, moving from 32nd in 2021 to 2nd in 2022.

See the full results at the bottom of this post.

Junior Men 15-16

The Junior Men’s 15-16 race was sure to be an exciting one, with 96 riders on the starting line [Ed. note: Up from 81 in 2021.]

Benjamin Bravman (Golden, Colo.; Boulder Junior Cycling) would find himself on top of the podium after finishing in a time of 30:43. Boulder Junior Cycling has been a powerhouse in cycling over the years, and they brought an entire team to this weekend’s race. Bravman finished 15th in the same age group in 2021.

Finishing second on the day was Jack Bernhard (Pittsford, N.Y.; Finkraft Junior Cycling Team). Bernhard completed three laps in 31:57, moving up 9 places from his 2021 finish.

Rounding out the podium, Kai Peterka (Littleton, Colo.; Avout Racing) took third, a huge leap from 35th last year.

See the full results at the bottom of this post.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Men 11-12

1309Chase ODONNELLCapital Bicycle Racing Club23:453
2305Mazen LAZARBaltimore Youth Cycling24:20:003
3308Colt GRIMMSuburban Disposal Corp.24:21:003
4302Roczen BEISSELNorthStar Development24:29:003
5307Brad GRIMMMinuteman Empire Automation p-b Full Moon Vista24:34:003
6319Laurence DENNEYMission Devo p-b Tyler Perry Studios25:53:003
7313Josiah BOWERStinkbug Naturals26:21:003
8306Ian MARKSBaltimore Youth Cycling26:27:003
9311Charles PRINCIPEMinuteman|Empire Automation p-b Full Moon Vista26:42:003
10320Robert KELLYVelocious Sport27:32:003
11324Luca GNAZZOCCAP Team HORST Junior Squad27:42:003
12329Anderson NORRISTeam Norri28:21:003
13312Eero WHITEBoulder Junior Cycling28:36:003
14323Alex GRIMMMinuteman Empire Automation p-b Full Moon Vista28:46:003
15328Gunther BREISMEISTERJAM-Northampton Cycling Club28:48:003
16301Dylan SKINNERLionhearts Junior Racing29:07:003
17317Devin GEORGEBike Doctor Frederick Junior Race Team29:57:003
18341Charlie MOHRBoulder Junior Cycling30:10:003
19335Madsen BLOCKCCAP Team HORST Junior Squad31:07:003
20303Gavin FRONKLionhearts31:17:003
21332Vinh TRANCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling31:18:003
22318Nolan SANDSBaltimore Youth Cycling31:35:003
23330Huxley HARPLEAQCX - Aquidneck Cyclocross32:12:003
24343Baden MATICTotal Training and Endurance33:34:003
25314Axel BRANDSMEIERCorridor Devo Junior Cycling Team21:432
26321Peter MUFFELSRock Creek Velo21:502
27338Miles TAYLOR3.81E+1121:512
28326Ryder MOLNARHammercross21:532
29327Abel STREBBaltimore Youth Cycling21:552
30333Alexander SAVINOCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling Team22:182
31315Benicio BENITEZBaltimore Youth Cycling22:352
32316James LARKINRock Creek Velo22:382
33325Maks ROMA- SHTYLLARock Creek Velo23:272
34337Parker RUPPECapital Bicycle Racing Club23:322
35334Orson FELTERSTAGE 1 AirLine Cycles23:462
36331Eli BORYCZEWSKICCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling23:562
37322Russell KISSELLionhearts Junior Racing23:562
38340Seamus DICZOK024:00:002
39336Benjamin BURKBaltimore Youth Cycling24:57:002
40339Devin SOMMERVILLEVerge Sport28:40:002
DNS310Hudson NABLOStage 1 - Airline Cycles0
DNS342Alexander USHER00

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Men 13-14

1101Matthew CRABBEMission Devo Cycling p-b Tyler Perry Studios31:47:004
2104Tucker PLATTEAvout Racing33:07:004
3102Lukas YOUNGProject Echelon33:18:004
4157Matt NORTHCOTTWest Hill Shop33:21:004
5111Jacob HINESBaltimore Youth Cycling33:28:004
6115Eli BILLINGSNew England Development p-b Cadence Wealth33:30:004
7103Oliver WALDRONAvout Racing33:33:004
8106Jack HELVIEmidwest devo33:45:004
9143Jaxon WILLIAMSTeam Booger34:32:004
10110Finnley SONNEMANNWisCXin Cheesehammers35:16:004
11129Sylvan GARRELTSVerge Sport35:23:004
12114Liam GOFFAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle35:47:004
13113Cormac NAGLENew England Development p-b Cadence Wealth Management35:49:004
14107Raymond ???Rj??? HEMBROOKAvout Racing36:20:004
15105Connor BESHOREBoulder Junior Cycling36:38:004
16112Baxter CARESSNCTC36:50:004
17127Max WINNWinn Elite Cycling36:52:004
18140Emmett DAVISTeam Stampede36:53:004
19135Zeke DIXONEndo cafe- zangi bikes36:55:004
20117Hunter DEMPSEYVelocious Sport37:35:004
21120Paxton SUMMERSBaltimore Youth Cycling37:49:004
22148Odin BERGSMNJRC38:08:004
23108Ethan CLEMENTSmidwest devo38:08:004
24138Jonah BECKNJCX Project38:32:004
25118Harrison MOROSCOVelocious Sport38:40:004
26126Eamon MILLERAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle38:48:004
27133Eli SVATEKSTC to Velocious Sport39:18:004
28109William BAIOTTOAvout Racing40:51:004
29154Matthew WERNERRock Lobster Jr.40:55:004
30119Jensen RIDDLEVelocious Sport40:57:004
31124Bao TRANCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling41:02:004
32123Mason SIEDORKelly Benefit Strategies LSV41:27:004
33116Lucius HAMBLENVelocious Sport41:28:004
34144Ethan LARSENVelocious Sport41:50:004
35153Nolan WALKERNew England Development p-b Cadence Wealth Management41:58:004
36128Will DAUSCHRock Creek Velo42:04:004
37131Luke WILSONCCAP Team HORST Junior Squad42:45:004
38121Stephen SAVINO IVCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling Team32:07:003
39137Tyler ABRAMSNew England Development p-b Cadence Wealth Management32:35:003
40150Jax SCHMITZStage 1 Cycling33:36:003
41125Mitchell BATURKAKelly Benefits-LSV33:43:003
42149Gavin MAGNOCycle Craft Bulldogs33:54:003
43146Ethan LEZONHorst34:05:003
44156Mason CRABBEMission Devo Cycling p-b Tyler Perry Studios34:32:003
45141Caspar GRAYBaltimore Youth Cycling35:26:003
46132Wyatt PRATTCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling35:27:003
47139Matthew BERLINGERThe Break Bike Shop35:42:003
48155Mason VERNONMinuteman Road Club36:16:003
49145Ronan BYRNERiverside Racing38:01:003
50151Jackson PAKENHAMAquidneck Cyclocross38:40:003
51147Brohm CITROENCCAP Team HORST Junior Squad43:10:003
52152James COTECBR43:55:003
DNS122John PAPADAKISBaltimore Youth Cycling0
DNS130Trevor BOBBINCCAP TT Endurance0
DNS134Kyle PETITCCAP Greater Hartford Erracers0
DNS136Lincoln BAUMGARTNERBaltimore Youth Cycling0
DNS142Reid PURWINMinuteman Road Club0

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Men 15-16 Men

1501Benjamin BRAVMANBoulder Junior Cycling30:43:003
2504Jack BERNHARDFinkraft Junior Cycling Team31:57:003
3503Kai PETERKAAvout Racing32:07:003
4519Nathaniel GERVEZAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle32:16:003
5508George FRAZIERBear National Team32:26:003
6502Luke OZMENTAvout Racing32:26:003
7526David LAPIERREStage 1 - Airline Cycles32:40:003
8578Aran CONNOLLYTeam Booger32:59:003
9570Kian REIDTeam Booger33:06:003
10513Aidan VOLLMUTHNJCX Project33:14:003
11520Lucas PRICE-GLYNNCT Cycling Advancement Program33:20:003
12512Asher STRAUSSNCTC33:32:003
13593Caden FREYRETTEndurance Junior Devo33:48:003
14525Lukas DONNELLYNJCX Project33:50:003
15521Porter MELVINTeam Stampede34:04:003
16523Cian CONNOLLYBaltimore Youth Cycling34:10:003
17524Chandler EVANSMiller School of Albemarle34:16:003
18507Garrett BESHOREBoulder Junior Cycling34:17:003
19506Jack HIGLEYAlpha Bicycle Co. - Groove Subaru34:18:003
20516Ethan BROWNmidwest devo34:21:003
21572Jack BILLOWITZCascadia Junior Cycling - Biciclista US34:21:003
22505Kalen BROWNBuild Cycling Academy34:45:003
23554Boden CHENAILCCAP Junior Travel Team35:03:003
24510Alec CLEMENTSmidwest devo35:11:003
25536Cyrus HEMBREEMurphy-Santini-Thrive35:16:003
26566Owen KUHLLandshark35:18:003
27518Griffin CASKEYCorridor Devo35:21:003
28575Peter BENTLEYCascadia Junior Cycling35:37:003
29517Gregory DEBENEDETTIBYRDS35:41:003
30522Beckett RATHBONERiverside Racing35:47:003
31509Henry WALSHAvout Racing36:22:003
32577Tyler MORGENSONCascadia Junior Cycling36:22:003
33585Max SMITHBiciclista US | Cascadia Jr. Cycling36:26:003
34528Carter LEMBKECycleX racing36:27:003
35529Jackson HSUTeam Booger36:37:003
36515Chase CUBBAGEPro-Terra racing36:38:003
37537Joel KOWALONEKCCAP Rail Trailers Junior Team36:39:003
38542Krishna GUPTARock Creek Velo36:56:003
39590Desmond MOHRBoulder Junior Cycling37:05:003
40551Grey MEERDTERBaltimore Youth Cycling37:39:003
41562Aaron KOWALONEKCCAP Rail Trailers Junior Team38:15:003
42527Levi HALLFort Wayne Outfitters and Bike Depot38:22:003
43531Harry LASKERAdapt38:22:003
44540Roland MEUNIER IIINew England Development p-b Cadence Wealth Management38:22:003
45560Dylan KUHLLandshark38:41:003
46558Andreas BECKNJCX Project38:47:003
47573Jon TABERSharks38:57:003
48534Wilson FAUCETTESquadra Coppi39:06:003
49539Nathaniel HALVERSONMinnesota Junior Cycling39:15:003
50556Myles SCOTTNorthampton Cycling Club39:20:003
51545Adrian MARICHShark River Devo39:26:003
52591Parker NELLISGould Academy39:27:003
53553Charles JARMNew England Devolopment p-b Cadence Wealth Management40:48:003
54514Isaiah CULBREATHOklahoma Flyers40:49:003
55546Alessandro CANNIZZOMinuteman|Empire Automation p-b Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport40:51:003
56547Lincoln SUMMERSBaltimore Youth Cycling40:51:003
57543Ian MULLERShark River Devo40:56:003
58561Tommy RICHRiverside Racing41:03:003
59552Luke CALLANRothman Institute Cycling Team41:06:003
60532Reese BERMANRiverside Racing41:13:003
61548James GROENHOFF3 Cycling p-b 7 Mile Cycles41:32:003
62530Eli CULBERTSONMiller school41:51:003
63586Tom???? MASTERSONBorderline Racing41:52:003
64533Cooper BERNSTEINnine13sports p-b SingletonCoaching42:29:003
65565Jack COTECBR42:54:003
66579Marcus KENNEDYTeam VeloShop43:04:003
67580Ezra SCHWARTZTotal Training & Endurance TTE28:21:002
68592August CHAMOTSEAVS-Haymarket28:21:002
69563Landon HENDERSHOTCCAP Hamden Cheshire Rail Trailers28:24:002
70549Rowan CATTAUBoulder Junior Cycling28:40:002
71564Gerig WITTNERRiverside Racing28:54:002
72541Robert PETERSAvout Racing29:03:002
73567Lex PICILLOCCAP Greater Hartford ERRACERS29:09:002
74571Ewan DAVISRock Creek Velo29:09:002
75555William RUECKERTERRACE - CCAP29:42:002
76559Liam SMITHBaltimore Youth Cycling29:50:002
77569Logan HEATHNJCX Project30:01:002
78574Arlo MCWHORTERRock Creek Velo30:01:002
79550Jack QUINLANBerkshire Velo30:08:002
80594Mason BATURKAKelly Benefits-LSV30:17:002
81589Graeme WOLTERCycle Craft Bulldogs30:18:002
82584Colin HAMILTONCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling31:14:002
83581Connor HILDEBRANDSoall Viet Kitchen31:46:002
84587Noah ROCKLINCCAP Hamden Cheshire Rail Trailers34:19:002
85582Jonah LIPARCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling34:47:002
86576Lars ROTIColumbia-Guipago cycles18:111
87595Jake MONACO-LIZOTTECCAP Rail Trailer18:321
88568Owen LEZONHorst18:571
89588Adner NELSONCCAP Hamden Cheshire Rail Trailers20:571
DNF557Cameron DONOHUEBaltimore Youth Cycling0
DNS538Calvin BERGERBerger Hardware Bikes0
DNS583Max MILLIARDCCAP Hamden Cheshire Rail Trailers0
DNS535Evan SANDSAlpha Bicycle Company-Groove Subaru0

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