The Junior Men 11-12 was the third title race on Saturday at the 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

Just as in the two races earlier in the day, the youngest Juniors faced two laps on a heavy course.

There were heavy winds in the morning, which meant the title races were postponed and the industry race was canceled.

The damage wasn’t severe, but it was enough to cause the title races to be postponed. The course and venues were both damaged.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Junior Men 11-12

The Junior Men 11-12 took to the course under blustery, cold conditions.

The youngest Juniors showed you never know who might turn in a surprise ride at Nationals.

Lukas Young had a quiet season race-wise, according to crossresults, registering zero cyclocross races in 2021 and flying under the radar of other racers and race predictors.

It didn’t take long for Vegas to recalculate the betting odds. Young moved to the front after a series of tricky off-cambers after the sand and looked to be in control. race favorite Sean Davies was looking to be (at least) the second BMXer to take a Cyclocross Nationals title after local hero Tim Strelecki took the Masters 45-49 title earlier in the week. Davies is a top Expert BMX racer, having won Grands, the biggest BMX race as an Intermediate, and finishing top American in his age group at the UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder, Belgium. In the mold of MvdP, Davies now races BMX, mountain bikes, road, track and cyclocross.

Davies raced 11 races this season, doubling up with the A-Men to gain points for a front-row start. Although Davies got swarmed off the line, he then passed much of the field, pushing through the second through fourth by the stairs to ride within sight of the leader Young.

The two leaders took different approaches to battling the mud. Young stayed on his cyclocross bike, while Davies hit the pits and swapped between his carbon hardtail (similar to Kira Mullin’s 2019 winning bike) and carbon full suspension bike in hopes of getting a cleaner drivetrain and tread.

Young had more left in the tank, and pulled away on the pedaling straights.

Behind the lead two, Kai Blankenship, who raced 14 races before Nationals, hit the turbo, closing the gap to Davies but ran out of real estate.

Young had time to post up coming down the finish, with Davies holding off Blankenship for silver.

Full results below.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Results Junior Men 11-12

1319Lukas YOUNGProject Echelon23:082
2318Sean DAVIESMantis Racing23:132
3302Kai BLANKENSHIPCascadia Junior Cycling23:152
4329Baxter CARESSNctc23:572
5322Finnley SONNEMANNRevolution Cycles Club24:05:002
6323Raymond HEMBROOKAvout Racing25:09:002
7320Harrison MOROSCOVelocious Sport25:24:002
8332John PAPADAKISBaltimore Youth Cycling25:55:002
9316Josiah BOWERStinkbug Naturals25:57:002
10312Trevor HALLBoulder Junior Cycling26:28:002
11339William BAIOTTOAvout Racing26:34:002
12324Henry FLENTYEThe Pony Shop27:26:002
13314Mazen LAZARUsa Cycling28:04:002
14321Paxton SUMMERSBaltimore Youth Cycling28:21:002
15325Ian GIEBELAvout Racing28:51:002
16340Hudson NABLOStage1 Cycling / Airline Cycles28:52:002
17331Ryan LEERcv29:05:002
18326Quinn PECONGAMidwest Devo29:17:002
19311Noah HEKKERTRock Lobster29:27:002
20304Lucius HAMBLENVelocious Sport29:29:002
21309Roczen BEISSELNorthstar Devo29:34:002
22308Dylan SKINNERLionhearts Junior Racing29:48:002
23334Anders HOLMESL5 Racing Team30:56:002
24338Luke JOHNSONBicycle Doctor31:22:002
25307Ian MARKSBaltimore Youth Cycling32:21:002
26315Axel BRANDSMEIERCorridor Devo Junior Cycling Team32:24:002
27310Gavin FRONKLionhearts32:28:002
28328Fin DAUFELDTCorridor Devo Junior Cycling Team32:28:002
29317Arjuna BURGOSBoost Cyclesport Junior Team33:35:002
30303Eero WHITEBoulder Junior Cycling33:48:002
31327Sam TRUESDALEThe Pony Shop34:01:002
32336Ronan VALENTINCarl Valentin34:02:002
33330Will DAUSCHRock Creek Velo34:03:002
34333Reid PURWINMinuteman Road Club34:04:002
35335Luke WAGLIARDOThe Pony Shop34:05:002
36306Tanner KASTAvout Racing34:06:002
37305Benji BERGMANDonderdag Youth Cyclocross16:051
38313Daniel GRODNICKThe Pony Shop21:581
39337Will RAUCHThe Pony Shop27:51:001

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