The Junior Men 15-16 was the fifth title race on Saturday at the 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

There were heavy winds in the morning, which meant the title races were postponed and the industry race was canceled.

The damage wasn’t severe, but it was enough to cause the title races to be postponed. The course and venues were both damaged.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Junior Men 15-16

David Thompson is no stranger to #cxnats glory.

Way back in 2016, the Connecticut-based rider took the 2016 Cyclocross Nationals discontinued 9-10 title in Asheville, and claimed CXM bike profile glory his pint-sized Squid Bikes ride.

Nats Bike: David Thompson’s Junior Men 9-10 Nationals-Winning Squid

In 2017 on home soil, Thompson defended his title.

At Cantigny Park, Thompson led wire-to-wire to claim the Junior Men’s 15-16 race. Thompson won 9 of his 13 races coming into Nationals, and was predicted to be second at Nationals.

With just two laps of racing (under 20 minutes), Thompson couldn’t afford to be patient with a title on the line.

Thompson had a smooth race, opening a gap over 40 seconds over second-placed and predicted winner Miles Mattern, winner of the 13-14 race at the 2019 Nationals.

The most-improved award goes to James Halverson who took bronze, a minute and a half in arrears but finished 20th in the 13-14 race in 2019.

Full results below.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Results Junior Men 15-16

1503David THOMPSONCcap Ttendurance Junior Team19:522
2507Miles MATTERNCannondale Devo P/B Cyclocross World20:332
3527James HALVERSONMinnesota Junior Cycling21:212
4526Luke WALTERBoulder Junior Cycling21:402
5529Henry RAPINZBoulder Junior Cycling21:442
6509Jade ROHDETeam Landshark21:482
7520Caden FREYRETtendurance Junior Devo.21:492
8525Noah SHELTONBear National / Wcx21:562
9510Zane STRAITCascadia Junior Cycling22:002
10528Dillon COSPER22:172
11517Jack BERNHARDMinuteman/Empire Automation P/B Tom???S Pro Bikes22:322
12508Presley EVANSMiller School Of Albemarle22:432
13522Eli DE BOOMBoulder Junior Cycling22:502
14524Finn WESTOVERTeam Booger22:542
15513Benjamin BRAVMANBoulder Junior Cycling22:552
16549Alexander SCOPINICH-BURGELNew England Devo P/B Cadence Wealth Management22:592
17516Henry WALSHAvout Racing22:592
18502Henry COOTERiverside Racing22:592
19523Colin KNOWLESAsu Junior Development23:052
20566Cyrus HEMBREETeam Velosport23:162
21506Otis ENGELGotham Cyclists23:182
22504Lukas BRANDTBaltimore Youth Cycling23:272
23514Asher STRAUSSNctc23:582
24531Maxwell BURGETMinuteman Empire Automations P/B Toms Pro Bike24:13:002
25518Lucas PRICE-GLYNNConnecticut Cycling Advancement Program24:13:002
26545Ruben DAYTON-BRANTMEIERMnjrc24:16:002
27548Collin HARTMANAvout Racing24:36:002
28519Griffin CASKEYCorridor Devo24:36:002
29532Kalen BROWNBoulder Junior Cycling24:45:002
30579Caden BUDDBroken Spoke Racing24:54:002
31574Calvin CONAWAYMidwestdevo24:55:002
32511Erik VAN LEERThe Pony Shop25:13:002
33538Dillon DASKEVICHSacx Junior Devo25:15:002
34512Tyler MORGENSONCascadia Junior Cycling25:34:002
35515Kai PETERKATraining Wheels25:37:002
36540Dylan HAYNESBoulder Junior Cycling25:42:002
37542Aidan VOLLMUTHNjcx Project25:50:002
38541Chase CUBBAGECorridor Devo Junior Cycling Club26:13:002
39554Graham HALVERSONBoulder Junior Cycling26:24:002
40544Jamie HEUSERGuaranteed Rate Cycling26:25:002
41533Boden CHENAILCcap26:34:002
42581Jason SULLIVANKillington Mountain School26:42:002
43534Lukas DONNELLYNjcx Project26:42:002
44556Maxwell GARWICKFreeport Bicycle Company26:53:002
45550Joe SPRANGERFount Cycling Guild26:56:002
46546Jack RAYThe Pony Shop26:58:002
47557Jack DAUSCHRock Creek Velo26:58:002
48568Nigel NOWLINThe Fix Studio27:18:002
49570Hudson BURNETTETippecanoe Mountain Bike Association #Teamtmba27:21:002
50563Levi HALLFort Wayne Outfitters And Bike Depot27:52:002
51521Grayson HAUCKDcdevo Racing Academy28:00:002
52537Lincoln SUMMERSBaltimore Youth Cycling28:05:002
53535Jack ELPHINGSTONEBoulder Junior Cycling28:05:002
54543Elijah CULBERTSONMiller School Of Albemarle28:17:002
55560Reese BERMANRiverside Racing28:27:002
56572Jack CARLOWOklahoma Flyers28:31:002
57530Alejandro HUBERCcap Hamden Cheshire Rail Trailers28:58:002
58547Hunter GENGLERAsu Devo28:58:002
59561Mac TOMKINSVoler/Easton/Hrs/Rock Lobster P/B Joseph Kochlacs Wood Products29:19:002
60551Alex REICHMANNRock Creek Velo29:24:002
61580Tyler PACKERByrds29:41:002
62552Owen BOTTBaltimore Youth Cycling29:56:002
63576Drake DASHAbd29:57:002
64569Logan HEATHNjcx Project30:08:002
65536Sean MINALGAAbd30:13:002
66564Robert PETERSAvout Racing30:22:002
67553Edward EBRIGHTTraining Wheels30:23:002
68567Luke CALLANHighland Park Hermes30:31:002
69565Krishna GUPTARock Creek Velo30:36:002
70559Jonas JUUSOLA-FITZPATRICKBike Doctor Juniors31:05:002
71577Jude SERRANIFort Wayne Outfitters And Bike Depot31:24:002
72582Miles REIGELAlpha Bicycle Company/Vista Auto Group31:48:002
73573Eamon MCINTYREPony Shop32:20:002
74555Samuel CHERCHIANAsu Devo32:46:002
75578Evan FONG33:01:002
76558James GROENHOFF3 Cycling P/B 7 Mile Cycle33:02:002
77575Niklas SVENSTRUPAquidneck Cyclocross33:03:002
DNF539Luke OZMENTAvout Racing1
DNF562Alec CLEMENTSMidwest Devo1
DNF571Jackson WAGNERHelm & Wagner1
DNF505Will KNOWLESAsu Junior Development0

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