The younger, non-UCI Junior Women took to the course on Saturday, with three titles on the line. Reporting from CXM and USA Cycling on how today’s youth movement went.

Junior Women 11-12

The younger women raced three laps on a shortened course. Anna Morozowich (Scottsdale, Ariz.; Durango Devo) finished her race as the gold standard, Abby Cole (East Granby, Conn.; Competitive Edge Racing) secured silver, and Lily Cole (East Granby, Conn.; Competitive Edge Racing) took bronze.

Morozowich was third last year in Chicago as a first-year 11-12 racer, while the Cole twins were eighth and ninth in 2021.

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Junior Women 13-14

The Junior Women 13-14 had a stacked field. Delaney Meegan (Littleton, Colo.; Avout Racing), the eventual race winner, went out front early on. After riding consistent laps and being the smoothest racer through the technical sections, her attention to consistency paid off. Meegan became the Junior Women’s 13-14 national champion. Meegan was second in 2021 in Chicago, as a first-year 13-14 racer.

Leah Morozowich (Scottsdale, Ariz.; Durango Devo) finished in second, and Tessa Beebe (Boise, Idaho; BYRDS Racing) took third.

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Junior Women 15-16

Kira Mullins (Littleton, Colo.; Avout Racing) is new to the Junior Women’s 15-16 class. After winning the 13-14 race last year in Illinois, Mountain Bike Nationals and the 11-12 race in Lakewood, Washington in 2019, she was the racer to watch for the title. Although she crashed on her second lap, Mullins recovered quickly and flowed through the technical section on the south end of the course. Her strength is riding in the mud, and it showed as she won with more than 40 seconds.

It was a battle for second between Alyssa Sarkisov (North Potomac, Md.; CXHAIRS DEVO / Trek Bikes) and Alyssa White (Elkins, W.Va.; Finkraft Junior Cycling Team). After three laps, they stayed together the whole way to the pavement for the final sprint. Sarkisov would take silver and White bronze.


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Both results were upgrades for the Alyssas over 2021, as Sarkisov finished 4th, while White was a DNF in Chicago, but both second-year 15-16 racers were upstaged from the first-year Mullins.

See the full results at the bottom of this post.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Women 11-12

1401Anna MOROZOWICHDurango Devo27:22:003
2416Abby COLECompetitive Edge Racing27:44:003
3408Lily COLECompetitive Edge Racing29:07:003
4404Ava WHITEFinkraft Cycling29:46:003
5402Whitney HAYDENDialed Cycling29:51:003
6409Abigail ROMLEINCBRC Jr Development Team31:06:003
7421Tori SVATEKSTC to Velocious Sport31:21:003
8413Lillian HANNACBRC Junior Devo31:46:003
9407Noelle HARCUMBaltimore Youth Cycling31:46:003
10415Naomi ERICSONCCAP Farmington Valley Youth Cycling32:10:003
11410Caroline MCCONNELLRock Creek Velo32:34:003
12411Flynn GUSTAFSONRock Creek Velo32:44:003
13420Marcela FALQUIERNJCX Project34:21:003
14405Pearl SMITHBYRDS35:04:003
15417Hannah DINOLFOCBRC Junior CX Development35:25:003
16424Io TORRELLASDevo Cape Cod35:40:003
17419Carla HUBERCCAP Hamden-Cheshire Railtrailers35:44:003
18418Liddy BRESLINCBRC Junior Development36:29:003
19406Penelope RIENTSNorthstar Development36:59:003
20427Madison JOHNSONBikeReg-Share Coffee25:28:002
21412Dahlia HAIRRock Creek Velo26:34:002
22430Autumn LUCIANIThe TEAM SoCalCross27:02:002
23423Anna BLOCKCCAP Team HORST Junior Squad27:15:002
24422Ava KONIOWKACapital Bicycle Racing Club Jr Deveo Team28:33:002
25425Kendal CRAVENNJCX Project30:23:002
26428Trista PURWINMinuteman Road Club30:50:002
27414Avery GOODBaltimore Youth Cycling34:03:002
28429Vera MILONECCAP Team Horst Junior Squad37:17:002
DNF426Lilly PRICE-GLYNNCCAP Greater Hartford ERRACE Jr Team1
DNS403Evie ALVARADOmidwest devo0

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Women 13-14

1202Delaney MEEGANAvout Racing30:25:004
2229Leah MOROZOWICHDurango Devo31:22:004
3204Tessa BEEBEBYRDS Cycling32:19:004
4201Lilliana ODONNELLCapital Bicycle Racing Club32:47:004
5206Camille CULBERTSONseven rivers day school33:36:004
6213Elena SVENSTRUPAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle34:45:004
7215Annabelle NORRISTeam Norri34:52:004
8205Stella LEHMANAvout Racing34:58:004
9209Maeve BERNHARDEmpire Minuteman Automation p-b Full Moon Vista35:42:004
10207Olivia PHILLIPSAvout Racing28:01:003
11203Isabela FRONKLionhearts28:43:003
12216Haley CLINEHEC - Health Education Cycling28:50:003
13219Madeline HANNACBRC Junior Devo28:51:003
14218Abigail O???NEILTT Endurance Junior Devo29:32:003
15221Elena HUBERCCAP Hamden-Cheshire Rail Trailers30:03:003
16210Anna PEARLMANPony Shop Juniors30:36:003
17212Allison M WORKMANBaltimore Youth Cycling30:36:003
18226Summer LUCIANIThe TEAM SoCalCross30:44:003
19222Penelope MOSESFarmington Valley Youth Cycling30:50:003
20211Penny JONESBaltimore Youth Cycling31:20:003
21220Kate WINNWinn Elite Cycling31:29:003
22208Raya SAPERSTONByrds32:56:003
23217Leila STREBBaltimore Youth Cycling33:56:003
24214Cora CUSACKRock Creek Velo34:13:003
25225Anne-Sophie LALOESaratoga Shredders34:26:003
26223Eleanor GOFFAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle35:23:003
27224Greta ROSWECHCCAP Hamden Cheshire Rail Trailers36:41:003
28227Cristiana HANNANJCX Project37:35:003
29230Emily LICKERTNT42:59:003
DNS228Willa HARPLEAQCX - Aquidneck Cyclocross0

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Junior Women 15-16

1601Kira MULLINSAvout Racing34:09:003
2603Alyssa SARKISOVCXHAIRS DEVO : Trek Bikes34:52:003
3606Alyssa WHITEFinkraft Junior Cycling Team34:55:003
4604Lyllie SONNEMANNRevolution Cycles Club35:18:003
6612Hadley MOLNARBlue Ridge Cross37:14:003
7617Skyla MACEAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle37:29:003
8608Rachel LEV-TOVBoulder Junior Cycling37:44:003
9607Ada WATSONNCTC37:54:003
10605Anna MUNROBoulder Junior Cycling38:18:003
11629Schuyler HAGGEFirst Stop-JAM FUND38:47:003
12638Avery CAHILLBoulder Junior Cycling38:48:003
13611Ava SHIPMANmidwest devo39:45:003
14610Ella KEARNEYAVOUT RACING40:07:003
15613Sophie COSPER040:49:003
16623Tessa MEADNCTC41:35:003
17635Stella BRESSLERTeam Booger41:58:003
18619Keaghlan ROBINSONNWCX Project42:00:003
19614Nicole CLAMANNBlue Ridge Cross43:19:003
20615Lily EDWARDSKelly Benefits Strategies-LSV43:52:003
21616Anna HALVERSONBoulder Junior Cycling44:20:003
22626Riley PEARMANBlue Ridge Cross45:42:003
23639Sophie PARROTTJAM-NCC45:43:003
24620Maya TASSENJCX Project45:44:003
25621Asha ANTHONYRock Creek Velo45:46:003
26609Sienna PHILLIPSAvout Racing30:25:002
27628Serefina KRAJEWSKAAP Junior Development p-b Corner Cycle30:38:002
28622Tulsi GUPTARock Creek Velo31:02:002
29618Kate WORKMANBaltimore Youth Cycling31:25:002
30636Kassidy MCNEESNWCX Project32:15:002
31633Kiki WATTSNJCX32:20:002
32627Celeste LUCADONCVC-UnitedHealthcare33:23:002
33637Gabriella DOMINGUEZVoler-Easton-HRS-RockLobster p-b Kochlacs Wood34:22:002
34631Brooke EVANSNCTC35:18:002
35632Helena STEDMANGrouptrail Cycling37:11:002
36630Delaney BACONNJCX41:21:002
DNF634Rue TOMKONWCX Project1
DNS624Alexandra MILLER-DAVEYStage 1 - Airline Cycles0
DNS625Sophia PAPADAKISBaltimore Youth Cycling0

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