Endless Bike Co.'s limited edition Odd 1 chainring is available in pre-order, just in time for SSCXWC 2014.

Endless Bike Co. limited edition Odd 1 chainring is available in pre-order until October 1.

Just in time for the 2014 edition of the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships, Endless Bike Co., makers of specialty cogs and chainrings is releasing its limited edition SSCXWC 39-tooth chainring. Labeled as the Odd 1, this 110 BCD chainring is available in ten different anodized colors and lazer etched specifically to commemorate the upcoming throw-down.

No, these aren’t wide / narrow tooth rings. Singlespeeders don’t typically rely on such tooth profiles as chain tension and retention shouldn’t be an issue. Plus it doesn’t take a math major to realize the “Odd 1” sizing on this ring wouldn’t work with the alternating tooth widths.

The ring, at 67 grams, shouldn’t hurt your chances to win the Golden Speedo.

Pre-order before October 1 at Endless Bike Co. to get them in time for Louisville.

Endless Bike Co. is based in Asheville, NC, the site of the 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. Perhaps we’ll see a red, white and blue chainring Endless Bike Co. chainring for that event.

Stay tuned as we test the USA-made ring this season.

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