The Santa Cruz area is preparing for two huge weekends of cyclocross with the Halloween Surf City CX doubleheader on October 28-29 and the three-day 2023 Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships (2023 SSCXWC) starting on November 10.

Both events feature racing at the Crest Ranch Tree Farm on Empire Grade in Santa Cruz.

The Surf City weekend is the penultimate weekend of the 2023 Bay Area Super Prestige cyclocross series, and features camping right at the venue, bonfire and s’mores festivities, and typically a movie night for extra family fun.

See the details of the Surf City CX weekend, complete with its legendary costumecross, along with emerging details of the SSCXWC schedule of shenanigans, in the race details below.

2023 Surf City Cyclocross Returns for 45th Year:

It’s perfect Autumn weather here in Santa Cruz and we can’t wait to have you back for a weekend of camping and racing on October 28-29. There was a bit of rain in Bonny Doon, so dust will be down and the air has been clear. Our crew is working hard to prepare some new course features and smooth out the track for some fast and fun races. As usual, we’ve got tons of good stuff lined up – food, music, great prizes, and of course…the costume race on Sunday! Yes – don’t regret your life by missing out.

2021 Surf City Cyclocross costume race. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

2021 Surf City Cyclocross costume race. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine

If you haven’t already, get your act together and please register for your races. And sign up for a camping spot if you plan to stay the weekend. It helps us plan how much food to bring and how many Honey Buckets to keep the lines short when you’ve gotta take care of business.


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The weekend promises adventuresome courses, Halloween-themed features, and minimal equipment restrictions. Mountain bikes, fat tires and suspension are welcome. Fixed gear? Enter the #tracklocross category. Bunnyhop at your own risk:



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Register here:

Need motivation? See this recap:

Or this drone footage from 202:

Surf City is celebrating its 45th (!) anniversary as a grassroots bike race, run completely by a small army of volunteers. We need your help keeping this event great and growing each year!

2023 SSCXWC Santa Cruz Details Emerge:

The 2023 SSCXWC descends on Santa Cruz just two weeks after the Surf City CX Halloween weekend, and details of the weekend of regret have emerged from the sold-out events.

The promoters, the same cyclocross-loving team behind Surf City, have offered a helpful checklist for racers making the trip to battle for one-gear fame:

2023 SSCXWC Rider Checklist: Items to bring & things to do

  • – Singlespeed (duh)
  • – Repair kit (tube, pump, tools, etc)
  • – Fanny pack or small backpack for the qualifier ride
  • – GPS or phone for navigation to the checkpoints
  • – Costume or formalwear for the Saturday Night party (circus-themed)
  • – Bike lock (don’t get your shit stolen!)
  • – Item to bribe the race organizers with in exchange for tokens
  • – Mind-altering substances (legal ones of course)
  • – Make an appointment with your therapist to process emotional trauma related to the weekend
  • – Book a hotel or find a couch to crash on Friday/Saturday nights
  • – Tell your boss that you’re not going to make it to work on Monday

The weekend promises to be packed with both riding and socializing, starting with a mandatory packet pick-up and party on Friday night, an all-day “Feats of Strength” competition ride on Saturday, and then the race for tattoos and “everybody-is-a-winner lifestyle parades” on Sunday.

See the full schedule here, and whether you’re registered or not, come over to the venues to join the fun.

The team also has released some limited-edition swag that could memorialize your weekend of regret:

Featured photo: Lee Slone drone footage