The singlespeed men delivered the thriller of the week so far.

Kerry Werner (Kona Adventure Team) and Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz Bicycles) converted bikes to one gear and added to the star power of the final race of the day. Lining up with them were former singlespeed champs Ben Frederick (The Small Monsters Project pb Ornot-Ritchey) and Jake Wells (Alpha Bicycle Co. – Groove Silverthorne), along with pros Cody Kaiser (Kinetic Cycles – Specialized – SRAM – Zipp) and Max Judelson (Rock Lobster International). Teacher Casey Hildebrandt made his return to racing with his students cheering him on.

The singlespeed title race has come along away since 2015 in Austin, when it was mostly a singlespeed purist’s race, with a few cyclocross pros jumping in and upsetting those dedicated to one-gear.

Now it’s anyone’s race, and a good opener for the pros.

Werner and Ortenblad quickly made it a two-man race, and it came down to each turn.


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USA Cycling offered its take on the race:

The biggest field of the weekend was the Men’s Singlespeed race with 101 registrants [Ed. note: 92 starters], and it lived up to the hype. In one of the closest races of the day, Kerry Werner (Vinton, Va.; Kona Adventure Team) and Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz, Calif.; Santa Cruz Bicycles ) stayed wheel to wheel for the entire race.

It came down to the final stretch, where Werner was able to create a small gap as they went onto the pavement, not even having a moment to post-up after giving everything he had to win on that last lap. The duo rode the fastest lap of the day on the course, riding under a 9-minute lap time.

Casey Hildebrand (Antigo, Wisc.; Broken Spoke) made his comeback to racing after taking some time off to pursue teaching full-time. The kids in his classroom were cheering loud for him to take third in a stacked Singlespeed field.

Werner spent the day playing defense. He recalled the one-on-one battle:

I think [that was] partly luck and partly putting my head down and going for it. Tobin was really crafty on that last lap, I just kept on trying to take away lines from him that he had been taking, but then he would just do the opposite line, and he would get in front of me, I knew there wasn’t a lot of space to pass in the last two minutes of the lap, so I really wanted to be in front, and I passed him in the dip on heading into the stairs, and once I got on the front, I had to stay on the gas.

When looking ahead to the Elite race tomorrow, Werner said, “I’m not saying I thought this would be easy, but I didn’t think it would be quite so hard. I was kind of using it as an opener, but I don’t know. I think we’ll just go into it and do the best we can for recovery tonight. I typically do better on the second day in a weekend, but I’m also racing against a lot of other guys that also will be racing for the second day, so it will be interesting to see.”


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Werner has had lots of success at Nationals but also a lot of heartbreak, including getting stuck in course tape while in contention for the title in Lakewood in 2019.

Tim Love celebrated Werner’s big win with some great artwork.


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The one-gear title caps off Werner’s part-time cyclocross season that was mixed with gravel and mountain biking. Both Werner and Ortenblad will line up tomorrow for a crack at the Pro Men’s title.


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See the full results for the race below.

Featured image used with permission from Tim Love. Follow him at Mit Evol on Instagram.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT Results: Singlespeed Men

1764Kerry WERNER JR.Kona Adventure Team36:20:004
2765Tobin ORTENBLADSanta Cruz Bicycles36:23:004
3768Casey HILDEBRANDTBroken Spoke37:58:004
4762Max JUDELSONRock Lobster International38:08:004
5761Ben FREDERICKThe Small Monsters Project pb Ornot-Ritchey38:10:004
6763Jake WELLSAlpha Bicycle Co. - Groove Silverthorne38:59:004
7770Andrew GINIATPony Shop Cyclocross Team39:32:004
8857Cody KAISERKinetic Cycles - Specialized - SRAM - Zipp39:40:004
9776Nick LANDOCompetitive Edge Racing39:54:004
10771Keiran EAGENTeam Durango Segment 2840:09:004
11769Frederick JUNGEBroom Wagon Works40:30:004
12822Cobe FREEBURNBear national team40:43:004
13815Kent HAMMONDPAA Cycling41:17:004
14782Henry CONAWAYBissell ABG Giant41:23:004
15781Ryan POPPLECycle-Smart41:46:004
16829Justin ROBINSONSanta Cruz Free agent42:13:004
17849Aaron ANDERSONBiciclista US42:22:004
18777Tommy SERVETASCompetitive Edge Racing42:32:004
19778William HARDINProject Echelon Racing42:33:004
20780Jay GANSERCarpe Diem42:34:004
21790Donny GREEN1 PVD Cycling42:45:004
22767Nathaniel VACURAGo4Graham42:56:004
23789Logan KASPER043:03:004
24785Paul BOURCIERSymantec Corp-SPR43:05:004
25788Eli WOODARDVelocious Sport43:11:004
26853Cody PHILLIPSWTB43:32:004
27800Benjamin STRINE717 Cycling43:34:004
28794Cole OBERMANV??sen Brewing --- V??t Fot Bicycles43:43:004
29801Philip MAYNARDCNYC-NYCM Insurance43:45:004
30791Cole ELLISONCole & Matts Big Adventure43:50:004
31858Michael WISSELLB2C2 p-b JRA Cycles43:58:004
32805Wells WILLETTDartmouth Cycling Team44:02:004
33766Jason HARTMANGroove Subaru Excel Sports44:05:004
34793Shawn GEIGER044:05:004
35783Zach BENDERCycle-Smart44:27:004
36843Chad CHEENEYDurango Devo44:47:004
37787Coakley JOPLINGStage 1-Airline Cycles45:04:004
38798Mark HARMSNeff Cycle Service45:15:004
39855William WARBURTONCascadia Junior Cycling45:33:004
40823Kevin ORLOWSKIChainline Cycles45:37:004
41840Tyler STEINDNA Cycling45:45:004
42775Andrew HARBUCKAlpha Bicycle - Groove Silverthorne45:46:004
43797Frank DEALThe Black Bibs46:03:004
44796Miles ERICSONFarmington Valley Youth Cycling46:05:004
45786Dan LARINOThe Valley Om p-b Two Rivers Brewing46:09:004
46824Samuel BRAMELNorthStar Development46:45:004
47784Zach ANDREWSBissell-ABG-Giant46:53:004
48806George LEWISTeam Bikenetic35:00:003
49808Brooks NABLOStage 1 - Airline Cycles35:03:003
50792Brody BURNHAMNorthStar Development35:13:003
51804Shane BLACK-MACKENpedalpowertraining.com35:28:003
52861Ryan CONLEYCapital Bicycle Racing Club35:35:003
53845Alexander WARNERAlpine Carbon Racing35:39:003
54841Clyde Sebastian LOGUEDartmouth Cycling Team35:48:003
55814Matthew KIEL036:03:003
56859Robert DONOVANAvout Racing36:15:003
57813James STRANEECE Racing - SWOOD Racing p-b Cutaway36:39:003
58802Jeffrey SLADE717Cycling37:13:003
59818Nolan HOLMESDartmouth Cycling Team37:30:003
60812Matthew REINHARDTAquidneck Cyclocross37:34:003
61863Ian BURNETTFort Lewis College37:56:003
62807Sean SMITHJB???s Bike Shop Racing38:06:003
63819Christopher ARNDTSmanie38:15:003
64816Noah HALLISEYMythic Bike Works-URI Cycling38:15:003
65832David STEARNSFritz???s bicycle Shop38:20:003
66825Eric WYZGA038:20:003
67852Evan ADAMSdfL38:28:003
68817Pete MOHROld School Industries38:43:003
69809Jim MOLNARHammercross25:56:002
70860Brian ROSENERTMB Racing-Trek Bicycle Summit25:58:002
71773Doug RICHARDSFeedback Sports25:59:002
72842Nicholas BROCATONBX-Narragansett Beer-Apex26:09:002
73839Grant HALSEY026:22:002
74811Chris HOWELLBike Dr Frederick-Dirty Kitten Gravel26:35:002
75836John CORBOCheshire Cycle Racing26:40:002
76828Jonathan SAWNHartland Hollow26:50:002
77831Kurt LITSINGERStage 1 - Airline Cycles26:55:002
78821Derek GRIGGSRecycled Sports27:01:002
79830Patrick LA PETINAHand Ups Off-Road Project27:04:002
80820Jack KOSMAFlowers27:07:002
81846Alex LAIFER027:43:002
82851Geoff WILLIAMSNBX28:21:002
83833Peter MORGANValkyrie Racing28:32:002
84848Alan CONNELLApplied Direction28:38:002
85850Benjamin KOYLEMinuteman Road Club29:16:002
86847Dillon PRONOVOSTCheshire Cycle Racing29:33:002
87827Jake FOXBike Doctor Frederick Racing Team30:02:002
88837Skyler FUGELSOPortlands Finest30:13:002
89854Axel KABAN027:13:001
DNF862Spencer HACKETTInter Cap City Elite United p-b Re??l Westerville Bike Shop Fac1
DNF838Lawrence PURTILLStedmans1
DNS772Grant HOLICKYBlue Competition Cycles0
DNS779Seamus OCONNOR-WALKERUniversity of Iowa Cycling Club0
DNS799Anthony VECCAStage 1 - AirLine Cycles0
DNS795Jurgen BENEKEDaHANGER - Harmony Builders0
DNS803Devin CLARKPastaria Big Shark0
DNS810Keith BURGOYNEBikeReg0
DNS844Anthony CLARKSquid bikes0

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