Russel Stevenson wins his first title with a Masters 35-39 win. 2013 Cyclocross Nationals.© Cyclocross Magazine

Here, Russel Stevenson wins his first title with a Masters 35-39 win. 2013 Cyclocross Nationals.© Cyclocross Magazine

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – It was no contest today as Boulder Cycle Sport’s Russell Stevenson took an early lead and cruised to victory in the Men’s 40-44 race. He was followed by Brian Sheedy a minute behind in second, and Justin Robertson in third.

“It’s always out of control,” said Stevenson. “Anything can happen. It was all about managing the circumstances, and the circumstances were totally epic.  I didn’t even feel my legs, honestly. Your bike’s carrying extra pounds of mud, and you’re just trying to float wherever you can find it.”

“I’m gonna have a beer, enjoy my birthday, watch the races tomorrow and then go home and enjoy my family.”

“It was hard,” said Robertson. “I was basically just by myself by about ¾ in. It was no man’s land and I stayed in no man’s land for the race, but it was enough to keep me where I was. It was a true ’cross race. It got a little icy there toward the end. It wasn’t too sketchy, just a lot of horse power to put down. I didn’t really think I was too on today, but I wasn’t too far off either.”

“Russell was obviously on, and he’s hard to beat. He rolled off the front and that was it. I’m always satisfied with my result, unless I have a day where my body doesn’t really work. It’s one of those things where if I’m out here racing I’m here to have fun. I’m not making my living doing this. It was really fun.“

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2013 Worlds Master Men 35 39 Results

11USA19760201STEVENSON RussellBoulder Cycle SportUSA50:475
22USA19761021SHEEDY BrianGIANTUSA52:475
38USA19750622ROBINSON JustinCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA53:285
47USA19770826RIENTS JesseTrek Cyclocross CollectiveUSA53:525
523USA19740217FAULKNER CraigCrossniacsUSA54:545
610USA19770421CARRINGTON TaylorTurin Bikes - Carmichael TrainiUSA55:135
726USA19740917MESSER AndrewDRT Racing/Don Galligher-DRT CoUSA55:245
829USA19770814LEECH RyanMAMBO CX/GoCycling/Mid Atl MastUSA55:495
99USA19740124ANDERSON EricZipp Factory TeamUSA56:045
1019CAN19771110MCNEIL ChrisSOUL SPORTIFCAN57:015
115USA19771002CASE ChristopherFeedback Sports RacingUSA57:175
1220USA19770531KRAUSE GregGroove Subaru-Alpha Bicycle CoUSA57:185
1312USA19780819SCHMITT Damian0USA58:065
1411CAN19760513MOGG PeterStevens Racing p/b The CycleryCAN58:315
1514USA19760916NELSON EricMudfootUSA58:405
1613CAN19780525LAFLAMME AroussenXprezo-BorsaoCAN1:00:105
173USA19750111GOULET AliLooK CycleUSA1:00:195
1850USA19780822PRATER JoshuaSpeedway WheelmenUSA1:00:275
1936USA19741215MOORE Ian0USA1:00:345
2015USA19770903DONN TravisEthos RacingUSA1:00:505
2117USA19760413JENSEN BrianTradeWind Energy Cycling TeamUSA1:00:515
226USA19781231ELWELL AaronTwin SixUSA1:01:015
2341USA19741010GRIFFIN RussellCycletonUSA1:01:565
2421USA19780507FISHER ChristopherCrossniacsUSA@1 LAP4
2524CAN19770919SAGUR LukeThe Spirited Cyclist Cycling ClCAN@1 LAP4
2627USA19760520SHEEK DavidSDG FeltUSA@1 LAP4
2735USA19760720WHITMORE JoshuaTeam Athletix Benefitting GlobaUSA@1 LAP4
2833USA19760721ROESER JoshuaCrossniacsUSA@1 LAP4
2959USA19770202KILLE JeremiahCushman & Wakefield Racing/LamoUSA@1 LAP4
3045USA19740116AHNERT GregoryLamprey SystemsUSA@1 LAP4
3153USA19750922HUBER GeoffreyI Am The EngineUSA@1 LAP4
3232NOR19741025VAENG MortenDrammen CKNOR@2 LAP3
3325CAN19740312HUNTER Braderace cancerCAN@2 LAP3
3428USA19761110BILLITER JamesBio Wheels RacingUSA@2 LAP3
3554USA19781227RICE Nathan0USA@2 LAP3
3644USA19771207SMITH NathanMt. Pleasant VeloUSA@2 LAP3
3738USA19760229SIBLY Nathan0USA@2 LAP3
3852USA19750506COOK TimothyTeam Bicycles inc/Team BicyclesUSA@2 LAP3
3969CAN19770425BURSEY StephenGearheadsCAN@2 LAP3
4018USA19780327GAREY LoganBoulder Cycle SportUSA@2 LAP3
4140USA19750405TINKEY Matthew0USA@2 LAP3
4237USA19741214PETSKO William ""JR""Dynamic Physical Therapy CyclinUSA@2 LAP3
4360USA19770209HENNESSY MatthewCharm City Cycling LLCUSA@2 LAP3
4462USA19770812LOWE JustinGear Up CyclesUSA@2 LAP3
4549USA19741001MORRISON MatthewToasted Head RacingUSA@2 LAP3
4646USA19770117ARENSBERG CharlesMorgan Stanley /Specialized/MorUSA@2 LAP3
4739USA19750725DICK KenWrench ScienceUSA@2 LAP3
4834USA19761228LAHUEC MarkABRT (Annapolis Bicycle RacingUSA@2 LAP3
4947USA19760313JOHNSON JoshuaMichelob Ultra - Big Shark RaciUSA@2 LAP3
5048GBR19750807COX Vincentcyclo-cross.comGBR@2 LAP3
5151USA19751216BOSIO RyanMarx and Bensdorf Cycling Team/USA@3 LAP2
5271USA19780130FREY TravisMichelob Ultra - Big Shark RaciUSA@3 LAP2
5461USA19750301SALAS UlisesSC VeloUSA@3 LAP2
5542USA19771126BOGGS JohnxXx RacingUSA@3 LAP2
5655MEX19760629MEDINA Ricardo0MEX@3 LAP2
5768USA19740613PASKINS AndySRAM FactoryUSA@3 LAP2
5867USA19771214BURCH WadeCFT-Sinas Dramis Law/CFT CyclinUSA@3 LAP2
5964USA19770326SCHLAUDECKER JeffreyTeam HungryUSA@3 LAP2
6070USA19740421YEAGER SeanAltius Cycling TeamUSA@3 LAP2
6143USA19741001BIGGS Jason0USA@3 LAP2
6272USA19770619ANDERSON AndrewxXx RacingUSA@3 LAP2
6463USA19750731JOHNSON Aaron0USA@3 LAP2
6557USA19771016STONER JasonFiets Met SlagroomUSA@3 LAP2
6673USA19780715SARNA EvanMissing Link Bicycle Co-op/3rdUSA@4 LAP1
DNF30USA19741127MICKIEWICZ BryanFeedback Sports RacingUSA
DNF4NED19740511BROUWER Leonleon.marketeeropmaatNED
DNF65USA19760425HEMELGARN MichaelDRT Racing/Don Galligher-DRT CoUSA
DNF56USA19740722VIRR CraigCrumpton CyclesUSA
DNF22USA19780428ESTES Sean0USA
DNF31USA19750317HARSHMAN ChristopherSportif Coaching Group/WesternUSA
DNS16USA19740912WORK AlexBicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock LobstUSA
DNS66USA19761228JENSEN ChristopherROBOTS <3USA